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Contingencies In A Real Estate Offer. Both homebuyers and home sellers need to understand what is involved in an offer to purchase a home.

Contingencies In A Real Estate Offer

Contracts to purchase a home contain many different terms and requirements that are binding to both the buyer and the seller. Even a simple slip in missing a deadline can result in consequences the parties may not fully understand the consequences of. Best Real Estate Facebook Groups For Real Estate Agents. We found the best Real Estate Facebook groups.

Best Real Estate Facebook Groups For Real Estate Agents

If you’re looking to talk real estate on Facebook, these groups are for you. You’ve probably seen Inman, Placester, and others writing about their favorite Facebook groups for realtors, but we had to write our own. Why? Because Inman, Placester, and the others have to write their articles so they appeal to as many real estate pros as possible. There’s nothing wrong with that (in a way, we do it too), but it means that their info tends to be broad, general, and sometimes vague. Ours isn’t. Great Google+ Real Estate Articles From May 2017. It is that time of the month again when we celebrate some of the top real estate content found in the Google Plus real estate communities.

Great Google+ Real Estate Articles From May 2017

This month there was an abundance of great articles from bloggers around the country. Below are 12 of the best articles to help both buyers and sellers. Enjoy! The worst issues when selling a home – Posted by Bill Gassett. Should I Buy A Geothermal System For My Home? Geothermal Heating & Cooling Systems or geothermal heat pumps are heating and cooling systems for your home that utilize the stable temperature found below the surface of the earth.

Should I Buy A Geothermal System For My Home?

Below the surface of the earth temperatures remain relatively stable as compared to the surrounding air temperature. Depending on the location the temperature below the ground stays at a consistent 50 – 60 degrees Fahrenheit. How Do Geothermal Systems Work? Geothermal systems use pumps to cycle water into pipes that have been buried in a home’s yard. Best Google+ Real Estate Articles From The Month Of April 2017. Each month you can find outstanding real estate articles on Google Plus where industry professionals have shared their knowledge and wisdom in the hope of better-educating buyers, investors, and sellers.

Best Google+ Real Estate Articles From The Month Of April 2017

Sometimes these experts also share to help each other or better educate our industry on specific topics too. This month there has been a wide variety of killer content produced and shared on G+ to aid real estate consumers. With so many fantastic articles to choose from, it was tough paring down the list to those that made the list this month! No reason to delay so let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the very best real estate articles on G+ this month. It is a question that has come up for generations and is worth delving into again to provide this generation clear guidance and market understanding. Bill also explains how some states refer to dual agency as what others refer to as designated agency over at Realty Times. Bonus Post: The best business blogs of 2016. April 2017 Real Estate Roundup - Great Reads Not To Miss.

In case you missed any of the great real estate reads from the month of April here are some to catch up on.

April 2017 Real Estate Roundup - Great Reads Not To Miss

Whether you are selling, buying a home or luxury home, or just have a keen interest in real estate all of these blog articles are packed with information and knowledge that won’t leave you wanting. Hope you enjoy and feel free to add any articles at the bottom of the list that you think are notable real estate articles from the month of April 2017. What Is Dual Agency In A Real Estate Transaction? Dual agency is the activity where one real estate agent represents both the home seller and the home buyer in the same transaction. The Legal Requirement To Call A Room A Bedroom. The Definition of a Bedroom Working as a real estate agent, many people ask me what the legal requirement for a bedroom is.

The Legal Requirement To Call A Room A Bedroom

They are usually asking because they have a room in their home which may have the potential to be a bedroom. While what defines a bedroom may seem obvious in most circumstances, when it comes to selling a home, the concept is not quite as clear. Home sellers naturally want to be in compliance with the law, which is why it is important to do some research on what a “bedroom” is in your area. You may find that different people have different definitions – including home inspectors, Realtors, home appraisers, contractors and more.

When marketing a home, it makes sense to get your bedroom count correct. 9 Essential Tips For Success With An Estate Sale. Estate Sale Basics What To Know About Estate Sales – 9 Essential Tips An estate sale involves the sale of most or all the belongings of an estate or a family, and most often happens when the head of the estate passes away.

9 Essential Tips For Success With An Estate Sale

Something must be done with all the belongings and/or property, and selling it is usually the most practical way to dispose of it. An estate sale may also involve the sale of a home or other property. People often use the term “estate sale” in different ways. March 2017 Real Estate Roundup - Articles For Home Buyers/Sellers. Once again we are bringing you the best of the best information when it comes to buying and selling a home.

March 2017 Real Estate Roundup - Articles For Home Buyers/Sellers

The topics covered by our collection touch on several items and aim to help people make sound decisions for their real estate needs. Whether you are a pet owner in the market for a home, a fan of golf considering a place on a top course, or someone considering their first purchase, we have great information for you. The articles are detailed enough to cover each topic but not so long that you will feel like it is a chore to finish the info. Enjoy! Selling and Buying a Home at the Same Time Smart Tips To Follow. Ahhhh, to be a first time home buyer again, and only having to worry about buying a home.

