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How to Use the 6 Principles of Persuasion to Create Landing Pages That Convert. Persuasion isn’t about brainwashing or propaganda – it’s about understanding what makes your prospects tick. Image source. Since the publication of Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion in 1984, Robert Cialdini’s six principles of persuasion have become an integral part of the marketing world’s vernacular. If you regularly read marketing blogs, you’re likely familiar with them: reciprocity, commitment and consistency, social proof, authority, liking and scarcity.

And while most people are familiar with social proof, all six of Cialdini’s principles can be used to make your landing pages more persuasive and take your conversion rates to new heights. In this post we look at each of Cialdini’s principles of persuasion and show how they can help you optimize your landing page to generate substantial conversion lifts. The principle of reciprocity The principle of reciprocity is based on the idea that people’s natural instinct is to return a favor. How BuzzStream uses reciprocity — Sean Ellis. How to Create a Page That Converts at 21.7% (Step-By-Step Case Study) I think you’ll agree with me when I say: It’s REALLY hard to convert ice cold traffic into email subscribers. Or is it? Well, it turns out, you can dramatically increase your site’s email signups by adding one simple page to your site… …a page that’s converting 21.7% of my traffic into new email subscribers.

And in today’s post (and video) I’m going to show you what that page is…and exactly how you can easily add one to your site. Bonus: Download a free checklist that will show you exactly how to create your own high converting squeeze page. How I Accidentally Discovered The Secret to High Converting Pages Before I show you my high-converting page, let me share a quick story with you. Backlinko’s traffic has grown consistently over the last 6-months: While I was (obviously) happy with my traffic, there was one VERY important area of my business that I wasn’t as happy with: conversions. Contrast the traffic chart above to my blog’s average conversion rate over the same time period: Think about it: How to Create a Page That Converts at 21.7% (Step-By-Step Case Study) What Every Marketer Needs to Know about Conversion Optimization. Growth Hacker TV Resources. Growth Hacker TV Resources. How to Create a Page That Converts at 27.1% (Step-By-Step Case Study) How to Calculate the ROI of Your SEO Campaign.

Google Analytics: How to Make Smart Marketing Decisions. Do you want to know if your content and social activities are supporting your business? Are you wondering how you can use Google Analytics to track your progress? To learn how to use Google Analytics to help make smart marketing decisions, I interview Andy Crestodina for this episode of the Social Media Marketing podcast. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is a show from Social Media Examiner.

It’s designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing. The show format is on-demand talk radio (also known as podcasting). In this episode, I interview Andy Crestodina, author of Content Chemistry and co-founder of Orbit Media (a Chicago-based web design agency). Andy shares how to use Google Analytics to help you make informed marketing choices. You’ll discover why analytics are so important to your business success and step-by-step instructions on how to get started. Listen Now Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Step 3. 16 Resources to Generate Leads With Social Media. Do you want to get more business through social media? Are you looking for new ways to generate leads? As marketers and business owners, you’re constantly looking for potential customers. In this article you’ll find 16 resources to help you generate leads with social media. How to Generate Leads Before you boost your social media lead generation, it’s essential to make sure you’ve established yourself as an authority in your field through your website, blog and enewsletter, as well as your business practices.

These points of contact are incredibly useful for generating leads, and at the very least, are perfect for maintaining contact with your readers, subscribers and customers. 10 Ways to Turn Your Blog Into a Lead-Generation Machine: This “10-step prescription to increase your visibility and attract more qualified folks to your site” by Ann Handley on Entrepreneur is a matter-of-fact way to look at your blog strategy through the lens of lead gen. #1: Facebook Resources Speaking of Twitter… How to Build a Social Media Marketing Funnel. LeadBoxes or LeadLinks: Which Should You Use? LeadPages. LeadBoxes. LeadLinks. In the past year, we have thrown three powerful lead gen tools your way. (And I do mean thrown. Our developing team released these three major innovations all inside of 365 days.

