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Teacher Resources for Reading Informational Texts

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Lesson Plans and Resources for use by Science and Social Studies Teachers in middle school classes

EarthEcho International | Educator Resources. Reading%20Science%20Texts. Common Core: Reading in Science Class. Science & Literacy Resources What’s Your Evidence? Engaging K–5 Children in Constructing Explanations in Science By Carla Zembal-Saul et al. The Common Core standards require evidence to support conclusions. This book—which includes a DVD of real classroom exchanges—will help elementary teachers model and initiate scientific discussions. The Essentials of Science and Literacy: A Guide for Teachers By Jeff Winokur et al. Science and Literacy—A Natural Fit: A Guide for Professional Development Leaders By Jeff Winokur et al. Children’s Ways With Science and Literacy: Integrated Multimodal Enactments in Urban Elementary Classrooms By Maria Varelas and Christine C.

If you’ve so much as glanced at the Common Core State Standards, you know how much emphasis is placed on literacy. Sound intimidating? ELA Anchor Standard 4 ✔ Make a word wall. . ✔ Move! ELA Anchor Standard 10 Read and comprehend complex literary and informational texts independently and proficiently. . ✔ Put the book aside. Common Core Lesson Plans | Scholastic Inc. English Language Arts A Harry Potter Discussion Guide Theme, setting, characters and more read more A Lesson on Identity Tie in books, activities and technology with this ELA lesson on identity. read more Creating Student Videos Put your students in the director's chair. read more Cultivating Observation and Inference Skills This easy-to-teach activity builds science skills in a playful way. read more ELA Instruction With an English Twist Liven up your common and proper noun instruction with a British accent!

Read more Exploring the Power of Words Celebrate National Poetry Month with a multi-genre approach. read more Graphic Organizers for Personal Narratives Help your young writers organize their thoughts. read more Novel Study: The Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson Use historical fiction to celebrate cultures and hone Common Core skills. read more Opinion Writing Graphic organizers to help your students with opinion writing read more Reading Informational Text: Discover Pumpkins download PDF read more read more. 5 Great Sites for Student-Friendly Informational Texts - Green Light Learning Tools. By Helen Beyne You already know that one main mission of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Initiative is to help students comprehend a wide variety of informational texts—nonfiction texts that inform readers about a topic.

But with the vast amount of information available online, you might not know where to go to find appropriate informational texts for your students. The five websites described below are a great place to start. 1. Time for Kids (primary, elementary, and middle school) The articles on Time for Kids have been created specifically for students in grades K–6, introducing them to “high-quality nonfiction writing to build reading and critical thinking skills.” 2.

Newsela presents daily news articles from a number of well-known media outlets, including the Los Angeles Times and the Associated Press. 3. The Library of Congress (LOC) is one of the definitive online resources for primary-source documents. 4. 5. Social Studies Resources - Debbie Waggoner. LiteracyCCGPS - Social Studies Informational Text Resources. Skip to main content Try Wikispaces Classroom now. Brand new from Wikispaces. guest Join | Help | Sign In LiteracyCCGPS Home guest| Join | Help | Sign In Turn off "Getting Started" Loading... Middle School Social Studies. Teaching Is All in the Family for This Rock Hill Educator Queenie Hall tried not to go into education. Sure, her mom was a teacher for more than 40 years and her sister was an educator. But Queenie wanted a different path. Read more » {*style:<b>*}{*style:<a href=' a Random Encounter with an Airport Cleaning Lady Changed This Teacher's Destination{*style:</a>*}{*style:</b>*}{*style:<br>*}Chris Layton had hit the wall.

After seven years of teaching, the long hours, late nights, and stress had caught up to him. He was ready to do something else, so he left the school system and took a job as a marketing director for a firm. Online informational text resources 2012 03 02 000. PBS LearningMedia. How to Teach with Technology: Social Studies. Check out these tips from students and educators for high tech teaching: Blogging the Textbook "As a teacher, to make social studies more fun, I use the CoveritLive blogging tool.

While I talk and read from the textbook, some of the kids have a blog conversation about what I am presenting. I can be sure they are staying on topic because another teacher approves their comments. (Every comment must be approved by a teacher.) Every day, the kids rotate who gets to be on the laptops and have the live conversation. CoveritLive is a publishing tool that allows users to instantly publish their blog posts, which allows it to serve somewhat like a chat room. Battle It Out "In history, instead of just reading about battles from World War II, have students recreate them on film. For online tutorials about filmmaking—from the planning stage to shooting to editing—the American Film Institute's ScreenNation offers a wealth of free resources. "Friending" Thomas Paine I made a page for Thomas Paine. CCSSLibrariansBrief FINAL. NSTA Science Store: Award Winners. Lessons. Home - Big6.