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Summify’s Technology Examined | Phil Whelan's Blog Summify’s Technology Examined | Phil Whelan's Blog Following on from examining Quora’s technology, I thought I would look at a tech company closer to home. Home being Vancouver, BC. While the tech scene is much smaller here than in the valley, it is here. In fact, Vancouver boasts the largest number of entrepreneurs per capita.
Computer chips’ clocks have stopped getting faster. To maintain the regular doubling of computer power that we now take for granted, chip makers have been giving chips more “cores,” or processing units. But how to distribute computations across multiple cores is a hard problem, and this five-part series of articles examines the different levels at which MIT researchers are tackling it, from hardware design up to the development of new programming languages. The next operating system The next operating system
Products - WebStart - Overview Legacy software This software has been discontinued and is no longer maintained. Latest Mac OS X versions are not supported. The ultimate professional Mac web-development platform With WebStart it never been as easy to manage a professional web sever. Products - WebStart - Overview
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