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Using HTML5 database and offline capabilities, Part 1: Provide offline data editing and data synchronization. Introduction HTML version 5 (HTML5) is not expected to reach World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Recommendation status until 2014.

Using HTML5 database and offline capabilities, Part 1: Provide offline data editing and data synchronization

Though it's not officially a standard, web browser vendors are adding and marketing HTML5 features. HTML5 is already reshaping the web experience for Internet websites and line-of-business (LOB) applications. Many websites, such as the Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader, are already taking advantage of HTML5. Two key HTML5 features will dramatically change LOB applications: offline application support and local persisted storage.

In this article, learn about the offline application support and the different persisted storage capabilities provided by the proposed HTML5 standard. Back to top Example application The example Contact Manager application provides for the management of contact information (names, addresses, and phone numbers). Architecture Figure 1 shows an overview of the Contact Manager application architecture. Using HTML5 database and offline capabilities, Part 1: Provide offline data editing and data synchronization. Quickconnect / Using Enterprise Synchronization. QCFamily 1.6 beta 9 and later Purpose: Having local SQLite databases in your application is great.

quickconnect / Using Enterprise Synchronization

But what do you do when you need the data synchronized to a central database? You could write a lot of your own code or you could use the synchronization tools inside of QuickConnect. These tools were designed with the idea that you as a developer should have to write as little code as possible. It should also be dead simple to use. Another nice feature is that the central database can be any DBMS of your choosing. Assumptions: This explanation assumes that you understand, can use, and can create Business, View, and Validation Control Functions used in all QuickConnectFamily applications. Overview: The QCFamily synchronization tools create a connection to a remote web service that you create.

Warning: Database synchronization works on all of the devices and in the simulator/emulators from within Xcode. Synchronization uses the standard Control Function behavior of the QCFamily framework. Réaliser une application offline en HTML5. Cet article va vous apprendre à gérer trois technologies : HTML5 gérant le mode offline, le cache du navigateur et le stockage local.

Réaliser une application offline en HTML5

Notre exemple est une gestion de « to-do list » qui utilise trois technologies : HTML5 et JavaScript/jQuery pour le côté client et PHP pour le côté serveur. Le code est simple. La page HTML contient une liste non numérotée contenant les tâches, ainsi qu'un formulaire. Dès que celui-ci est activé, le JavaScript intercepte le formulaire et l'envoie au fichier PHP pour qu'il l'enregistre dans un fichier texte.

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15 Travel Apps To Log Your Globe-Trotting Trips. Time to get those legs moving.

15 Travel Apps To Log Your Globe-Trotting Trips

No, not to the gym, but to visit beaches, watch sunsets, rejuvenate, eat food from a menu you cannot read, shake off the work-related worries and heal stressed out relationships with your loved ones. There is only so much you can do at work. But there is a lot you can do with travel apps particularly if you are of the social media generation. “Wish you were here!” Won’t work anymore. Recommended Reading: Road Trip: 60 Mobile Apps For Travelers Share your passion for travel. Travelog Record your travel moments with photos, pin your adventures on the map and discover other hidden gems straight from the mouths of other travelers. [Platform: iOS] TripMayor Another way of recording your trips and journal in a simple way, Trip Mayor is more towards a photo journal. [Platform: iOS | Android] MapQuest Travel Blog Blog your detailed journey day-by-day from your favourite restaurant, accommodation, activities and transportation.

[Platform: iOS] Tripvi Livemapp Everplaces. jQuery Plugin Registry.


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