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Paperspace: Your Workstation Wherever you Are. get from ideas to execution. Cushion. StoriesOnBoard - The User Story Mapping Tool. Wake. Revue - Your weekly digest. Automated. SaaS Team Communication & Reporting Software. Never lose a website again. · keeps track of all your web browsing activity, quietly indexing the full content of the websites you visit, exactly as you see them, then lets you search your history instantly.

Never lose a website again. ·

What is recorded? Every website you visit; except when you are in "private browsing" or "incognito" modes. We don't store the full contents of the pages you visit, but we do index the full content (so you can find it later). You can also pause indexing at anytime. What's new? Plenty! Will it slow down my computer? No! Can I disable it? Yes! Will it store my credit card information? No! How much does it cost? Nothing! Is there a local version I can install? Not yet but I'm working on it. Who made this? That's me, Peter T.


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