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Great collection of real estate articles from around the Internet.

The Legal Requirement To Call A Room A Bedroom. The Definition of a Bedroom Working as a real estate agent, many people ask me what the legal requirement for a bedroom is.

The Legal Requirement To Call A Room A Bedroom

They are usually asking because they have a room in their home which may have the potential to be a bedroom. While what defines a bedroom may seem obvious in most circumstances, when it comes to selling a home, the concept is not quite as clear. Home sellers naturally want to be in compliance with the law, which is why it is important to do some research on what a “bedroom” is in your area. You may find that different people have different definitions – including home inspectors, Realtors, home appraisers, contractors and more. 9 Essential Tips For Success With An Estate Sale. Estate Sale Basics What To Know About Estate Sales – 9 Essential Tips An estate sale involves the sale of most or all the belongings of an estate or a family, and most often happens when the head of the estate passes away.

9 Essential Tips For Success With An Estate Sale

Something must be done with all the belongings and/or property, and selling it is usually the most practical way to dispose of it. An estate sale may also involve the sale of a home or other property. People often use the term “estate sale” in different ways. Estate sales are typically conducted by an auctioneer when it comes to liquidating possessions and a real estate agent when it comes to the actual house. Assessing the value of property, organizing items for display and making sure everything is well coordinated as part of an auctioneer’s job description. If you own specialized, rare or expensive property for your sale, an estate sale expert can be incredibly important for determining the right asking price.

March 2017 Real Estate Roundup - Articles For Home Buyers/Sellers. Once again we are bringing you the best of the best information when it comes to buying and selling a home.

March 2017 Real Estate Roundup - Articles For Home Buyers/Sellers

The topics covered by our collection touch on several items and aim to help people make sound decisions for their real estate needs. Whether you are a pet owner in the market for a home, a fan of golf considering a place on a top course, or someone considering their first purchase, we have great information for you. The articles are detailed enough to cover each topic but not so long that you will feel like it is a chore to finish the info. Enjoy! Selling and Buying a Home at the Same Time Smart Tips To Follow.

Ahhhh, to be a first time home buyer again, and only having to worry about buying a home.

Selling and Buying a Home at the Same Time Smart Tips To Follow

Best Google+ Real Estate Published March 2017. Best of Google Plus Real Estate This month we have some great contributions for our round-up of real estate articles from Google+.

Best Google+ Real Estate Published March 2017

In order to provide quality information to a number of clients, we have information for sellers, buyers, and even homeowners. February 2017 Real Estate Roundup. Getting A Mortgage For Your Luxury Home When getting a home ready for sale there quite a few steps to take in order to make sure the home is ready for buyers.

February 2017 Real Estate Roundup

If there are pets living in the home some extra steps should be taken to make sure the home is ready for buyers to visit. Xavier De Buck provides some great tips to help with getting a house ready when you have pets. Tackle the major pet issues as pointed out by Xavier and your home sale will be that much closer to success. 2017 Flooring Trends As part of getting ready for your home sale you may want to upgrade the carpets, rugs or runners in order to freshen up the look of your house. Awesome Google+ Real Estate Articles From February 2017. Excellent Real Estate Reads From Jan-Feb 2017. One of the things I enjoy doing when I am blogging is featuring other share-worthy content.

Excellent Real Estate Reads From Jan-Feb 2017

There are a lot of real estate bloggers out there who go unnoticed. Part of the problem is they may not spend any time promoting their content. Others don't know the first thing about SEO - so even though they might have excellent content, nobody ever finds it. Tips For Picking Real Estate Professionals When Selling Or Buyer A Home. When buying or selling a home there are a number of different professionals involved in the process.

Tips For Picking Real Estate Professionals When Selling Or Buyer A Home

These professionals are involved in critical parts of the real estate transaction that in order to be successful having the best and brightest is important. One of the main reasons for bringing in the best professionals possible is that the buying or selling of a home is usually one of the largest transactions a person will have in their lifetimes. As a result home buyers and sellers would like everything to go perfectly so that their investment in a home can keep itself going over the long haul.

A First Time Home Buyer Guide To Homeowners Insurance. Protect Your Belongings With The Right Home Insurance Policy For the first time home buyer there is a lot of information to learn and understand before signing a mortgage.

A First Time Home Buyer Guide To Homeowners Insurance

One item of importance is the homeowners insurance policy. Considering the enormous cost of an average home, it goes without saying that the majority of people could not afford to pay for the replacement of a house in the event of a disaster. That is why it is so important to have a good insurance policy that takes care of all your needs. Learn what makes up a homeowners insurance policy so that when the time comes to purchase one, you have a better idea of what coverages you’re looking for.

