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National Geographic. A nightspot puts on an eccentric fashion show in Madrid, Spain, in 1985.

National Geographic

Photograph by O. Louis Mazzatenta, National Geographic. The Londoner » The Lavender Festival, Provence. On our first day in Provence we woke up early and sniffed out a beautiful spot to watch the sunrise.

The Londoner » The Lavender Festival, Provence

And when I say sniff, I mean it! I have never smelled a sunrise quite like this one… The dew left over from a cold night warming gently in the golden light, mingling with the lavender and filling the air with its rich, heavy perfume. So much more magical than during the heat of the day, the moisture all around feels as though you’re swimming through the sunrise. I couldn’t resist a spin with my new toy before we left… (Press play below) Fashion’s Art Fair Love Affair. MIAMI, United States — Heroically poised against the bleached-out blue of a winter sky, feet planted on a bone-white beachfront, surrounded by torqued metal frames and canvases scraped with abstract smears of paint, Dior Homme’s latest campaign depicts Miami man, perfected.

Fashion’s Art Fair Love Affair

Not the bronzed, beefcake Miami man of old, but a new version: the languid aesthete, picking his slim-hipped way around the art circuit to emerge blinking in the sun of its winter highlight. This week is the eleventh edition of the Art Basel Miami Beach fair. Elegantly Connecting Fashion and Art. MIAMI, United States — The official start date of Art Basel Miami Beach might be Thursday, December 3rd, but major players from the fashion world have already descended on the city for a flurry of private dinners and parties.

Elegantly Connecting Fashion and Art

On Sunday night, Harry Winston hosted a dinner with Cultured magazine at its Design District store, highlighting the works of hot-shot lighting designer Lindsey Adelman. On Tuesday, Panerai chief executive Angelo Bonati interviewed Swiss designer and entrepreneur Yves Béhar at a media event. That same evening, the US chief executive of Hermès, Robert Chavez, honoured the Argentinian artist Julio Le Parc at a private dinner on the rooftop of the brand’s new Miami store.

New One-of-a-Kind Landscape Rugs by Alexandra Kehayoglou. Argentinean artist Alexandra Kehayoglou (previously) produces handmade wool rugs that appear like aerial snapshots of dreamy pastoral landscapes.

New One-of-a-Kind Landscape Rugs by Alexandra Kehayoglou

Mimicking lush environments filled with trees and moss, her hand-tufted works can take up to several months to complete depending on size. One of her most recent pieces is a carpeted runway for designer Dries Van Noten made in collaboration with artist Danish artist Olafur Eliasson. Another piece, titled No Longer Creek, was included at this year’s Design Miami/ Basel from June 14-20. You can take a look at more of Kehayoglou’s tufted wool landscapes on Instagram, Artsy, and on her website. Masterfully Designed LEGO Animals by Felix Jaensch. German artist Felix Jaensch has an uncanny ability to translate the ruffle of parrot feathers or the lumpy fur of orangutans into lifelike LEGO sculptures.

Masterfully Designed LEGO Animals by Felix Jaensch

He shares many of his original designs on Flickr and a few pieces including the red fox are available is DIY kits through MOC Nation. He’s also trying to get support on LEGO Ideas for his guinea pig design. (via Matt’s Brick Gallery) Art, design, and visual culture.