Selling and Buying a Home at the Same Time Smart Tips To Follow

Now as a move up buyer or a downsizer now you need to worry about selling and buying a home at the same time. It certainly can be stressful to balance the two simultaneous real estate transactions. When you are selling and buying a home at the same time there is certainly a balancing act to be achieved. Ideally it would be perfect to sell your home and move into your new home on the same day. But, sometimes that is easier said then done. The First Step Is to Understand Your Market When the thought enters your head to sell your home and buy a new one, don’t go off half cocked and just list your home.

For many you still need to finance your home purchase. You should also take some time to make sure that your expectations are realistic. Best Google+ Real Estate Published March 2017. Best of Google Plus Real Estate This month we have some great contributions for our round-up of real estate articles from Google+. In order to provide quality information to a number of clients, we have information for sellers, buyers, and even homeowners. The articles cover topics such as avoiding bad advice when selling a home, getting in the midst of a bidding war on a home and adding value to an existing property. All of this information, along with more helpful topics, are detailed in the following articles.

Home Sellers: Bad Suggestions about Selling a Home Taking advice from friends and family about almost every topic is to be expected. Bill Gassett points out some of the worst home selling advice that might be offered from various sources. February 2017 Real Estate Roundup. Getting A Mortgage For Your Luxury Home When getting a home ready for sale there quite a few steps to take in order to make sure the home is ready for buyers. If there are pets living in the home some extra steps should be taken to make sure the home is ready for buyers to visit. Xavier De Buck provides some great tips to help with getting a house ready when you have pets. Tackle the major pet issues as pointed out by Xavier and your home sale will be that much closer to success. 2017 Flooring Trends. Awesome Google+ Real Estate Articles From February 2017.

Each and every month here on Bill Gassett’s Massachusetts Real Estate News website, we highlight some of the best real estate articles from the month. 2017 is off to a blazing start and there has been a ton of great real estate content. Picking this months recap of the best real estate articles from February and end of January was very difficult. In this months recap of the top real estate articles, you’ll find helpful articles for buyers, sellers, and also for other real estate professionals.

Read on and enjoy some fantastic recaps of some of the top real estate articles from the past month! Helpful Kitchen and Open House Staging Tips You’ve likely heard that a home’s kitchen is often the determining factor as to whether a home sells or not. It’s extremely important for home sellers to make sure their kitchen is being presented in the best possible way. Have an up coming open house? Surefire Ways To Get Your Mortgage Pre-Approval Revoked. Excellent Real Estate Reads From Jan-Feb 2017.

One of the things I enjoy doing when I am blogging is featuring other share-worthy content. There are a lot of real estate bloggers out there who go unnoticed. Part of the problem is they may not spend any time promoting their content. Others don't know the first thing about SEO - so even though they might have excellent content, nobody ever finds it. Without further ado, I am going to share a few articles that are worth your time checking out. Tips For Picking Real Estate Professionals When Selling Or Buyer A Home. When buying or selling a home there are a number of different professionals involved in the process.

These professionals are involved in critical parts of the real estate transaction that in order to be successful having the best and brightest is important. One of the main reasons for bringing in the best professionals possible is that the buying or selling of a home is usually one of the largest transactions a person will have in their lifetimes. As a result home buyers and sellers would like everything to go perfectly so that their investment in a home can keep itself going over the long haul. With that in mind the following tips below will help home buyers and sellers choose the best professionals to help make sure the transaction is a successful one. A First Time Home Buyer Guide To Homeowners Insurance. Protect Your Belongings With The Right Home Insurance Policy. January 2017 Great Real Estate Articles.

What Is A Tiny House? You may have heard of the Tiny Home movement and been curious about what exactly is a tiny home and why would anyone want one. 10 Real Estate Instagram Accounts To Follow! Instagram is one of those great visual social media platforms that prioritizes sharing great pictures over everything else.

Whether you are taking great pictures of the sunrise, a pet or of something new you just bought people love seeing and sharing pictures and do so with people all over the world with Instagram. Realtors, many of whom are no stranger to social media, have also embraced the Instagram platform to help connect with their clients, peers, friends and more. Check out some of these great Instagram accounts from Realtors around the world. 1. Superb Real Estate Articles From January 2017. Whether buying or selling a house it is important to have great information to help you make an informed decision that is right for you and your family.

Must Read Real Estate Articles From 2016. The year 2016 saw many real estate related articles published with the intent of informing readers about various issues in the real estate area. Some articles while trying to be informative may miss the mark and instead up trying to sell something rather than inform. Many other articles though succeed in informing readers so that they have the latest and greatest knowledge needed to help them with their real estate. Real Estate Tech Trends To Know About. 9 Great Resources For Selling Your Home During Holidays. 28 Great Real Estate Reads From 2016. Incredible Real Estate Blog Articles From 2016. 10 Tips To Finding The Best Real Estate Brokerage To Join. Real Estate Survey Explained. Everything You Need To Know About Closing Costs. Great Google Plus Real Estate Articles From November 2016.

Great Google + Real Estate Articles From August 2016. Great Google+ Real Estate Articles From October 2016.