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Fake Name Generator. Your summary. Exact time in Bangalore, India - 25 Best Websites Resources of Free Royalty Stock Photos. If you are searching for some free photo databases, you may find it difficult to find such sites which contain images at high qualities.

25 Best Websites Resources of Free Royalty Stock Photos

Some artists and designers made such sites in order to share their creations and also to promote them. There are some sites which offer the stock photos free of cost but at some sites you have to pay for it. So here is list of sites where you can contribute and download photos at very high quality. But remember that if you are going to use stock photos in your design, you must be aware of terms and conditions and the license agreement if mentioned.

You can also visit for Stock Photos. If you are amongst them and are looking for ways to do the same, then you can sell digital downloads online over the internet. 1. A very famous and worthy free stock photo site which contains more than 350.000 quality based stock photos with more than 30.000 photographers. ReferenceHTML. Shuriken USB. Dot: 360º video capture for the iPhone 4 by Jeff Glasse. Hey Kickstarter-onians, Thanks for checking out our project!

Dot: 360º video capture for the iPhone 4 by Jeff Glasse

We call it Dot. It’s a stylish, durable and downright pocketable 360º (panoramic) lens attachment and app for the iPhone 4. Seagate makes good on its promise, outs the 3TB FreeAgent GoFlex Desk external hard drive. Ladies and gents, this is a 3TB hard drive.

Seagate makes good on its promise, outs the 3TB FreeAgent GoFlex Desk external hard drive

Let that sink in. Three effin terabytes. That’s a whole lot of data on one hard drive. Seagate previously stated that the drive would be out by year’s end, but here it is and it’s barely summer. The FreeAgent GoFlex family is Seagate’s first product line to sport the gigantic hard drive. The real story, however, isn’t that Seagate managed to stuff 3TB into one 3.5-inch hard drive. You see, a lot of computers can’t use the full 3TB at once. 32-bit OS like Windows and OS X 10.5 and below will only see partitions 2.1TB or smaller. Of course many of the issues associated with these large drives are null seeing as this implementation is as an external drive.

UploaderBOX. Master Your Digital Media with VLC. How To Change The Windows 7 Logon Background. Windows 7 comes packed with a lot of new and interesting backgrounds.

How To Change The Windows 7 Logon Background

Funny lol pictures. Why the password "this is fun" is 10 times more secure than "J4fS!2" - 87% Muscle, 100% Awesome. Security companies and IT people constantly tells us that we should use complex and difficult passwords.

Why the password "this is fun" is 10 times more secure than "J4fS!2" - 87% Muscle, 100% Awesome

This is bad advice, because you can actually make usable, easy to remember and highly secure passwords. In fact, usable passwords are often far better than complex ones. So let’s dive into the world of passwords, and look at what makes a password secure in practical terms. Coilgun Handgun. Learn how to make a simple coilgun using only a few parts that are fairly easy to obtain.

Coilgun Handgun

Be Willing to spend more than a week on this and you might need a few heavy power tools (Only to make good projectiles). I built my first one in only a week after I had all the parts. Coilgun Principal: Coilguns(Pulse Accelerators), like railguns(Linear Accelerators), use intense electromagnetic fields to propel objects at incredible velocities unreachable with modern gas driven weaponry (given enough stored energy of course). SnapPages - Create a Website. Hands on: iTwin shares files without a cloud in sight. Review August 2, 2011 07:00 AM ET.

Hands on: iTwin shares files without a cloud in sight

Website Analysis and Stats. 10+ Web Tools To Save Your Butt In School. It’s a new year, and the beginning of a new semester in school.

10+ Web Tools To Save Your Butt In School

Students who didn’t do so hot last year have probably made a New Year resolution to improve their grades. To help you all with the next semester, I’ve decided to make a list of extremely helpful web tools that will make school easier for all the struggling students out there. Enjoy, and good luck with the new semester. 1. Speed reading pacer.

