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A collection of great real estate articles, links and videos to help home buyers make their home purchase easier.

How To Buy A Home Without A Mortgage. For some seeking to buy a home the traditional way of purchasing through the use of a mortgage may not be available.

How To Buy A Home Without A Mortgage

Mortgages are not available to some homebuyers due to credit issues, income issues, work history issues or other reasons. The lack of a mortgage does not necessarily prevent a person from buying a home as there are other alternatives. Those alternatives can be somewhat more expensive and more risky to the person wanting to use them. Use Cash. Protect Your Personal Information on the Internet When Buying A Home.

You see a ton of real estate articles about advice on home buying.

Protect Your Personal Information on the Internet When Buying A Home

The best way to search for homes, how to write an offer, how to deal with home inspection issues…… but today we are going to talk about cyber security when buying a home. This is an ultra important topic. How to Conduct a Smart Home Search. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter You’ve probably heard house hunting stories from friends or co-workers about looking at dozens or even hundreds of homes before finding the one.

How to Conduct a Smart Home Search

While you definitely don’t want to rush the process or make an emotional decision that you will regret later, you also don’t want to find yourself on an endless house hunting mission. With some forethought and a plan of action, you can avoid wasting time and find your dream home without a mind-numbing parade of homes and listings. Know What You Want The easiest way to drag out the house hunting process? Before start house hunting, make three lists: Needs.

These lists should be shared with your Realtor to streamline the process. Focus On What’s Important. Advice for Buyers When the Real Estate Market is Smoking! In many towns and cities across America right now (Spring 2017) the market is hot… meaning the demand is high and the inventory is low.

Advice for Buyers When the Real Estate Market is Smoking!

It can be a tough market for buyers, so here’s some advice for homebuyers in a hot market from industry veterans: Setting the Stage for Homebuying Advice Before I even begin, let me give you a word picture to get you in the right frame of mind: You set out on a nice day-trip from Frederick County, to visit some sights in Washington D.C. You know, take in some monuments or the Smithsonian. You head south at a nice leisurely pace, because, you know…Frederick County. Eventually, though, you’re going to have to face I-270, or the “Big-Ugly”, and then the beltway…I-495. Costs of Homeownership: The Real Costs Of Owning A Home.

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Costs of Homeownership: The Real Costs Of Owning A Home

Clean up Your Credit Score to Buying Your New Home. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

Clean up Your Credit Score to Buying Your New Home

What Does A Buyers Agent Do For Home Buyers? Purchasing a new home, whether it is for the first time or if you are upgrading, downsizing, etc…. can be a very exciting time.

What Does A Buyers Agent Do For Home Buyers?

On the other hand, a real estate transaction is filled with many complexities. Buying a home is filled with legal issues and a buyer and a seller that can be very emotionally charged. There are certainly mistakes that can be made by home buyers who decide to go it alone. The good part is you do not need to go it alone. A competent Massachusetts Buyers Agent can be worth their weight in gold. Discuss and assess your individual needs. A buyer’s agent can help you discuss and evaluate your needs.

Bring an objective view to the process. Great Tips For Buying A Luxury Home. Tips For Cleaning up Your Credit Score Prior To Buying A New House. Millennials: Should You Rent or Buy. Members of every generation exhibit unique qualities that set them apart from their parents and grandparents.

Millennials: Should You Rent or Buy

Millennials value a lifestyle different from that of older generations. Millennials, who rent their home, move frequently; almost half have moved two or more times in the last three years. This transitivity could be one reason why most millennials are choosing to “settle down” later than their parents and grandparents did. The housing selections of millennials are important because they are a very large generation and they have a big impact on the housing market. Unlike the generation before them, they tend to move from one job to another, rather than settling in the same job for their entire life, like their parents did; but don’t get it wrong – they still want security. 3 Smart Tips For Improving Your Credit Score Prior To Buying A Home.

Not everyone buys a home very often and in fact many might only own one to three homes over their life time.

