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Ian Anderson -The Designers Republic :: Made North – Conference / Gallery / Network Ian Anderson -The Designers Republic :: Made North – Conference / Gallery / Network Before you formed The Designers Republic you studied Philosophy at The University of Sheffield in the early 80s. Who or what inspired you to become a designer?IA.That’s always a difficult one to answer. In some ways the smart arse answer is ‘I’m not sure I’m a designer anyway’ but if you judge me by what I’ve done, then I am.
artless Inc. | a multidisciplinary design and consulting firm
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Intuity Media Lab // Designing Experiences. Creating Vision. Shaping Ventures.
E Roon Kang
Lowd&Klea | Blog
A Long Wait on Death Row Author/Designer: Jennifer DanielIf he’s convicted of carrying out the Boston Marathon bombings, suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev could face the federal death penalty. Reinstated in 1988, the federal death penalty now covers some 60 crimes including acts of terrorism, murder of federal law enforcement officers, and the use of weapons of mass destruction. In response to the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, President Bill Clinton signed a law in 1996 making it more difficult for convicted capital defendants to appeal their sentences. Jennifer Daniel Dot Com Was Taken 8==D (_*_)

Jennifer Daniel Dot Com Was Taken 8==D (_*_)


Andrew Droog | Graphic Designer
Continuum - A global innovation design consultancy. Continuum - A global innovation design consultancy. Google+ Continuum 简体中文 Continuum Advances Systems We work at the intersection of human centered design, technology and systems. Medical Devices & Instrumentation Human Centered Design Technology Development Systems Engineering & Integration Usability Testing & Assessment Start-up Company Collaboration Continuum Advanced Systems Join The Continuum Community
Interview by Sebastian Chan Pop Will Eat Itself was never a ‘cool’ band to be into. Derided in the UK as being a band liked by ‘students’, a Brit-music-press codeword for a kind of anti-working class ‘false consciousness’, PWEI had a big following in Australia. Cyclic Defrost: Build / Michael C Place interview by Sebastian Chan Cyclic Defrost: Build / Michael C Place interview by Sebastian Chan
Daito Manabe Key work&activity Left Apple – Macの30年 Jan, 2014

Daito Manabe | Artist, Designer, Programmer, DJ, VJ, Composer

Daito Manabe | Artist, Designer, Programmer, DJ, VJ, Composer
So there we have it. I’ve reached my peak. This is it, the SK55 is my all time favorite product and there’s nothing in the world more important for me to share on this website than this. The Braun SK55, or the SK4 to be more specific, is in my opinion, the most important product in Braun’s history and therefore the most important product to the design of electronics today. It started everything.

design fabulous

design fabulous
Essential | Innovation For Leaders Sonya Mead Director of Digital Experiences Versed in applying a user-centric design vision to any experience, Sonya brings expertise in visual communication and interaction design for projects integrating user experience, design research and brand strategy. She has worked with consumer brands, media developers, financial, legal and medical clients developing web sites to product interfaces. Prior to Essential: Irma Boom, Fitch, IDEO, Sapient, WGBH, UN-ICTY, Harvard Business Review Associations: AIGA Essential | Innovation For Leaders
First Questions | CommunityIntelligence Ltd.
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How Design Triggers Transformation
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Experience YOUR MAJESTY, Executive Creative Director, New York City, March 2007—, BIG SPACESHIP, Design Director, Brooklyn, August 2004—March 2007, IDIOGROUP, Creative Director, Stockholm/New York City, December 2002—November 2006 DNA STUDIO, Art Director, Beverly Hills, August 2002—February 2004, CHAPTER3, Freelance Art Director, Sweden/ Los Angeles/ New York, August 2001—July 2002, KIOKEN, Senior Designer, New York, July 2000—August 2001, Forum(a)gadgetopia NISCH INTERAKTIV, Art Director & Partner, Kalmar, April 1998—June 1999 1 TRAPPA UPP, Internship, Stockholm, April 1998—June 1999 MEDIA ACCESS, Internship, Bellingham, February 1997—May 1997 Education Hyperisland School of Design, Design & Technology, Karlskrona, Sweden, 1999 - 2001, Billings Career Center, Graphic Arts, MT, USA, 1998 Lars Kaggskolan, Media Communication: Information & Advertising, Kalmar, Sweden, 1996 - 1999 Jens Karlsson Jens Karlsson
Kinda Sorta Media
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Method: A Brand Experience Agency
Four Random Projects HallemaVanLoon Brand Identity HallemaVanLoon is a small but thought-leading consultancy in the Netherlands. They came to Reeves looking for a renewed brand identity and communications strategy in order to change the current perception of their brand. Mike Giesser - Graphic Design & Art Direction :: Approach Mike Giesser - Graphic Design & Art Direction :: Approach
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