Not bad for a startup that sold its first membership in December 2012.) Ever since, ecstatic marketers have reached out to tell us how one — or even all three — of these tools have dramatically increased their conversions across the board. But for every glowing testimonial, we have also received dozens of questions about when to use these three “lead gems” in marketing. So today, I’m setting the record straight for you. Read on for a cheat sheet of when to use LeadPages, LeadBoxes and LeadLinks to generate more leads and squash your competition. “Lead… What?” For clarity’s sake, let’s start with the basics — just in case you’re not familiar with these tools. Actually, it’s easier to show you a LeadBox than tell you about one. 1. Why do I say that? Think about it. 2.

Pretty sweet, huh? Landing Page Roundup: Our Favorite Pages for the Past Month. By Kat Von Rohr, Blog Editor for LeadPages Every month, marketers generate over 30,000 landing pages here on the LeadPages platform. Many of these landing pages come across our desks here at LeadPages. Read on for a look at the most innovative landing pages and LeadBoxes we’ve seen lately… 1. Not surprisingly, a seasoned copywriter — Will Hoekenga of Copygrad — created some of the best copy we have seen over the past month. Here’s why this page made it into our top 10: 25 Snackable Copywriting Lessons from 5 of the Greatest Books on Writing: First, I have to give copy points for using the word “snackable” to describe “easy-to-digest” copywriting lessons.

If you’re giving away any sort of ebook, video or other lead magnet, I’d recommend you take a closer look at the copy on this page right here. 2. If you’re a Steve Jobs or Apple fan, you’ve probably heard of What to notice about this LeadBox: For a closer look, check out this LeadBox live at 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. How to Become the Most Connected Person In the Universe.

Networking is a dirty word, but as most people will tell you, it’s rarely “what you know, it’s who you know.” So if you’re looking to build an influential network, here’s what you need to know: Thing #1 To build that network, you’ll need to know how to make introductions between your friends and colleagues the right way. (The people who introduce get introduced). Thing #2 You’ll need to BECOME the person people want to introduce to their friends and colleagues. (If your friends are friends with important people, they don’t want to waste their time… even if it will help you).

Well, in today’s video and article, I’ll show you how to do thing #1 and thing #2. How to Make Introductions The Right Way Let’s start off with introductions. When you’re looking to get ahead in business and your career, you’ll likely introduce friends and colleagues. Helping people by way of introduction is one of the highest leverage activities you can do… if you do it right. …and that’s why I filmed this video. Why? Because… This Thank You Webinar Page Doubled Our Webinar Registration Rate.

Click here to check out the Webinar Registration Thank You Page you should use AFTER someone registers for your webinar. Click here to check out LeadPages™ - or - Click here to download this template If you have LeadPages™, you don’t need to download this template – it’s already available to you inside your LeadPages account. Just log in and you’ll see how super easy it is to customize this page in seconds with no technical knowledge or skills, make it mobile responsive, integrate it with your email service provider or CRM, run A/B split tests, and publish it to Facebook, WordPress, or your own server.

In a second, I’m going to show you one of the most innovative templates we’ve developed and tell you how we’ve used it to double the number of people that show up to LeadPages webinars. So here’s how they arrive at this page. Next, after they find you they’re one of the few people from a statistical point of view who end up liking your sight enough and want to stay. Double Your Conversions in 30 Days. Written by Neil Patel & Ritika Puri You’ve poured money into designing a beautiful website, spent thousands on Facebook ads, and are pushing social media updates like nobody’s business. But still, you’re not seeing results — why?

You tear your hair out with frustration. You pump $1,000 more into new Facebook campaigns. And still, nothing. Before you drive yourself crazy, take a step back and breathe. Luckily, you can fix this problem with focus and dedication. Introduction No matter where you’re starting, you will still achieve results Conversion optimization sounds way more complicated than it actually is. Don’t sweat the technical stuff. Just like with a brick-and-mortar store, persuasion, communication, and human interest are the heart and soul of doing business online. Conversion optimization takes hard work, and if your company is young or cash-conscious, you shouldn’t feel pressured to drop $100K+ to hire a full-time expert or consultant. All right! Here’s What You’ll Learn in Week 1. Sales: The Beginner's Guide From Stride | Defining Sales. To define sales, we first need to ask a simple question. Who needs to know how to sell? The answer may surprise you... everyone.