3 Smart Tips For Improving Your Credit Score Prior To Buying A Home

As a result when buying a home, buyers should make sure they get the best pre-approval amount they can so that when they do buy they are getting the best home that meets their budget at the time. By striving for the best home you can afford now and will suit your needs for some time to come there will be less need to upgrade to another home because your current home was only a “starter home”. There is a caveat with that in just because a mortgage lender approves a mortgage for the highest amount of money that can be had that does not necessarily mean homebuyers should buy at the top of that range. Homebuyers need to analyze their current and future financial situation to make sure they can afford the home they buy today. Credit Score and Mortgage Amount. Tips For Buying A Home With Pets. Pets are an everyday part of life for their human companions.

Tips For Buying A Home With Pets

Pets like humans also have individual needs that every house may or may not meet. When buying a home with pets in mind knowing what one should be looking for and what considerations should be made for our furry friends is on the top of many home buyers list. This article takes a look at the different considerations pet owners should take into mind when buying a home. Type Of Pet The type of pet a homebuyer has will dictate some of the needs for a home. The size of your pet plays into this as well particularly in the case of dogs. Landscaping Considerations As noted above the way a yard is setup and situated should be considered when buying a home with pets in mind. If your pet not only likes to enjoy the landscaping but also eat it as well then you should be looking at the yard and surrounding areas for plants that are poisonous to your pets. Fencing is another important consideration when looking at the landscaping.

Smart Tips On What to Inspect When Buying a Home. What to Inspect When Buying a House As a real estate agent, one of the questions buyers often ask me is what kind of inspections I should be doing? Of course, my advice is to inspect everything that could be pertinent to the property. Buying a Home Without a Real Estate Agent And The Risks Involved. No Buyer’s Agent Equals Increased Risks If you are thinking about buying a home, chances are you have questioned whether you need a real estate agent or not. Real estate agents in film and television are often portrayed in a negative light, which naturally leads to a perception that they may be untrustworthy.

There are also no laws requiring you to use an agent, so what’s the point? Why bother? 10 Essential Tips to Get You Started With Buying A Condo. [Estimated read time: 5 minutes] When buying a condo for the first time you will find that there is a slight difference between buying a single-family home and buying a condominium.

First. What is Condominium? A condo is an individual unit that is inside a larger building, similar to an apartment building. An HOA governs and maintains the common areas that are funded by a monthly maintenance fee that is gathered from the residence living within the association. The Importance Of A Mortgage Pre-Approval. Just as you would not go shopping for groceries without cash in your purse/wallet or without knowing you have available credit on your credit card you should also not got shopping for a home without knowing if you have been pre-approved or not for a mortgage.

Just as no one wants to go to the store and find out their credit card has been declined or that they are short on cash to purchase their items, viewing homes to purchase without knowing if you can afford it can also lead to great disappointment. Thinking that you can get a preapproval at any time with enough time to make an offer and you could end up losing out on a house you really like and/or realizing you may have never been able to get pre-approved for an amount to buy a particular house in the first place. No Down Payment Mistakes When Buying A Home.

Should I Get Title Insurance When I Buy My Home? Smart Tips for Choosing a Neighborhood To Buy Your Home In. Nov. 9, 2016. Saving Up A Down Payment. Should I Rent Or Buy A Home? 5 Smart Home Buying Tips! True Cost Of Buying A Condo. Buying A Condominium. Home Buying Pitfalls To Avoid. Sept. 28, 2016. First Time Home Buying Tips For Millennials.

Home Inspection Repair Requests You May Want To Avoid. Why Was Your Mortgage Denied Even After Being Preapproved. An important part of the home buying process is getting pre-approved for a mortgage. Most agents won’t put you in a car and show you homes unless you’ve been pre-approved. This way, you or your agent aren’t wasting time looking at house that are out of your price range. Rights and Obligations For Condominium Owners. Condos are essentially communities and some operate smoother than others. Before looking at any condos for sale, make sure you understand in general how condo corporations make decisions, the role of the board of directors, your responsibilities, voting rights and how that can affect condo fees, common areas, bylaws,rules and restrictions.

Home Buyer's Mindsets Explored. Avoiding Home Buyer's Remorse. 6 Ways Home Buyers Fail When Trying To Buy A Home.