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3b. Pjav1408. Api. Musik. Benchmark. Jailbreak. Standards. Dtr1208 2. Mark Damon Hughes: Hephaestus. Copyright © 2001-2003 by Mark Hughes <> Version 2.04, released 2010Mar18 Hephaestus is a freeware computer role-playing game construction kit (often called an "RPG maker").

Mark Damon Hughes: Hephaestus

A map editor is included, and scripting is done in the Java programming language. Hephaestus is written in Java, and therefore runs on every platform. You've wanted to make your own computer role-playing game all your life. Hephaestus 2 now includes the post-holocaust horror adventure, Umbra! Version 2.04 (2010Mar18) Updated to JDK 6Fixed line endings in compile.shFixed text wrapping in text area Version 2.03 (2003Feb24) Just released a minor bugfix, which should take care of a bug in Sun's JDK on Linux; this doesn't appear to affect Blackdown JDK or any other platform. Version 2.02 (2003Feb22) Toolbar added for mouse users. . (2002Nov18) I've started work on Umbra, a post-holocaust horror adventure! Version 2.01 (2002Nov14) Minor bugfix for focus management and kwm. Version 2.00 (2002Nov11) Enterprise Java Community: Distributed Computing Made Easy. Introduction In case you haven't noticed, distributed computing is hard.

Enterprise Java Community: Distributed Computing Made Easy

The problem is that it is becoming increasingly important in the world of enterprise application development. Today, developers continuously need to address questions like: How do you enhance scalability by scaling the application beyond a single node? How can you guarantee high-availability, eliminate single points of failure, and make sure that you meet your customer SLAs? All questions that, in one way or the other, imply distributed computing.

For many developers, the most natural way of tackling the problem would be to divide up the architecture into groups of components or services that are distributed among different servers. For example, Martin Fowler thinks that a design like this " like an inverted hurricane" and continues with the following discussion (from his book Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture): The main benefit of using clustering is a simplified programming model. Master Usage. Java. Blocking Queue - Java Tutorial. How to include txt into jar file? - Java. Learning Java with the Java-o-matic. Google Code Jam 2010 registration now open. Let’s say that you have x different stocks, and the plots of their prices over time.

Google Code Jam 2010 registration now open

You want to print them in newspaper, printing multiple plots on the same chart to save space. But here’s the catch: no two plots on the same chart can overlap, lest the readers be confused. Look at the plots and figure out the smallest number of charts required. Looking for a challenge like the riddle above? And I mean an exciting brain-twisting and turning kind of challenge. Since 2003, we’ve brought you our annual Google Code Jam — a competition in which professional and student programmers from all around the world solve tough algorithmic challenges in a limited amount of time. Sound like the challenge for you? The qualification round starts on May 7, 2010 and after four rounds of online competition, the top 25 competitors will be flown to Dublin to match wits for the $5,000 first prize — and, of course, the title of Code Jam champion! P.S. LaLiLuna - Tutorials for Struts, JavaServer Faces, JSF, EJB, Hibernate, Eclipse, JBoss, Tomcat, ...

Beginners Guide To Java. Understanding Service Oriented Architecture. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) promises to provide us with the ability to assemble complex, distributed systems by selecting and creating compatible parts called services. So far, SOA has delivered a lot of hyperbole to the Web. Gartner recognized it as one of the five hottest IT trends in 2005 , claiming that "By 2008, SOA will provide the basis for 80 percent of development projects. " At JavaOne 2005, 82 of the 168 technical session PDFs contained "SOA. " In July of 2005, there were 1.4 million Google hits for "service oriented architecture. " By February, 2006, there were 72 million.

Unfortunately, most developers find it hard to cut through this tide of hype to learn just what service oriented architecture is about. I started working with distributed messaging systems in 1995 and can understand most of the articles, but I find the volume of hype daunting and largely irrelevant. Better understanding of the system being developed. Easier integration with each others' systems.