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Property Details - 1583379 - Mobile Version. Trophy Ridge - Phase IIILot 5 Tract 5 is a great tract of mountain land, with dirt road access along the northern boundary. The tract has a nice elevation change, sloping south into a wet weather creek. Huge rocks and steep descents make this creek a true adventure to explore. Tree coverage is moderate to heavy, with shortleaf pine and numerous other hardwoods indigenous to this area of Southern Oklahoma. There are several open spots that would make a perfect spot for camping or building a weekend cabin.

A 4 wheel drive vehicle is necessary to access this property. The top draws of this region are the abundant hunting, fishing. camping, and boating found at any of the local lakes and rivers. This lot is being offered for sale with financing. Shop allen + roth 2-Piece Pardini Patio Conversation Set at Lowes. Product ReviewsReview This Product Great First Impression - But Time Will Tell Overall Rating: Location:Austin, TX, USA Gender:Male Age:55-65 Time of Purchase:within last month Place of Purchase:in store Level of Expertise:Intermediate Date:May 2, 2013 Features: Value: Design: Quality: Ease of use: We recently purchased this set, along with some other matching pieces, from a local Lowe's store. I would recommend this to a friend Beautiful Design Location:Millstadt, IL Gender:Female Age:45-54 Place of Purchase:online Level of Expertise:Expert Date:April 29, 2013 This set is above and beyond what I expected. Great Set Location:Mesa, AZ, USA I love the set - I liked that I didn't have to assemble it....


Dockers® Classic Fit Comfort Cargo - Cherries in Red Wine. Low Calorie Recipes - Low Calorie Foods. Apex Women's 854 Walking Shoes : Women's Shoes : Aetrex adds depth and stability to this comfort-enhanced walkerThe patented, removable Aetrex Orthotic absorbs shock and provides cushioning from heel to toe. Two removable EVA layers offer fitting flexibility with 5/16" of added depth. The unique PRS (Pressure Relief System) insole allows you customize the fit by trimming it at the areas of pressure or removing it completely for added depth. Features & Benefits of Aetrex Women's 854 Athletic Walking Shoes: Two removable insoles, the Aetrex Orthotic and PRS Insole allow you to customize your fit for added depth and comfort.One orthotic can be trimmed at the areas of pressure to customize comfort and fit.Heat moldable EVA insole unloads stress at the ball of the foot.Wraparound external heel counter adds stability.The visible medial post and straight last construction help correct pronation.Leather upper with moisture tranferring mesh lining keeps feet cool and comfortable.

Knee Pain Causes, Treatment Options & Products for Knee Pain Relief :: FootSmart. Learn more about diagnosis, treatment, and prevention To start determining the cause, take a closer look at where you feel pain. A Behind or around your kneecap. B On the outside of your knee. What causes knee pain? Your knees take on a lot. They support the weight of everything above them with every step you take. And when you run, they bear a load of 2 to 3 times your body weight. Their job entails high-impact, repetitive motion—and that can take its toll. Knee pain usually strikes in one of two areas—either behind or around your kneecap, or on the outside of your knee. The most common cause of knee pain is your kneecap rubbing against the lower end of your thighbone instead of gliding smoothly over it. Overuse, the most common factor among active people. Overpronation, which also stresses your knee as your lower leg turns inward while your thigh rotates your knee outward.

Running down hills. Weak gluteal and/or hip muscles. Want to learn more about your knee pain? Self- Assessment Quiz.


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I Can Stalk U - Raising awareness about inadvertent information sharing. How are you doing this? That's easy. Metadata Metadata In short, metadata is more data about data. In most common document types, embedded within a file is more information, typically hidden from casual viewing. This hidden data is used by the computer programs to provide accurate processing information, i.e. what version of software was used to create the document, how the file is encoded, and often who created it. In the case with many popular image/picture formats, the list of possible metadata is quite extensive. The metadata in images is often retained by default by desktop image processing software and many online photo storage websites. About Geotagging The storage of location based data, in the form of Latitude and Longitude inside of images is called Geotagging; essentially tagging your photograph with the geographic location.

However, most modern digital cameras do not automatically add geolocation (Latitude and Longitude) metadata to pictures. How do I disable this? (Via Charles) Resources. Notfrombolton. Space. Time Capsule. To begin, enter a date in the box above and click either: Quick Page - this button will automatically generate a Time Capsule page for you. - OR - Advanced Page - this button will lead you through a "wizard" that allows you to select specific headlines, birthdays, songs, TV shows, toys, and books for the selected date.

You can edit the information, or even add your own information to the final page! When you're through, you'll be presented with your own customized page that includes all the information you've chosen, plus typical consumer prices from that year, Academy Award winners that year, etc. We currently have data online for the years 1800 through 2002, although data for the years 1800 - 1875 is probably spotty. If you're reaching this via a direct link somewhere, be sure to visit our home page at containing over 20,000 online scrapbook layouts, discussion boards, chat rooms, poetry database, page toppers database, and more!

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