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Fashion in Be A Strainer. Harmless. Very Erotic. Uncertainly Certain | dont_stop_believingg on Xanga. So, I've been collecting the most random photos ever from tumblr. like, I have so many it is ridiculous. So enjoy the randomocity (not a word..should be though) of this post. Hope everyone is having a great 2011 so far!! Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. -Ferris Bueller's Day Off Act as if what you do makes a difference. -William James There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. -Jane Austen A memory lasts forever. -Morgan Musoiu Sometimes life is a constant battle against the nostalgia of a time that can never be real again. -Jason Myers To live is the rarest thing in the world. -Oscar Wilde We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.

-Arthur O'Shaughnessy Even now I’m not really sure which parts of myself are real and which parts are things I’ve gotten from books. Books are the quietest and most constant of friends -Charles W. I’ve learned that: goodbyes will always hurt, pictures can never replace being there, One, Two, Stop. I didn’t mean to have cute curly hair you love and get your hopes up and be flirty and cute and silly when talking to you..but I’m not so interested ;)How are things with that sweetie girlfriend, love?

Today was a good day.i just want to water my bonsai and sing ukulele songs and not have a caaaare in the world! Life is lovvve. I wanna be suuuper optimistic forever and be a cute nice girl that people feel comfortable saying hi to in the halls and coming to and all that.sunshiiine, smiles, there is always hope, loves! Hahaha. my tumblr is super’re cute/eff off/kittens/broken/crying/teatime. Sometimes.and then other times i feel really powerful because i realize you’re a fucking asshole and i get the strangest warm fuzzies because i was one of the first people to tell you off to your ugly man-whore face.

Dammit.effff i wanna go to prom. Dear god, make me a i can fly far - far away from here. Victoria Francés - Inicio. Sexographies. Artsite - Official website of a contemporary artist Tigran Tsitoghdzyan - Newspaper Series. The Dualism Short Movies. Porn & Beauty. Adam Spizak's Portfolio. Secret ho` case online portofolio of Rik Oostenbroek. 35 Promotional Flyer Design Ideas Worth Checking Out. Inspiration December 1, 2010 A flyer is often described as an advertising tool (usually printed on a page or in a leaflet) intended for wide distribution. We often see this form of advertisement when we are out on the street passing through strangers carrying piles of printed papers with ads on them. For companies, this is one way of letting people or consumers know about the services, features, and products that are made available to them. Our next post illustrates wonderful flyer printing ideas.

Champion Sound View Source Chameleon Octopus Flyer View Source The Black Panther Party View Source Cute Flyer View Source So Fresh View Source Makarizma View Source Sound Sick Club Flyers View Source Marcus Strickland View Source D Jango Rates View Source The Cookers View Source Dispatch Edition View Source The Tummie Friends View Source Flying Projects View Source Flying Projects 1 Flying Projects 2 Flying Projects 3 Flying Projects 4 Flying Projects 5 Poster Flyer View Source Cotton Discoteca Unifestival ULg View Source Flyer.

Frame1 Virtual Studio. Chegar perto da perfeição é sempre uma missão difícil. E quando se fala em simular a realidade nos mínimos detalhes, é um grande desafio que exige conhecimento técnico, aprofundamento estético e muito talento. Mas isso faz parte da rotina da FrameOne que entregou dez ambientes de estilos totalmente distintos para a Moss – cliente do setor de móveis planejados de alto padrão. Justamente pelo nível de clientela, o resultado teve que superar as expectativas de acabamentos e refinamento. A loja conceito da Moss, que ainda não está concluída, apresentará três linguagens de estilo: provençal, urbano e natural. À FrameOne coube o desafio de reproduzir, em 3D, o interior do Show Room de fábrica em cenas perfeitas, para a produção de um catálogo.

Com eficiência e muito bom gosto, buscou a perfeição em reflexos, contraste, sombras e movimentos que deram o toque especial às imagens concebidas em 3D. Os ambientes Acesse: Conheça mais sobre o nosso cliente: Perry Rhodes | Fine Art. Joanna Simeonidis by Marjolein Audrey Banis > photo 1850854 > fashion picture. Borderland., une sérieuse tendance à la curiosité. Motion Graphics Inspiration: 40 Kick Ass Examples. The thing that interests me most in the design world is computer animation.

It is so interesting to see how these talented artists create stunning designs and put them into motion so they can tell a story. These videos are used in such mediums as advertising, movies and cartoons just to name a few. If you are one that also has interest in designing your own computer animation videos, this post will definitely inspire you to do so. Enjoy! Want more articles on Motion Graphics? After Effects CS4 Tutorials: 40 Creative Tips AE Tutorials: 50 Superb Must Have Effects Showreel: 40+ Stunning And Creative Examples After Effects Tutorial: 60+ Kick Ass Effects Cool Computer Animated Videos Google Maps by Nexus Productions Google Maps Nexus Productions Newport Beach by 10th Elastic Newport Beach 10th Elastic Blank Canvas by Ayhan Cebe Blank Canvas Ayhan Cebe Reebok Ochocinco by Logan Reebok Ochocinco Logan Little Bites by Autofuss Little Bites Autofuss Adopt an Angler by Franco Barroeta Boxes by Elastic Piu Pleix. Les superbes illustrations de Ulric Leprovost.

