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This team pearltree is dedicated to curating everything about wolves. Inside you'll find sections devoted to wolf related news and legislation on a state by state and country by country basis. You'll also find educational resources, multi-media galleries, links to rescues and sanctuaries and more.

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Wolf Preservation

Aqutaq_by_camille_seaman. International Wolf Center » Spring 2014. Features Now What?

International Wolf Center » Spring 2014

Two Views Address the Declining Wolf Population at Isle Royaleby Tracy O’Connell Wolves and moose living on Isle Royale have been the topic of studies for more than 50 years. As of January 2013 there were only eight wolves with perhaps four females and our males. Manual for Sabotaging Wolf Hunts Released. URGENT! Montana Wolf Hunt Comments Due on 24th‏ From another list: We all know that it doesn’t seem to make a difference when it comes to our public comments making a difference when it comes to MFWP idiotic and reprehensible wolf management, but it will be on public record, and will show support for seeing wolves alive rather than dead and, it will show the rest of the world that more people value wolves and but a few want to eliminate them.

URGENT! Montana Wolf Hunt Comments Due on 24th‏

News Releases. Wolves - Topic page at Spokesman.com. The grey wolf has made a comeback across the Northern Rockies, thanks to federal protection, and Idaho and Montana now allow wolf hunting and trapping to keep the population in check.

Wolves - Topic page at Spokesman.com

Summary Few wildlife conservation efforts have been as controversial as that of the grey wolf in the Northern Rockies. Federal efforts to protect the wolf have clashed with state efforts to control wolf populations and protect livestock and game from predation by wolf packs. Idaho and Montana have been given federal authority to manage wolf numbers using public hunts. Federal officials require Idaho to maintain a population of at least 150 wolves and 10 breeding pairs. Study: Wolves Don’t Cause Elk Drop. Even they know that wolves are NOT the culprits… June 21, 2013 1:22 p.m.

Study: Wolves Don’t Cause Elk Drop

Any hunter who’s spent time in wolf country can attest to the predators’ influence. We see wolf tracks, find old kills, and often times we spot fewer game animals. But exactly how wolves affect big-game populations is still greatly unknown. Man vs. Wolf. Click to enlarge Jacob Jones Robert Roman has likely killed more wolves than any other hunter or trapper in Idaho.

Man vs. Wolf

Robert Roman cradles a pale wolf skull in his upturned palm. He does not hate wolves, he says, gripping the hollow eye sockets and turning the bleached bone in his hands. Perhaps God just built the wolf too well. Working along the ragged jawline, Roman runs his thumb against the curved point of each tooth, edged almost like knives. Now Rancher McIrvin Wants Washington Wolves Poisoned. >McIrvin says killing the wolves is the only solution.

Now Rancher McIrvin Wants Washington Wolves Poisoned

He believes the calf carcass should have been laced with poison to get the “culprits.” “Until somebody gets serious about opening season on these wolves, I don’t know that there is any answer,” he said. Just as he did last year, McIrvin plans to continue to refuse compensation from the state. Wolf that chased motorcyle on B.C. highway likely ‘accustomed’ to being fed by humans: park officials. The mysterious grey wolf that gained international attention for chasing a Banff, Alta., motorcyclist along a B.C. highway seems to have appeared at least two other times, leading wolf-watchers to the grim conclusion the animal’s days are likely numbered.

Wolf that chased motorcyle on B.C. highway likely ‘accustomed’ to being fed by humans: park officials

“This is not normal behaviour for a natural wild wolf,” said Shelley Black, co-founder of the Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre, a wolf sanctuary just one hour north of the reported sightings, which occurred in Kootenay National Park. Whether the wolf is crushed by a passing car or winds up in the gun sights of an animal control officer, Ms.

Black held out little hope for its long-term survival. On June 8, motorcyclist Tim Bartlett was cruising along Highway 93 near Radium, B.C., when an adult grey wolf darted at him from the trees and pursued him for more than one kilometre. “It probably got to within a couple metres, easy, maybe a metre. George Wuerthner's take on why Wolf Delisting does not make ecological sense at this point. Recently the U.S.

George Wuerthner's take on why Wolf Delisting does not make ecological sense at this point

Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) announced it would strip protection under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) for gray wolves in the lower 48 states. As a result management for wolves will now largely be a state agency responsibility. The one exception is the Mexican wolf, a subspecies found in Arizona and New Mexico that will remain listed. Conducting Research at Wolf Park. June 17, 2013 by wolfpreservation Fiona, wolf ambassador at Wolf Park (special thanks to wolf park for providing the picture) “Research at Wolf Park Wolf Park prides itself upon being a world-class source of information about the management of socialized (hand-raised) captive wolves.

Conducting Research at Wolf Park

Besides its wealth of husbandry information, Wolf Park has contributed to a large number of research projects. Ridiculous “Testimony” From Sham “Wolf Advisory” Committee Sets Stage for Mass Slaughter of Wisconsin Wolves. Wisconsin plans to slaughter 275 more wolves this fall.

Ridiculous “Testimony” From Sham “Wolf Advisory” Committee Sets Stage for Mass Slaughter of Wisconsin Wolves

When the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources “Wolf Advisory Committee” met last month it was a foregone conclusion that they would push for an expanded wolf slaughter for this fall. The DNR has stacked this committee with anti-wolf groups and representatives of various anti-wolf government agencies. The only pro-wolf entity on this sham committee is a representative from the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission. The Timber Wolf Alliance pretends to be pro-wolf but in reality are pro-wolf hunt and they have never put up any objections to the reckless “management” the DNR keeps pushing.

