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Service Design

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Raising The Bar: How To Be A Less Biased Interviewer. “Context is the New Genre” — Soundwave Stories. Historical Consumption Thinking about it in terms of historical music consumption habits, if you could only listen to music on your vinyl player, then sorting vinyl in your local record store by artist name or genre made perfect sense as the technical limitations of carrying around a record player were impossible for all but the most hardened hipsters.

“Context is the New Genre” — Soundwave Stories

Although cassette and CD players allowed for music consumption on the go, there was no way to understand what you were doing while listening to that music. The advent of the digital music file and the Internet allowed for more metadata to be sent up with each song play but this was typically limited to song, user and approximate location information. Service Design. What is service design? Service design is the activity of planning and organizing people, infrastructure, communication and material components of a service in order to improve its quality and the interaction between service provider and customers.

What is service design?

The purpose of service design methodologies is to design according to the needs of customers or participants, so that the service is user-friendly, competitive and relevant to the customers. Service Design Definition During the last three decades, economic conditions have changed fundamentally in western industrial nations. Without doubt, a fundamental change from a manufacturing society to an information- and service-based economy is discernable. While the share of services in the gross economic product is around 60-70%, business start-ups and new jobs can almost exclusively be found in the tertiary sector.

This is a text by Birgit Mager from the Design Dictionary published by Birkhäuser, Basel (2008). Case Study database Table of Contents Published: April 2009. Designing the Organization from Service Design Perspective. Andy Polaine: Mind the gaps—designing multichannel service experiences for real people. From Personas to User Stories. 1 Start with Personas The first step towards writing the right user stories is to understand your target users and customers.

From Personas to User Stories

After all, user stories want to tell a story about the users using the product. If you don’t know who the users are and what problem we want to solve then it’s impossible to write the right stories and you end up with a long wish list rather than a description of the relevant product functionality. Personas offer a great way to capture the users and the customers with their needs. They are fictional characters that have a name and picture; relevant characteristics such as a role, activities, behaviours, and attitudes; and a goal, which is the problem that has to be addressed or the benefit that should be provided. Let’s look at an example. The two sample personas above use my simple yet effective persona template.

Once you have created a cast of characters, select a primary persona, the persona you are mainly designing and building the product for. Learn More. Patchwork: A Service Design Case Study. Service Design is central to the way we work at FutureGov and was fundamental in the development of Patchwork, our smart, secure app for better team collaboration around clients.

Patchwork: A Service Design Case Study

This case study on Patchwork, featuring interviews with Carrie Bishop (Director at FutueGov) and Sean Rafferty (Head of Strategy & Commissioning at Surrey County Council), provides an insight into Service Design, how we use it and what that means for the people who end up using our products. The case study was filmed as part of Create Tomorrow, a new innovation micro-site, where Dominic Campbell is featured as an expert on innovation in public services. Many thanks to Sean for explaining how Patchwork is making a difference in Surrey. Supporting over 900 agencies and 2,500 people, you can find out more about Patchwork at Experience Design. The U.S. Digital Services Playbook. Service Model Generation. If the title to this blog sounds a bit like I am trying to make a connection to Business Model Generation (BMGEN) by Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur, you’re absolutely correct.

Service Model Generation

As a former academic, I am a big believer in making connections and extensions to the models of others. In the end, I believe that this supports my primary goal in writing articles and blogs – to share knowledge that others can use. I am also encouraged to do this because I know that Alex and Yves have a similar perspective. In their book, they explicitly make a connection between their business model canvas and the value innovation ideas presented in Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne – another book I hold in high regard.

Service Model Generation (SMGEN) Canvas 1.0 Shown here is the canvas I have created to guide service model generation. Note. The SMGEN canvas can also be used to envision the impact of changes in one area on other areas of a current service model. Service Capabilities (SC) Seek and destroy customer experiences. When the best customer experience is NO experience Today’s goal - The one-step experience Most of our customer experiences today are things we don’t really want to do.

Seek and destroy customer experiences

Yes, we want an outcome of some kind, but the steps needed to get there are often barriers or tasks we don’t really want. Designing Entrepreneurship. PhD Defense Presentation. Service design and User Experience design: a complex partnership. The idea behind service design (SD) is to make ‘services’ easier, quicker and more delightful to engage with.

Service design and User Experience design: a complex partnership

Sound familiar? It’s not too dissimilar from user experience (UX) with its goal to improve effectiveness, efficiency, satisfaction, and more recently, desirability. The major difference between SD and UX is neither the overarching aim of the work nor is it the tools, techniques and methodologies used. What sets them apart is the scope, both internal (within a company or organisation) and external (dealing with those outside company or organisation).

UX has traditionally centred around digital interactive touch points, like websites or mobile applications. Genius Germans Launch Supermarket So Radically Simple You Don't Have To Speak German To Get It   When to Use Which User Experience Research Methods. Core77 2014 Design Awards. 1.

Core77 2014 Design Awards

The Nutshell: In plain language, tell us what your project is, what it does, and what it’s comprised of. An exploration quality family planning and reproductive healthcare in Iran. Kandu is a service concept that increases awareness among young women on the unspoken, unseen and dismissed aspects of sexual health in Iran. Kandu connects the female community shoulder to shoulder to help each other to better understand various diseases, their complications as well as the standard of care they deserve in relation to prevention and management. 2. Almost all Iranian youth don’t have adequate access to family planning information and services. Having lived in Tehran for 23 years and spending seven years of my adolescence, made me aware to understand the standard need of women in Iran about sexual health.

Bahar Shahriari. PillPack – Pharmacy Simplified. 1.

PillPack – Pharmacy Simplified

The Nutshell: In plain language, tell us what your project is, what it does, and what it’s comprised of. PillPack is the first pharmacy designed to make it incredibly easy to take the right medication at the right time. We combine convenient packaging, modern technology, and personalized service to deliver a better, simpler pharmacy experience. Every two weeks, customers receive a personalized roll of pre-sorted medications, along with a recyclable dispenser. PillPack also coordinates refills and guarantees shipping of all medications on time, every time. 2. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 50% of patients do not take their prescription drugs properly, leading to poor health outcomes and unnecessary health care expenditure.

The expert guide to experience mapping. Analysing the end-user journey isn't new in digital design.

The expert guide to experience mapping

But as websites and digital products become more interconnected across channels and devices, it's increasingly important to find sources of insight about end-users' interactions with your digital product or service. Gaining insight into that journey through experience mapping has become more and more useful. A good experience map will show the journey of the user through the different touchpoints that characterise his or her interactions. UX / User Journey Maps / Strategy Frameworks. Service design. Fjord Trends – 2014. Service Design. From Insight to Implementation Published: March 2013 Paperback: 216 pages, ISBN 1-933820-33-0 Digital: ISBN 1-933820-61-6 by Andy Polaine, Lavrans Løvlie & Ben Reason Some 70% of economic activity in Western economies is in services—from babysitting to banking.

Computer and telecommunications technologies have enabled the development of complex service systems that combine personal contact, physical artifacts, websites, and large software systems. This is Service Design Thinking.

Definitions and theory

Toolkits. Online tools. Best practices. Service / Journey maps.