Surreal photography from Oleg Oprisco. I first stumbled upon the brilliant work of Oleg Oprisco, a photographer from Ukraine, by following some link favored on flickr. As soon the photo downloaded (one from his bohemian rhapsody’s collection), I was utterly stunned. I honestly had not seen anything like it. Of course, I browsed his full gallery, only to find out that all his photos are just ethereal and surreal really. Well, as I always do, I quickly contacted him asking to showcase his work and he was kind enough to say yes! For more surreal photography from Oleg Oprisco, please visit his website here or check out his flickr photostream here. Illustration :: Ryan Mauskopf. A selection of graphic projects. Grays provocation. Atelier Martino & Jaña. Atelier Martino & Jaña es un estudio portugués fundado en el año 2000 por João Martino yAlejandra Jaña, con un portfolio en el que destaca el gran volumen de piezas dedicadas al universo del jazz, con una estética nueva y flexible que, al mismo tiempo, respeta los atributos tradicionales de este ámbito.

Vía Spined. Atelier Martino & Jaña is a Portuguese studio founded in 2000 by João Martino and Alejandra Jaña, with a portfolio in which features the big number of pieces dedicated to the world of jazz, with a new and flexible aesthetic that, at the same time, respects the traditional visual attributes of this universe. Via Spined. 77 Excellent Photoshop Tutorials For Designing Posters | Tutorials. When it comes to Image editing or photo enhancement, Adobe Photoshop is usually the primary option to consider. However, the software package itself is a quite hard to learn — and extremely hard to master. Display beautiful images is a potent element in web and graphic design, where there is less concern for readability and more potential for using images in an artistic manner. Photoshop is useful for both creating and editing images to be used in print or online.

Not too easy to use, but full of high-quality features, Photoshop is the best choice for any image manipulation job. Below, you’ll find some of the Best Adobe Photoshop Tutorials For Designing Posters Art which might help you to get inspired and learned a tip or two by the end of this presentation. For those, who don’t know what is Adobe Photoshop? The next generation, representing two decades of excellence. You may be interested in the following related articles as well. Excellent Photoshop Tutorials For Designing Posters 01. “Consiction”, new limited print by Gene Guynn. Le temps detruit tout. Idioticteen: listening to your favorite band with your friend (via fairyinabottle) 10 sites Web aussi originaux que pratiques.

Voici une liste de 10 sites Web originaux, pas trop connus et aussi pratiques qu’intéressants. Cette liste est bien entendu subjective. Elle est classée par ordre alphabétique. AbandonWare : le site des jeux vidéo disparus. : Toutes les polices de caractères pour votre PC ou votre Mac. Internet Archive : Remontez le temps et surfez sur le Web tel qu’il était à l’époque que vous choisissez. Jamendo : Téléchargez et écoutez de la musique libre. Mes notices : Site regroupant un nombre incroyable de notices et de modes d’emploi d’appareils courants. Openrunner : Planifier vos itinéraires de courses à pied, vélos ou randos sur des cartes Google Maps avec distance et dénivelée.

PhotoFunia : Créez des photos amusantes avec votre visage ou avec celui de vos proches. The Big Picture : Les reportages photographiques avec des photos remarquables du journal le Boston Globe. TV Replay : Regardez toute la télé de rattrapage française. Webdesign et Photoshop : qualité et productivité. La qualité web est un tout, et si il est plus ou moins acquis qu'il faut faire un code propre, valide et accessible, il n'en est pas forcement de même pour les sources ou les livrables en design. Pourtant, tout comme pour le code, il existe des bonnes pratiques à mettre en œuvre dans vos fichiers, pour gagner en optimisation, qualité et productivité.

Cet atelier vise à vous faire découvrir des aspects méconnus de Photoshop qui vous permettront de gagner du temps et de livrer des fichiers efficace à l'intégrateur, ou de vous faciliter la tâche si vous intégrez vous même vos maquettes, ou si les maquettes nécessitent de nombreuses itérations. Il ne s'agit pas de simples trucs et astuces mais d'une méthodologie orientée production web qui met à profit des fonctions poussées de Photoshop (variables d'images, scripts JavaScript…).

Le sujet Photoshop vs Illustrator en webdesign sera également abordé. Une bonne connaissance de Photoshop est recommandée pour profiter au mieux de l'atelier. Plume E. Heters. Les tableaux célèbres recomposés en photos. By GOLEM13 Twitter : @ | 23 décembre 2011 Le projet « Remake » lancé par le site est un concours où l’on vous demande d’adapter en photo les œuvres artistiques célèbres (Tableaux, photos, sculptures…). Un agréable travail de composition, certains travaux sont assez fidèles aux œuvres originales d’autres sont des interprétations très personnelles.

