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Real Estate Tax Information

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Information related to taxes and real estate.

Dealing With Multiple Offers When Buying Or Selling A Home. In an active real estate market when a home is properly prepared and priced right the chances of a buyer or seller facing the situation of multiple offers on a home is increased.

Dealing With Multiple Offers When Buying Or Selling A Home

By handling a multiple offer situation properly both home buyers and sellers can ensure success on their part. When handled incorrectly multiple offers can cause some buyers to waste money during the purchase process and lead some sellers to think their house can be priced much higher than it currently is and reject good offers in hopes for more money. How To Deal With Multiple Offers As A Home Seller. How To Lower Your Property Taxes. Summer is the time of year, when most Americans stop thinking about taxes and get to think about vacations.

How To Lower Your Property Taxes

We all know property tax comes once a year, but there is no need to assume that it is set in stone. According to National Taxpayers Union, up to 60% of U.S. properties are overpriced. If you think your house is one of these and you’re paying too much in property taxes, try to understand the process and fight the money back. Using a 1031 Exchange For Your Real Estate Investment. Homeownership Tax Benefits. Appealing Your Property Tax Valuation.