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Movie Review: Porcelain Unicorn. Just when you think you’ve seen enough Holocaust-related Art to last several lifetimes, along comes a piece which has you begging for more.

Movie Review: Porcelain Unicorn

Porcelain Unicorn, the winning short in this year’s Tell It Your Way Parallel Lines film-making contest run by Philips Cinema, was inspired by true war stories and a Joseph Conrad novel. In barely three minutes and using only the six set lines of dialogue permitted by the competition rules, American Keegan Wilcox manages to evoke the era’s gratuitous brutality, unexpected kindnesses and great heroism while showing how an early experience may inspire deeds at a later stage in life.

How Is Your Phone Changing You? Joel & Ethan Coen - Shot. Director Analysis - Every Frame a Painting. "TIERRA DE ÁNGELES" - 1ª parte. "TIERRA DE ÁNGELES" - 2ª parte.

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Beeban Kidron: The shared wonder of film. POP CULTURE: What Is Cinema For? What is History for? What is Philosophy for? What is Art for? What is Literature for?