Un chèque de £10,000 est à gagner. Voici quelques exemples de soumissions. Participer. “Self Portrait 1889?. “Le Désespéré”. “Pot Pourri”. “The Murderer Threatened”. “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog, 1818?. “Bedroom in Arles”. “Luncheon on the Grass” . « Weeping Woman”. “The Two Fridas” .Frida Kahlo “La bonne foi” .Magritte “The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. “American Gothic” . « Study for Portrait”. “El Tres de Mayo” .Goya “Woman with Black Cravat” .Modigliani « Woman with a guitar” .Georges Braque “Adele Bloch-Bauer I” .Gustav Klimt Articles similaires Le livre des tableaux célèbres recomposés en photos Dans "Art Design" Dans "Non classé"

More Kristen Paramore. Fuck this shit. Awwwards: Website Awards - Best websites around the World. We're not in wonderland anymore, alice. Projects. Fubiz™ Shiny shiny, shiny boots of leather. 50 Beautiful Examples Of Tilt-Shift Photography - Smashing Magazine.

Mechanical Insect Art. After 10pm by Tariq Yosef. The Online Portfolio of Richard Roberts. The Design Inspiration - Daily Logo Designs, Illustration Art, Website Showcase, Photos and Patterns. Web Resources, Design Inspiration, Freebies, Tutorials, Design Articles - Smashing Share. Photo Manipulation - 100 Kickass Photo Manipulation Art Examples. Choices by morph. 40 Amazing Photo Manipulations. 40 Amazing Photo Manipulations 40 Amazing Photo Manipulations Gathered From Deviant Art. Some of the Very kool and awesome photo manipulations i came across on Deviant Art. Awesome work by awesome artists. All Artworks and artists are properly linked back. Waiting for u by *Schnette Wonder Land by *IrondoomDesign Dissoving by =EmeryRose Time to rest my friends by =Dezzan The Hot Gates by *ShadowElement Rurouni by ~Shinobinaku Wonderland by ~psdholic Dreaming of Love by *Lillucyka Collapse butterfly by ~Taborda08 Lilith by =Schindlersky Grand Spotlight by `dandelgrosso Green Fairy and the Sorcerer by =Sebasket suffering by *magicshadow The eye by ~Neverends Ladders of Hope by =FatherofGod My little sweet home by ~Pixelnase Agen Of The Swarm by ~hicky2 And I Call it Life by ~HyperStrudel Live and let die by *moonmomma Nightflight by `Foxfires Waiting by ~EltonFernandes Uplift by ~S3PTIC So Quite U Dont Have To Speak by *Smoko-Stock Rise of The Dark Angel by *Drake1024 WildWest Angel by =Sylwiaa Delirium by ~Sidiuss.

35 Stunning Conceptual Digital Artworks and Photo Manipulations. 35 Stunning Conceptual Digital Artworks and Photo Manipulations 35 Stunning Conceptual Surreal Digital Art and Photo Manipulations Gathered From Deviant Art. All Artworks are gathered from Deviant Art and are properly linked back to artists profiles and artwork sources. To go to Artist’s Profile Click on their name, to go to Artwork click on the artwork name and to see full view image click on the image. Cutting the edge by ~anatheme I must delete you of my head by ~pablobarra CONSCIENCE by ~kharlamov Tribute to Breast Cancer by =HomeBass serenity by ~pekthong Bomm.. . . Delusion of Autumm Hope by *frixin Hope by ~justinblackphotos memorial to empty hearts by `dreamspeak Love by ~arlek-in An Unpleasant Sense Of Heaviness by *Violator3 Deepration by *samoshaver Flying Brain by ~Pixelnase Flying Away by ~liquidkid1 Resistance sea of dreams by ~vcrimson hardware psychoanalizing by ~Kosmur a piece of cocoa by ~Zuboff Fly after by ~AltanR Cruel Game by *KunstlerDGenocide he l p l e s s by ~cerebralmarv Author.

Meraviglia è stupore, sentimento di sorpresa per un evento straordinario o inatteso. PHOTOS: Ghostly Chernobyl to Open to Tourists. Rainbow Clouds♥ You got a henna tattoo that said forever... Please don’t expect me to always be good and kind and loving. There are times when I will be cold and thoughtless and hard to understand. Added at 6:02pm — 322,767 notes There is no such thing as static happiness. Happiness is a mixed thing, a thing compounded of sacrifices, and losses, and betrayals. Added at 1:42pm — 385 notes Everything seems to be exhausting me, no matter how much sleep or how much coffee I drink or how long I lie down, something inside me seems to have given up. The Girl with Glass Feet. Ocean Avenue. Psychoprat | CLICK TO MAKE SOME MUSIC. Logo Design Trend Showcase: Retro Emblems & Badges. Les Panneaux Publicitaires Les Plus Créatifs – Marketing Attitude | Marketing Attitude.

Bizarre Photo Manipulation Examples of Self-Portrait.