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Software e didattica - 3.7 - Programmi per quiz e test - Parte 2

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PurposeGames. Gnowledge. QuizSnack. Imagequiz. Learnclick. Quizlet. Quizlet - Guida completa di Nadia Zaramella. Tout Google avec un seul compte Connectez-vous pour accéder à Blogger. Localiser mon compte Mot de passe oublié ? Se connecter avec un autre compte Créer un compte Tout Google avec un seul compte. Quizlet - Esempi di Giuseppe Gravano. Testmoz. QuizBox.

Zoho Survey. That Quiz. Kubbu. Socrative. Flisti. Edueto. QuizBean. Docs Teach. Turn your students into historians with primary-source based activities. Provide them the unique web address for an activity, or compile a Classroom full of activities. Each activity-creation tool helps students develop historical thinking skills. Pick documents, set up the activity, and write instructions for your students.

You can include questions or an assignment in your conclusion. Students can submit and save their responses so that you can access them in My Students' Responses, or have them emailed to you if desired. You may wish to follow our Guide to Creating Your DocsTeach Activity. Create a New Activity Analyzing Documents Teach students the process of document analysis, the foundation for working with primary sources. Focusing on Details: Discussion Topic Showcase one document while posing a question, comment, or directions for students. Focusing on Details: Spotlight Highlight a specific part of a document.

Focusing on Details: Zoom/Crop Focusing on Details: Compare and Contrast. Quiz Revolution. Facilitatore ortografico. Fusione sillabica. Il dettato dei numeri. L'addizione. La sottrazione. La moltiplicazione. La divisione. Qzzr. ProProfs. ClassMaker. Quiz Center. MyQuizCreator. EasyTestMaker. Quibblo.