Meeting Lender’s Requirements Although there is no state or federal law requiring homeowners to have a specific insurance policy, if you finance a home the lender will indeed require an insurance policy. Here are the main ways that an insurance policy can benefit you: Breaking Down The Home Insurance Policy Standard Coverage. January 2017 Great Real Estate Articles. Getting A Mortgage For Your Luxury Home Whether you don’t want to tie up cash in a home since you can get a better rate of return elsewhere or have your funds tied up in your business and you don’t want to let that hinder you from buying a luxury home Paul Sian a top real estate agent in Indian Hill, Ohio talks about getting a mortgage for your luxury home in his article.

January 2017 Great Real Estate Articles

Mortgages for luxury homes are a bit different than a mortgage for a traditional home. Due to larger amounts involved with a luxury mortgage and the fact that government backed mortgage purchasers will not guarantee those loans banks must loan money out of their own accounts. As a result mortgage lenders for luxury mortgages are a little more cautious and the process can take a little more time than normal.

Check out the article about getting a mortgage for your luxury home purchase and learn what exactly is involved. What Is A Tiny House? You may have heard of the Tiny Home movement and been curious about what exactly is a tiny home and why would anyone want one. A tiny home generally is a home that is generally under 500 square feet. Tiny homes contain all the features of a regular home including bathroom, kitchen, dining and sleeping areas.

Tiny homes are generally designed to be energy efficient and usually built with green materials. One of the goal of the tiny home movement is to reduce the environmental impact of housing both in terms of the actual building of the home as well as through reduced energy consumption while the home is in use. Not only is money saved through energy efficiency but the total overall cost of the tiny home can be much lower than that of a traditional house. 10 Real Estate Instagram Accounts To Follow! Instagram is one of those great visual social media platforms that prioritizes sharing great pictures over everything else. Whether you are taking great pictures of the sunrise, a pet or of something new you just bought people love seeing and sharing pictures and do so with people all over the world with Instagram.

Realtors, many of whom are no stranger to social media, have also embraced the Instagram platform to help connect with their clients, peers, friends and more. Check out some of these great Instagram accounts from Realtors around the world. 1. Superb Real Estate Articles From January 2017. Whether buying or selling a house it is important to have great information to help you make an informed decision that is right for you and your family. The past month has brought some great real estate articles to read from the Google+ real estate communities. Each month we share some of the very best real estate content found within the Google Plus Real Estate communities. This month will have found some really valuable information. Must Read Real Estate Articles From 2016. The year 2016 saw many real estate related articles published with the intent of informing readers about various issues in the real estate area. Some articles while trying to be informative may miss the mark and instead up trying to sell something rather than inform.

Many other articles though succeed in informing readers so that they have the latest and greatest knowledge needed to help them with their real estate. In this article I highlight some of those great articles from 2016 and hope you enjoy them as much as many others did. Real Estate Tech Trends To Know About. What are the tech trends to watch out for in 2017? How are these trends shaping the real estate industry? And how can you, a typical real estate agent, use these real estate technology trends to promote your business and get more homes sold? Essentially, innovations like big data, in-home technology, virtual reality, 3D imaging, MatterPort tours, and drones are all bringing new marketing trends into the real estate sector.

You can harness these advancements to make your brokerage services in tune with your target market. In my market of Cary, NC they are introducing smart homes that can understand you. This year’s 2016 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers survey run by The National Association of REALTORS reports that 87% of buyers found their property through a real estate agent. However, this does not necessarily mean that you are going to generate as many clients unless you are proactive in your market. 9 Great Resources For Selling Your Home During Holidays. Should I Sell My Home During The Holidays Was this one of the main questions you were asking yourself for last few weeks? 28 Great Real Estate Reads From 2016. Ryan Fitzgerald By Ryan Fitzgerald With more than 2.5 million blog posts being published every day, it can be difficult to sort through the noise. Incredible Real Estate Blog Articles From 2016. 10 Tips To Finding The Best Real Estate Brokerage To Join.

Real Estate Survey Explained. Everything You Need To Know About Closing Costs. As a rule buyers and sellers know what to expect and what they will get in the home buying/selling process. Before going too deep into the process a buyer should consult his mortgage specialist or real estate agent about what the closing costs may be. This also refers to the seller. There are some closing costs that may be negotiated to be paid by the other party. Great Google Plus Real Estate Articles From November 2016. With the amount of real estate content available on the Internet, it is often hard to sift through the excellent content that helps you learn something versus other content that is more fluff without much substance. Great Google + Real Estate Articles From August 2016.

Like most months, August has seen real estate professionals around the country actively helping buyers, investors, and sellers into and out of homes. Many of these agents are also incredibly active bloggers, producing high quality content on a regular basis, to help consumers with topics from A to Z in this industry. The articles highlighted below are among the best Google + real estate articles on the Web this month. There are tips to aid buyers, great advice for sellers, and even information to assist professionals in this industry. Take a look at all the excellent content and see if something tickles your fancy.

Great Google+ Real Estate Articles From October 2016. Write articles.