Free Facebook & Youtube Video Downloader/Converter - freemake video downloader , online youtube video downloader , youtube video downloader free , download facebook video , youtube video downloader online , youtube video download online , easy youtube vid. RSS 2 PDF - Free Online RSS, Atom or OPML to PDF Generator. Digitalhead Daily » [TIPS] RunAsDate lets you indefinitely extend software trial periods. If you get a trial version of a program, it will generally give to a certain amount of time to try the software and evaluate it before buying.

Digitalhead Daily » [TIPS] RunAsDate lets you indefinitely extend software trial periods

What if the software’s 3-day trial period just isn’t enough for you to be satisfied? There are a few programs out there that will let you run programs as a set date to get more out of a trial period, but RunAsDate from NirSoft seems to be the most simple out of the bunch. This utility is simple to use. Just install your trial software normally. Streaky Upload. Test Labs - Grid-It. A few months ago I stumbled across yet another entry into the packing aid arena.

Test Labs - Grid-It

A series of elastic straps called Grid-It allow you to organize whatever it is you need to organize, however you want to organize it. Virtual-Browser™ - Browse and surf safely & anonymously. Toggl - Time tracking that works. Unlock a Fortress Combonation Lock Without a Key. Cool Text for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Forums, Blogs, IMs. : Keep Track of Your Bets with Friends. Pdf Password Remover - Pdf File Password Remover - Remove Pdf Password. What is a QR Code? - Qurify QR Codes. Super Mario Flash v3.0 Games.

All sizes. 21 Innovative Inventions. ← Previous Post Next Post → 21 Innovative Inventions jon May 28, 2011 11 For More Amazing Inventions, Click HERE Related Pic Dumps: 23 Scary Moments The Trees Are Hungry (13 Pics) Oh Shit Moments (45 Pics) Bad Jobs (23 Pics) 20 Scary Pics Other Stuff You Might Also Like» What Movie Should I Watch Tonight? Cut mp3 online - - split, trim mp3 for mobile phone.

1000+ Sound Effects Download Free and Premium. Sound effects or audio effects are artificially created or enhanced sounds, or sound processes used to emphasize artistic or other content of films, television shows, live performance, animation, video games, music, or other media. In many cases people don’t pay much attention to sounds effects but still they may have a significant effect on emotions and impressions. It has become increasingly popular to produce videos for sales pages, opt-in pages, blog posts etc. and using high quality sound effects for these productions may improve their ability to catch visitors attention better and maintain it.

In fact low budget videos may feel a lot more professional if the sound part rocks. TuneTune - YouTube to MP3.


Defraggle Your Motherdisc! Exact time in Tokyo, Japan - F.lux: software to make your life better. KeepMeOut. Body Mass Index Chart Calculate your body Mass Index. Body Mass Index (BMI) is a number calculated from a person's weight and height. BMI provides a reliable indicator of body fatness for most people and is used to screen for weight categories that may le. Tipping Etiquette Around the World. Urbanears. Funny lol pictures. Your music recognition robot. Bloggers, create your own iPhone app for free. Create your iPhone app now. Get started here. How to programmatically set the processor affinity of an application – Updated. Sendoid - Instant, Private, P2P File Transfers.

15 Different Ways To Tie Your Sneakers Pictures. How To Change Windows 7 Logon Screen. Home » How To, Microsoft, Windows diggdigg Hi and welcome back to another article in the series of Coolest Windows 7 Tips and Tricks. Today, we’ll be covering the easiest and simplest way to change the background of you windows login screen. Since Windows XP, windows login screen has been a beautiful entry point to your desktop. The background picture of Windows Login Screen is not only soothing to one’s eyes but also a status symbol among the geeks and alike.

Windows 7 comes with pre-built functionality to change the login screen. Press Win+R key and Type “REGEDIT” at run prompt (without quotes). Did you know that there are multiple hidden Windows 7 themes in your computer? Follow us on Twitter or join our Facebook fanpage for latest Tech News and Tutorials. Fyels - The worlds simplest file sharing site.