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Visual Supply Co. Communicate with anyone, based on personality. Try UberConference, the Best in Conferencing. Skyro home. Start adding photos to recording The photos taken during recording are automatically added to it.

Skyro home

So imagine, you could take images of notes you've taken during a lecture or of a slide in a presentation or of a whiteboard mock that you created during a meeting. Your recordings are now richer and more descriptive. Skyro remembers the time when you took the phones and while playing back the recording, the photos are shown at that exact moment You can also add photos from your gallery You can also play back your images in a full screen slideshow. Double your Macbook by adding 256GB of Secure, Seamless, Storage. Receipts and Expenses App: Finance Software for iPhone - iqBoxy. PHP Directory Lister - The Simple Web Directory Lister. Cushion - Journal. Back in December, I wrote about the initial concept of “project blocks”.

Cushion - Journal

To summarize, this feature would be a first step towards a more detailed view in Cushion. At the time, projects only had a start and finish date, but with blocks, you’d be able to know what’s happening throughout a project. When is it most intense? When is it at a standstill? When is it focused on sketches or revisions? With an established design for the schedule timeline in place, I started to think about how to best integrate project blocks while staying consistent with the other visual elements.

Looking at the timeline, I had a lot of negative space. Since project blocks are still an approximation, using start/end dates instead of hours, the visual shouldn’t be as exact as a hard edge. The first clue emerged from thinking about how users would resize project blocks in the timeline. The second, and more important, clue detering me from using blobs was that they were too encroaching on the horizontal space. Demo. Polarsteps. Board - Outsource your code tasks directly from Trello / Asana / JIRA - CodersClan. Integram – integrate Telegram into your workflow.

Stashboard. Wake. Dragdis - #1 Visual bookmarking tool. get from ideas to execution. MindNode Pro. Description MindNode Pro is a powerful and intuitive mind mapping application.

MindNode Pro

Its focus and flexibility make it the perfect tool for brainstorming and organizing your life - and iCloud sharing means you always have your mind maps with you. MindNode lets you lay out your notes and tasks visually so you can get a bird's-eye view of your project. The clutter-free interface lets you concentrate on generating and connecting ideas, and an infinitely expanding canvas means that no matter how big or complicated your project gets, MindNode can keep up.

Brainstorm• Create new nodes with one click• Create cross connections between otherwise unrelated nodes• Drag and drop to move or reconnect nodes• Add images and links to files or webpages• Create multiple mind maps on one canvas• Infinitely large canvas expands to keep up with your ideas• Lion fullscreen mode lets you brainstorm without distractions More MindNode: ...More Customer Reviews. Unclutter for Mac. F.lux: software to make your life better. Trello. Amazemeet - design amazing meetings. StoriesOnBoard - The User Story Mapping Tool. Cushion. Personapp. Revue - Your weekly digest. Automated. - A Free Solution to all your PDF Problems. Never lose a website again. · keeps track of all your web browsing activity, quietly indexing the full content of the websites you visit, exactly as you see them, then lets you search your history instantly.

Never lose a website again. ·

What is recorded? Every website you visit; except when you are in "private browsing" or "incognito" modes. We don't store the full contents of the pages you visit, but we do index the full content (so you can find it later). You can also pause indexing at anytime. What's new? Plenty! Will it slow down my computer? No! Can I disable it? Yes! Will it store my credit card information?


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