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Are you an art historian, archaeologist or conservator? Look at a Trello Board of most needed content and "claim" an essay to write! If something important is missing, let us know. Contact us to be added to the Trello Board: beth[at }khanacademy.org or steven[at ]khanacademy.org. Smarthistory: a multimedia web-book about art and art history Smarthistory: a multimedia web-book about art and art history
Adolf Hitler was born on 20th April, 1889, in the small Austrian town of Braunau near the German border. Both Hitler's parents had come from poor peasant families. His father Alois Hitler, the illegitimate son of a housemaid, was an intelligent and ambitious man and was at the time of Hitler's birth, a senior customs official in Lower Austria. Alois had been married before. In 1873 he had married Anna Glasl, the fifty-year-old adopted daughter of another customs collector. Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler
Just a week after the Enabling Act made Hitler dictator of Germany, a national boycott of Jewish shops and department stores was organized by Nazis under the direction of Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels. The boycott was claimed to be in reaction to unflattering newspaper stories appearing in Britain and America concerning Hitler's new regime. The Nazis assumed most journalists were either Jewish or sympathetic to Jews and thus they labeled the bad publicity as "atrocity propaganda" spread by "international Jewry." The boycott began at 10 a.m. on Saturday, April 1st, 1933, and lasted only a day. Triumph of Hitler: Nazis Boycott Jewish Shops Triumph of Hitler: Nazis Boycott Jewish Shops
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Slavery in America Slavery in America began in 1607 and continued until 1865. These links tell you more about this controversial but, for a long time, legal practice. Slavery It's hard to imagine that people did these things to each other, but different times allowed different ideals. Slavery in America Slavery in America
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