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Leaked Audio Recording of Bradley Manning's Statement to Military Court. <div style="padding:5px; font-size:80%; width:300px; background-color:white; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto; border:1px dashed gray;"> Internet Archive's<!

Leaked Audio Recording of Bradley Manning's Statement to Military Court

--'--> in-browser audio player requires JavaScript to be enabled. It appears your browser does not have it turned on. Please see your browser settings for this feature. </div> Bradley Manning's Voice Now Available on The Internet Archive and The Pirate Bay. Yesterday Freedom of the Press Foundation published a full, previously unreleased audio recording of Bradley Manning's speech to the military court about his motivations for leaking the Apache helicopter video, Afghanistan and Iraq Wars Logs, and the State Department Diplomatic Cables to WikiLeaks.

Bradley Manning's Voice Now Available on The Internet Archive and The Pirate Bay

Providence. Bradley Manning Had Secrets. Army SPC Ethan McCord on media coverage of Bradley Manning. The following is a letter written by former Army specialist Ethan McCord, in response to the recent profile on Bradley Manning which appeared in New York Magazine on July 3rd, 2011.

Army SPC Ethan McCord on media coverage of Bradley Manning

The profile, which disclosed a previous unreported set of IM logs between Bradley and the blogger Zinnia Jones, focused on Bradley’s intimate personal details as a way to explain his alleged act of whistle-blowing, and has been met with fiery response by many who have been closely following his case. Ethan McCord, an army specialist who can be seen in the Collateral Murder video (which Bradley is accused of leaking) pulling wounded children from a civilian van after it was strafed by a U.S. gunship.

Bradley Manning is a UK citizen: tell the UK Government, tell everyone. Manning-Lamo Chat Logs Revealed. A little more than a year ago, published excerpts from instant messenger chats between accused WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning and Adrian Lamo, the ex-hacker in whom he confided and who reported him to the authorities.

Manning-Lamo Chat Logs Revealed

It’s now time to reveal the previously unpublished portions of these conversations. Published reports from numerous news outlets over the last few months, most recently in New York magazine, have eroded our primary reasons for withholding the bulk of the chat logs, which Lamo provided to The most significant of the unpublished details have now been publicly established with sufficient authority that we no longer believe any purpose is served by withholding the logs.

When we broke the news of Manning ‘s arrest in June 2010, we judged, after discussions with Manning’s friends and family, that the logs included sensitive personal information with no bearing on WikiLeaks, and it would serve no purpose to publish them. . (1:41:12 PM) bradass87: hi. How Bradley Manning Became One of the Most Unusual Revolutionaries in American History. On the night of February 21, 2009, a year before Army private Bradley E.

How Bradley Manning Became One of the Most Unusual Revolutionaries in American History

Manning allegedly leaked the largest cache of classified information in American history, he sat at a computer in his barracks at Fort Drum in upstate New York. It was a Saturday in midwinter, and the barracks were nearly empty. He pulled a chair up to the computer in his cinder-block room, briefly debated between a pizza and a sandwich from Domino’s, went with the sandwich, and passed over into his “digital existence,” as he thought of it. He logged on to AOL’s instant-messenger service under the handle Bradass87, and off he went to transform himself.

Bradley Manning's Army of One. Report: American Library Assn. Takes Up Resolutions in Support of WikiLeaks, Bradley Manning. ( - At its annual convention in New Orleans, the American Library Association is expected to vote on a resolution calling on the U.S. military to release Bradley Manning, the American soldier accused of leaking more than 250,000 classified diplomatic memos to Wikileaks, Fox News reported.

Report: American Library Assn. Takes Up Resolutions in Support of WikiLeaks, Bradley Manning

The ALA resolution reportedly compares Manning's leak to the "courageous action" of Daniel Ellsberg, who in 1971 released the Pentagon Papers, a top-secret study of U.S. government decision-making about the Vietnam War, to The New York Times and other newspapers. Ellsberg himself is scheduled to give a presentation at the ALA conference on Sunday afternoon. Fox News reported that resolution is based on the American Library Association's strong support for "the principle of government accountability and the protection of whistleblowers.