Yes, everyone. Regardless of what you do, be it owning a small business or cranking away as an aspiring artist, you need to know how to sell. As a small business owner, it's your job to get customers in the door. As an artist, it's your job to move your artwork. If you're thinking to yourself, "I'm not a salesperson by trade, so this doesn't apply. " You're horribly mistaken. What Is Sales? When thinking about sales, a common misconception of the trade exists: The best sales professionals are those that "convince" most people to buy from them. "How do I convince the prospective customer that my product or service provides value to them or their business? " This isn't how the most successful sales professionals think, however. The key to a good salesperson is research.

Researching and Data Gathering Next Chapter. Announcing LeadBoxes™: Our Biggest Update to LeadPages Yet. Videos About The Importance Of 2 Step Opt-ins Oh… When you sort the top converting landing pages in LeadPages, you’ll notice that out of the top nine, all but two have two-step opt-in processes. Two-step opt-in processes occur on pages when someone clicks on the opt-in and this pop-up appears. We’ve published extensively about why having two-step opt-ins results in such a great difference in conversion rate.

In fact, we found that moving from a one-step opt-in to a two-step opt-in results in a relative increase in conversion rate of about 30% and we’ll put links to some important videos about two-step opt-ins below this video if you’d like a refresher. So back to this opt-in box, we thought why not take this box and allow users to post it anywhere? To create a LeadBox, just go to the my LeadBoxes section in the top menu. LeadBoxes also works with GoToWebinar so when someone opts in on this box, they’ll be registered for an upcoming webinar. I’m Jeff Wenberg. 9 Embarassingly Easy Split Tests to Boost Conversions - LeadPages Blog. By Kat Von Rohr, Writer for LeadPages™ 11:44 pm last night… I reached out to a friend of mine in the copywriting industry to see if split testing had ever made a significant difference in his freelance copywriting business.

The short answer: Yes. It had – a $100,000 difference. You see, a while back, my buddy had a client in the “laws of attraction space.” Like any entrepreneur, his client was consumed with the daily tasks of running her business. Then my friend, Kory, came onto the scene. That 90 minutes of work led to a 30% boost in sales. That’s why Kory now says: “If you’re not split testing, you may as well pile up a bunch of cash and set it on fire.”

“What Has Worked vs. Fact: Every split test you run for your business has the potential to boost your conversions just like this. But exactly what to test – and how to test it – that’s where things get interesting. First, you need to understand that when you’re split testing, you’re always testing against your control page. 1. How to Be the MacGyver of the Web: 9 Ways to Boost Your Conversion Rate on a Shoestring Budget. 7 Niche Social Networks for Strategic Networking. Do you find it hard to connect with your ideal audience using the larger social networks? Have you considered a smaller social network? In this article, you’ll find 7 niche social networks built to serve specialized markets. Why Niche Social Networks? Ask almost anyone what to include in your social media strategy and you’re likely to hear Facebook, Twitter or Google+ in the response.

But you may find it useful to tap into a specialized network. Use a niche social network to reach a narrowly targeted audience where strategic networking can help you connect with potential customers and business partners of all kinds. A niche social network within your industry can work wonders to reach people of interest there. You can also look for niche sites where people come together around one of the core values or interests of your business. The easiest and fastest way to find these niche sites is likely to be a good old Google search. Adding an organization in Wiser. #2: Promote Your Books on LibraryThing.

30 Tips For Creating Content that Gets Read, Shared and Talked About at Parties. The Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing. 4 Social Analytics Tips to Improve Your Social Media Marketing. Would you like to find out when your social media followers are most active? Do you want to know which social network drives the most leads to your website? There are many social media statistics you can track, but it’s important to track the data specific to your business’s use of social media. Track the right metrics for your community and you’ll better understand how and when to share information, as well as what type of content drives the most traffic to your website. In this article, you’ll learn how to track and measure four important social media metrics to help you improve your social media marketing. #1: Determine the Best Times to Post Updates on Twitter and Facebook Twitter Because Twitter moves at such a rapid pace, tweets get buried quickly.

