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Ironclad. PDFScanner - Simple and fast Document Scanning and OCR on the Mac - Go paperless today! Flutter - Recurring tweets for dynamic content. Teleport Sundial. best royalty free stock photos in one place. Relay — Design Communication Synced with Slack. Paste – Clipboard history manager. Description *** ProductHunt Meetup SALE – 70% OFF *** Paste is a new way to copy & paste for your Mac.

Paste – Clipboard history manager

It keeps everything you've ever copied and lets you to use your clipboard history anytime you need it. Paste recognizes and stores any type of content: text, links, images, files and generates beautiful previews for easy browsing. Paste works in background and tightly integrates into your system and your workflow. Paste provides intelligent and blazing fast search for your clipboard history. "Paste’s unsurpassed interface and OS X integration make it a standout among its more powerful peers. " – Macworld. "Effective OS X utility that is focused on both looking good and boosting your workflow. " – Softpedia. You'll get started in no time and discover how Paste truly makes you more productive. ...More What's New in Version 1.0.2 This update fixes compatibility issues with other applications that work with the clipboard and contains the new implementation of the Direct Paste feature. by scottjl.

Pixave — The smartest way to organize your images. Zoommy. The Definitive Guide to Free Fonts. One of the most common questions Typewolf visitors ask me is “What’s the closest free alternative to Brandon Grotesque?”

The Definitive Guide to Free Fonts

And “What’s the closest free alternative to Proxima Nova?” And so on. I know every designer would love to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on fonts for their next project. But I also know that not every project has that kind of budget, so I understand why that question is so common. best royalty free stock photos in one place. The Tiny Designer: How Designers and Non-Designers can get along. To designers, it can seem no one else sees the value in your work.

The Tiny Designer: How Designers and Non-Designers can get along

You're an expert, but you aren't respected like one. Too often, your recommendations get ignored. Chances to do your best work feel rare. To non-designers, design is mysterious and its value is uncertain. You aren't convinced that it can really do anything for your goals, especially considering the price tag or all the extra work. It doesn't take long after a project starts for trust to break down. We don't understand how to work on design together, so butting heads is bound to happen. Multi-level, fully customizable kanban boards. Joaomoreno/thyme @ GitHub. Encrypto: Encrypt the Files You Send. Description Encrypto is a free, easy-to-use app that lets you encrypt files with AES-256 encryption and then send them to friends or coworkers.

Encrypto: Encrypt the Files You Send

It works on both Mac and Windows, so you can send encrypted files without worrying whether the other person can open it or not. Friends Chat. What?

Friends Chat

Friends is like Slack except P2P, offline friendly and open source. We transmit data over secure channels and authenticate messages. It's made by a group of open source developers who are motivated to make a public chat platform that is easy to use but isn't centrally controlled, and where data is owned by its users. It's a work in progress, but give it a go if this sounds interesting! :-) Note: It requires a `git clone` and `npm install` at the moment. Precursor—fast prototyping web app, makes collaboration easy. Visual Supply Co. Communicate with anyone, based on personality. Try UberConference, the Best in Conferencing. Skyro home. Start adding photos to recording.

Skyro home

Double your Macbook by adding 256GB of Secure, Seamless, Storage. Receipts and Expenses App: Finance Software for iPhone - iqBoxy. PHP Directory Lister - The Simple Web Directory Lister. Cushion - Journal. Back in December, I wrote about the initial concept of “project blocks”.

Cushion - Journal

To summarize, this feature would be a first step towards a more detailed view in Cushion. At the time, projects only had a start and finish date, but with blocks, you’d be able to know what’s happening throughout a project. When is it most intense? When is it at a standstill? When is it focused on sketches or revisions? With an established design for the schedule timeline in place, I started to think about how to best integrate project blocks while staying consistent with the other visual elements. Looking at the timeline, I had a lot of negative space. Since project blocks are still an approximation, using start/end dates instead of hours, the visual shouldn’t be as exact as a hard edge.

Demo. Polarsteps. Board - Outsource your code tasks directly from Trello / Asana / JIRA - CodersClan. Integram – integrate Telegram into your workflow. Stashboard. Wake. Dragdis - #1 Visual bookmarking tool. get from ideas to execution. MindNode Pro. Description MindNode Pro is a powerful and intuitive mind mapping application.

MindNode Pro

Unclutter for Mac. F.lux: software to make your life better. Trello. Amazemeet - design amazing meetings. StoriesOnBoard - The User Story Mapping Tool. Cushion. Personapp. - A Free Solution to all your PDF Problems.

Never lose a website again. · keeps track of all your web browsing activity, quietly indexing the full content of the websites you visit, exactly as you see them, then lets you search your history instantly.

Never lose a website again. ·

What is recorded? Every website you visit; except when you are in "private browsing" or "incognito" modes. We don't store the full contents of the pages you visit, but we do index the full content (so you can find it later).


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