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SORRY but this is a personal space I really do not want to collab on those pearls.

DEMOBAZA. Crutchley's Artblog. Bruno Clavier - Les fantômes familiaux. Why Netrunner matters. A couple Sundays ago, I took an opportunity posted on a local boardgame store’s Facebook page, ditched football, and took my flimsy, hand-crafted Netrunner decks in for what they termed as “league play.”

Why Netrunner matters

This was, in every possible manner, a trial run. I had been playing the card game for awhile, picking at it with my girlfriend and eventually turning a few friends onto it. But “deckbuilding,” or the process of assembling a custom deck from the game’s many expansions, was new to me. Deckbuilding only gets a couple pages of description in the dense, 40-page rulebook, but I knew that it was, in many ways, where the game actually begins. I was excited to get my hands dirty, to learn something new.


Satellite Reign. The Fermi Paradox - Wait But Why. Everyone feels something when they’re in a really good starry place on a really good starry night and they look up and see this: Some people stick with the traditional, feeling struck by the epic beauty or blown away by the insane scale of the universe.

The Fermi Paradox - Wait But Why

Personally, I go for the old “existential meltdown followed by acting weird for the next half hour.” But everyone feels something. Physicist Enrico Fermi felt something too—”Where is everybody?” The Division News: Gameplay Presentation EGX 2014: Graphics, The Open World, Coop Story And Missions. Welcome to - Jakob Wagner Photography. Perc & Passarella Death Squad - Temperature's Rising (Original Mix) KuldarLeement's deviantART Gallery. Tobiee's deviantART gallery. LORENA .G on Behance. Little Miss Architect - architecture, interiors and movie set designs.: Grand Budapest Hotel set design. Grand Budapest Hotel Director: Wes Anderson Production designer: Adam Stockhausen As the production designer says the German style Jugendstil (in France called Art Nouveau) was the primary influence for the hotel’s decor, however, we can also see many Art Deco inspired elements.

Little Miss Architect - architecture, interiors and movie set designs.: Grand Budapest Hotel set design

An interesting thing is the hotel's surrounding, created as flat background. The filmmakers found inspiration in 19th century paintings by Caspar David Friedrich (below). His creations are foggy, airy, rich in color landscape paintings. Unfortunately I haven't seen the movie yet (it has just hit the theaters in Poland) but I will this week and I can't wait to do it! Project 2501 – Homage to ghost in the shell. Brad Kunkle. ASCII art by Meph.

EGA/VGA connectedMousedriver installed Microsoft(R) - DOS 6.2 C:\>type chakra.txt MMMMM.

ASCII art by Meph

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