Luckily there are some great tools to analyze the activity of your followers. Tweriod looks at the recent tweets of your followers and provides you with analytics and data that show when your followers are the most active. Facebook That’s it. The 7 Things Every (Great) Checkout Page Needs. How to Use Facebook to Launch Your Next Big Project With a Bang. The toughest part about launching your project online is attracting attention. Whether you are trying to launch a blog, service, product, or something entirely different, making yourself heard above the cacophony of noise and distraction that is the Internet can be extremely difficult.

A weak launch is disappointing (to say the least), but fortunately there are many ways to launch with a bang. In this post I want to focus on just one: Facebook. I am going to take you through a step-by-step process in which you build a targeted and engaged Facebook following, convert that following into an ever-valuable email list, and utilize that list to launch your project with a bang. Why Email Subscribers Are So Valuable As you no doubt know, more and more people are connecting with their friends and family through social media networks like Facebook. Social media is a key communication and discovery platform for many people, so it's an ideal place to find your target audience and customers. 1. 2. 3. 6 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Social Mobile Marketing. Quick Sprout — I'm Kind of a Big Deal. The Hoop Theory: How Getting Your Visitors to Invest a Little Will Turn Them Into Customers.

Gumroad. How You Can Use Remarketing to Close a Business Deal. How You Can Use Remarketing to Close a Business Deal. Pearltrees Extension. The Google Analytics Conversion Funnel Survival Guide. PAR Program For Offer Owners | PAR. THE DYNAMIC REMARKETING GUIDE | CPC Strategy. How to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog Posts From Social Networks. Email copywriting: How to Increase Email Clicks by 35% 7 Simple Yet Effective Social Media Tactics You Should Leverage Today. How to Repair Your Ecommerce SEO Strategy in a Post-Panda World. 7 Simple Ways to Convert Your Visitors Into Customers.

3 Ways to Get More Subscribers for Your Blog. Dynamic Landing Page Content: How to Increase Conversions through Increased Relevancy. LeadPages™ Is The Easiest Landing Page Builder For Online Businesses & Digital Marketers. How to Improve Your Social Media Marketing Return on Investment. The Power of The Nudge: How to Convert Visitors Into Customers. 3 Strategies to Measure Your Social Media. An Open Letter From a Cart Abandonment Queen to eCommerce Websites. Call to Action Buttons: The Ultimate Guide on Which Ones Convert and Why.

Case Study: Why you should Stop Optimizing for Conversion Rate. How To Create a Successful Demo Video by Edward Primeau. Behind the Scenes: How We Do Our Own Email Marketing at MailChimp. 3 Social Media Metrics Your Business Should Track. How to Write, Publish and Market Your Book. 11 Common A/B Testing Myths BUSTED. The Future of Big Data. Click Here: 11 Ways to Improve Your Call to Actions. Does Google AdWords Work? How eBay Got PPC Dead Wrong. Using Video SEO To Steal Clicks, Localize Results and Increase Conversion Rate. How to Measure Your Social Media Traffic Using Google Analytics.

How to Create a Winning Email Marketing Campaign [INFOGRAPHIC] The Anatomy of Tomorrow's Inbound Marketing Strategy Today. The Joy of Clicking. How to Turn An Authentic Marketing Strategy Into Marketing Action. Are You Watching The Right eCommerce Metrics? | Digital Marketer | It's just smarter. 10 Ways To Increase The ROI Of Your Thank You Page. Discover what you can achieve with multivariate testing software | Which Multivariate. How to Scroll the Page With JavaScript. Multivariate testing, A/B split testing and landing page optimization software reviews | Which Multivariate?

How to make users scroll down your page. Searcher Personas: Advanced Landing Page Techniques. Social media has changed the face of customer service as we know it, for good. Key steps to integrate social media into your customer service. Responsive Email Design. 50 Ways To Seduce Your Web Visitors With Persuasive Landing Pages.