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Dreamweaver CS5 PHP and MS SQL Dreamweaver CS5 PHP and MS SQL Hi This works with both the SQL Server 2008 Developers edition and the SQL server 2008 Express edition. The first thing to ensure is that you have the mssql client for the mssql database installed, (also known as the SQL Server management studio), then go here and download the server driver for php - http://sqlsrvphp.codeplex.com/, I would recommend the release candidate as this support php 5.2 and 5.3, (it is named as "SQL server driver for php 2") yes the name is misleading! Unpack the file into a temp, directory, then copy the files required to your php extensions directory, (the two files required will depend on your version of php, check the documentation) you do not have to use the pdo file if you are happy creating your own standard sql statements, but doing so will mean that the pdo extension must also be installed for php. For php 5.2 you would then add the following to your php ini file, (in the extensions section) -
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Setting up a PHP development environment for Dreamweaver
I really enjoyed the InDesign class. In the back of my mind, I knew there had to be a better way to do this! While deadlines are looming, it’s much better to attend a class where someone has already done the research. Gina Clatterbuck, Airlie Foundation This training was particularly useful to me as a technical writer. Free keyboard shortcuts for Creative Suite CS5 and CS4 Free keyboard shortcuts for Creative Suite CS5 and CS4