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Pixel Art Tutorials. Mini Wizard Studios - Pixel art - Isometric Objects. MWS » Pixels » Isometric » Objects A collection of furniture and other objects from the mobile phone game"My Life" (released in China, 2006).

Mini Wizard Studios - Pixel art - Isometric Objects

Some sample objects from a medieval Chinese RPG game for mobile phones called "Swordsman". (Translated English name) An isometric chessboard and abstract playing pieces. An assortment of other isometric objects. Pixelgasm Forum. It is currently Sat Apr 19, 2014 5:24 pm View unanswered posts • View active topics New Members Just signed up?

Pixelgasm Forum

Post a quick introduction so we know who you are! KALIBER10000. Cuban Council Did Backend Concept Design Frontend IA Identity Where to begin ... the first of its kind, destination extraordinaire, overflowing with inspiration, personality and humor. .. the pixel-perfect portal for designers and design-minded developers since nineteen hundred and ninety something or another.


Kaliber10000 (or K10k) was the brain-child of Toke, Michael & Per - it was an independent, non-commercial web zine which strived to inspire, to provoke, to allow both others & ourselves the joy of having full artistic freedom – to give people a break, and re-charge their batteries. Fh. Army of Trolls. Arcade Aid. City Creator - Build. Paul Robertson's Journal. Denise wilton, illustration. A pixel art community [version 3.1.5, 17-12-2011]

Pixel Art Tutorial (Español) Pixel Art video tutorials. Pixel Art Tutorials. Q-BLOCK : Create 3D Pixel Art Online. Pixel Art Tutorials. KALIBER10000. Ville: The Pixel City. 20+ Inspiring Pixel Artists, Tutorials, and Resources. Pixel by painstakingly crafted pixel, artists create masterpieces styled as early video game art.

20+ Inspiring Pixel Artists, Tutorials, and Resources

Let's take a look at some of the top pixel art studios and artists that will leave your mouth dripping with wet little squares. Then we'll review a wide range of beginner to comprehensive pixel art tutorials. And don't miss all the articles, resources, and collection of other cool stuff to be found in this solid collection of pure pixel love. Digital Art.