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Scenery for Mac – showcase your designs with premium mockup templates. Sketch Plugin - Marvel. Visage - Beautiful, Branded Reports. Snazzy Maps - Color Schemes for Google Maps. OnSite - Quality, curated, creative freelancers OnSite (or off) The designer’s toolbox. Weld - from idea to prototype, in minutes. Precursor - Simple collaborative prototyping. - minimal wireframing tool - for free. Brandisty - Secure, Reliable Brand Storage and Distribution.

Sketch App Sources - Free graphical resources - Sketch Freebie - Free Sketch Files for Sketch software. Duo, the browser for responsive web development from Electric Pulp. Mockups and Graphic Design Freebies. Nylllon - Useful links for digital designers and developers. Material Design Color Palette Generator - Material Palette. StandupMail - Simple email-based productivity logging.

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Forums - View Single Post - Installing Snow Leopard (and Rosetta) into Parallels 7 in Lion. Installing Snow Leopard Server into Parallels 8: [This procedure still works for Parallels 9] Which as of the date of this revision of this post is: Build 8.0.18483 (Revision 860857; March 30, 2013).

Forums - View Single Post - Installing Snow Leopard (and Rosetta) into Parallels 7 in Lion

Step 1: Launch Parallels 8, go to File... New... Enter your system password if requested. Step 2: On the next screen (Parallels Wizard), click on "Install Windows or another OS from DVD or image file" [see image at bottom of this post] and then click on Continue. Step 3: Insert a new, freshly acquired from Apple, Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server Install DVD into your optical drive and be sure that "Install from" has your optical drive's name selected. Step 4: Give the "Name" something more specific. Step 5: Parallels should now commence the process of installing Snow Leopard Server into a file that will be named Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server.pvm and will be located at ~/Documents/Parallels/.

Step 6: You will then be presented with the normal "Mac OS X Server" installation screens, such as: A. B. FreeHand MX running under OS X 10.8 (Parallels Desktop 8 / OS X 10.6 Server) / Part 1. Startup Design Framework - Suit Up your Startup! Coleure. Unsplash.


Arabic type. CSS Typography cheat sheet. Small roundup on CSS features that will enhance your web typography.

CSS Typography cheat sheet

Today I want to write about a few small typography enhancing features in CSS. Most of them don't seem to be inside the mainstream CSS wisdom floating around (perhaps I am just missing them constantly :(...). So I decided to give them a quick shout out so more of you guys can make use of them. Font-face irritation First I wanted to highlight a small font-face irritation I often see these days. Notice that every font-face addition got the same name, but has different attributes for font-weight & font-style. Bold, strong or italic are now already defined & should just work out of the box, without extra CSS code. Hyphenation Hyphenation is the better word-break. Sadly we still need to prefix them: -webkit-hyphens: auto; -moz-hyphens: auto; hyphens: auto; For definite cross browser support you need to inject this weird code snippet: OpenType Ligatures.

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Inspiring designers. TDR. Wayfinding. Data Design. Symbols. Free Freehand.