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Plantes potagères

Simply Country Life: A greenhouse just in time for Spring. A new addition to my workshop! We completed the greenhouse seedling boxes this weekend, just in time for Spring... ... but with snowflakes fluttering in the wind and the cold temps, we were reminded it is still winter here. I was hoping for more of the white stuff to keep falling, but to no avail this weekend. It is so pretty when everything is freshly covered in snow and it makes the cold weather worth it! This is a pic of our place after a snow in 2009! My wonderful husband, Walter, came up with a simple design for this project and the old windows we had stored in our shed were going to work perfectly.

We started by building a box out of cypress lumber. The box is large enough to hold a shelf and have two levels of seedlings growing! Now to figure out how to break the eggs just right for this project. Now off to warm up and do some reading to learn more about this whole seed growing process! Linking to: §.

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