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Learn to Code and Help Nonprofits | Free Code Camp. William Horton Consulting | E-learning design specialists. HaoHe Portfolio. What was my background? I was an English teacher in China. My job was to help people prepare for TOEFL, SAT, GRE so that they would have the opportunity to study abroad. My daily work included course teaching, project management, textbook design and development, and discussion on teaching strategies with my colleagues. Starting in 2008, I kept doing these things for almost 5 years. In about 2013, online education became a hot topic in China’s education and training industry. One year later, most of these startup companies were “overturned” by the market. I reviewed the failures of these startup companies and drew some lessons: Education should be needs-driven, instead of technology-driven.

What did I decide? With that desire for more knowledge and skills in instructional design and educational technologies, I made my most important decision in the past five year: to leave my job and go to the United States for a Master’s degree in Educational Technology. What have I learned? What will I do?