" Author Dan Savage, who launched the anti-gay-bullying campaign called "It Gets Better,” will address the ALA's opening general session on Friday afternoon. Tupac Shakur hacker of PBS moves on to attacking Sony - BlogPost - The Washington Post - (Private Browsing) WikiLeaks cables: Bradley Manning faces 52 years in jail. Bradley Manning will wake up tomorrow, at a military base in Virginia, to his 189th day in custody for the alleged leak of more than 250,000 diplomatic cables to WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks cables: Bradley Manning faces 52 years in jail

Manning, 23, a US army intelligence analyst brought up in the Oklahoma Bible belt and west Wales, is locked up with about half a dozen others in the marine-run facility in Quantico. He has had access to TV news and briefings from his lawyer, but little can have prepared him for the fury of the government he served about the impact of the cables leak. Hillary Clinton, the secretary of state, said it "tore at the fabric of government" and pledged "aggressive steps to hold responsible those who stole this information". Republicans branded it terrorism. He is said by friends to be on antidepressants and only a limited list of visitors are able to see him, yet one who saw him in recent weeks told the Guardian he was "doing surprisingly well, he is in high spirits".

Stripped naked every night, Bradley Manning tells of prison ordeal. Bradley Manning, the US soldier being held in solitary confinement on suspicion of having released state secrets to WikiLeaks, has spoken out for the first time about what he claims is his punitive and unlawful treatment in military prison.

Stripped naked every night, Bradley Manning tells of prison ordeal

In an 11-page legal letter released by his lawyer, David Coombs, Manning sets out in his own words how he has been "left to languish under the unduly harsh conditions of max [security] custody" ever since he was brought from Kuwait to the military brig of Quantico marine base in Virginia in July last year. He describes how he was put on suicide watch in January, how he is currently being stripped naked every night, and how he is in general terms being subjected to what he calls "unlawful pre-trial punishment". It is the first time Manning has spoken publicly about his treatment, having previously only been heard through the intermediaries of his lawyer and a friend.

When he was told he was being put on suicide watch, he writes, "I became upset. WikiLeaks accused Bradley Manning 'should never have been sent to Iraq' The American soldier at the centre of the WikiLeaks revelations was so mentally fragile before his deployment to Iraq that he wet himself, threw chairs around, shouted at his commanding officers and was regularly brought in for psychiatric evaluations, according to an investigative film produced by the Guardian.

WikiLeaks accused Bradley Manning 'should never have been sent to Iraq'

Bradley Manning, who was detained a year ago on Sunday in connection with the biggest security leak in US military history, was a "mess of a child" who should never have been put through a tour of duty in Iraq, according to an officer from the Fort Leonard Wood military base in Missouri, where Manning trained in 2007. The officer's words reinforce a leaked confidential military report that reveals that other senior officers thought he was unfit to go to Iraq. Guilt By Proclamation: Obama Violates Federal Rules By Declaring Bradley Manning Guilty. 3278 13 255 Reddit 3007 0 President Barack Obama this week stepped over the line of both protocol and ethics by publicly declaring Bradley Manning guilty of crimes. During a speech, Obama stated Manning “broke the law” to an audience in an act that could be challenged as undue command influence in the military system and violates a long-standing rule of presidents refraining from prejudicing trials.

Les Nations Unies se penchent sur le cas de Bradley Manning. A Narrative Chronology of Bradley Manning’s Alleged Leaks. In January, I did a timeline of the key dates revealed in Manning’s July 6, 2010 charging document.

A Narrative Chronology of Bradley Manning’s Alleged Leaks

I wanted to put the timeline laid out in yesterday’s charging document side-by-side with the earlier one to identify what new details there are, presumably showing us what the government has learned since July, as well as the chronology of when the government alleges Bradley Manning accessed and leaked particular documents. Here’s what the government appears to believe happened. Before January 8, 2010: Garani airstrike video Based on my assumption that the video called BE22 PAX.wmv is the Garani video (see Specification 11), it appears Manning allegedly leaked that first. Archive » PayPal Backs Down, Reinstates Account for Supporters of Bradley Manning.

Army: Manning Snuck ‘Data-Mining’ Software Onto Secret Network. Accused WikiLeaks source Pfc. "I'm sorry that I could not be a friend to Manning": Adrian Lamo. “I will talk to you on camera under one condition: I won’t give you an address of where I live, and all driving directions must be over the phone, nothing can be written in a computer. " These were Adrian Lamo’s words in response to my request for an interview.

The 29-year-old Colombian-American ex-hacker gave alleged Wikileaks source Private Bradley Manning over to authorities. Ever since then he has become one of the most hated figures in cyberspace, receiving all types of threats, with “different degrees of credibility” according to him. I meet him in his small studio apartment. The place was a total mess, and he apologised - there were boxes and books on the floor, clothes, food and bottles of alcohol, a small scale (to weigh his pet leopard-gecko) and a poisonous type of cactus from Africa. Lamo says he has Asperger, a mental condition known as the “geek syndrome.”