These are the members of this sham “committee” that set the yearly wolf slaughter numbers: Proposed Removal of Gray Wolves’ Endangered Status a Case Study in the Politicization of Science by James William Gibson. The lengths USFWS has gone, to justify the delisting of wolves across the lower forty-eight, is truly mind-blowing. Did someone drop a couple hits of LSD and come up with “the fairytale proposal”? “Okay, Frank. Salt Lake Tribune Extols Value of wolves. Value of wolves Feds must maintain some oversight Jun 10 2013 The image of the government declaring “Mission Accomplished” is etched in Americans’ minds, and not in a good way. Just as former President George W. Western Gray Wolf: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Wolf restoration in the Northern Rocky Mountains (NRM) has been an amazing success thanks to both the resiliency of wolves and the cooperative efforts of Federal, State, and Tribal agencies, conservation groups, and private citizens; including ranchers, sportsmen, and outfitters. The most recent data available (end of 2013) indicate that the NRM wolf population contains at least 1,691 wolves, at least 320 packs, and at least 78 breeding pairs. This population has exceeded its recovery goals since 2002. By every biological measure the NRM wolf population is recovered and remains secure under State management. Apply public trust doctrine to 'rescue' wildlife from politics. When a species recovers enough to be removed from the federal endangered species list, the public trust doctrine -- the principle that government must conserve natural resources for the public good -- should guide state management of wildlife, scientists say. In the Sept. 30 issue of the journal Science, the researchers note that the public trust doctrine holds that certain natural resources, including wildlife, have no owners and therefore belong to all citizens.

So, they add, when federal statutory law no longer offers protection to a species, the public trust doctrine imposes upon states an obligation to conserve the species for their citizens. The researchers cite the case of the gray wolf, which lost federal protection in the northern Rocky Mountains last spring under a rare Congressional legislative rider. This rider was passed after courts had reversed three previous U.S. What real public information about wolves looks like. Hard information about wolves or anything else does not come from rants- Discussion of politics and many other things, including wildlife, seems to have broken down. Instead of discussion, people yell.

Instead of facts they tell stories (anecdotes) and cite folklore, urban myths and rural conspiracy theories. #WOLFFOLKS !! ALL CONTACT INFO : USFWS > COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT!!!!! Pw2013/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/WY-Comments-wolf-management-proposal-6-Jun.pdf. Noah Greenwald: America's Wolves Don't Deserve This. Wolves. STOP WOLF HUNTS: The Obama administration is giving up on America's wolves. BUT WE ARE NOT!!!! USFWS - Gray Wolf Recovery. Don’t Forsake the Gray Wolf. This Is Not What I Voted For……. The Obama Administration may be the most "confused" group of politicians to occupy D.C. in my lifetime................They profess one thing and turn arou.

Obama Administration Proposes Stripping Federal Protections for Wolves Nationally. Wolf slaughter continues: Yes, some people think killing wolves is just fine. When A Wolf Dies. USFWS - News Release - Service Proposes to Return Management and Protection of Gray Wolves to State Wildlife Professionals Following Successful Recovery Efforts. National Wolf Delisting: Too Much, Too Soon. Might new Interior Secretary Jewell actually rule this week in favor of overturning Wolf Federal Delisting permanently?..............Noah Greenwald of the.

Rights of Nature. Why do we hate wolves so much? - National wildlife conservation. Western wolf issue is mostly not really about wolves. SUIT TO UNCOVER POLITICAL DEALS BEHIND GRAY WOLF DE-LISTING. The Trophic Cascade from the Gray Wolf. Washington State Spokane Area: Wolf Delisting Penned Up for Present : Feds Decide Not to Delist Wolves. 10 Reasons We Need Wolves. South Wire: Alabama poison plant targeted over environmental, terrorism fears 12/13/04. DNR may get power to allow hunts. My life as a wolf, by British naturalist who dared to infiltrate a pack in the wilderness. Our friend Rachel Tiseth in Wisconsin raised an excellent point today calling my attention to the fact that in Europe and in Yellowstone Park here in the. We all better be doing more than just walking if we hope to prevent federal delisting of Wolves across the USA............So flys in the face of the inten.

Study: Wolf Attacks Still Leading Cause Of Death In U.S. The Secret Reasons Wolves Are Dying in Denali National Park. Even without Sarah Palin at the helm yelling "kill baby kill", the anachronistic Alaskan Government has successfully fulfilled her vision of killing off W. Oregon Wild. From the Mouths of Psychos. “The Dark Heart of Madness” by Stephen Capra. Wolf-killers admit it's all about the sadistic sexual thrill - National wildlife conservation. Don't stop believing...The Journey of OR7. Longitudinal Analysis of Attitudes Toward Wolves. Wolf Hunts Morally Corrupt. Lone wolf on the prowl in Jackson County. 253,705 Signatures Submitted to Stop Wolf Hunting. Watch MontanaPBS Presents Online. “People Who Feel Pleasure When They Kill Animals Cannot be Called Normal”

Wolf Behavior

All you need to know about Wolves. Wolf Classification. Wolves of the World. Taxonomy. International Wolf Center Learn - The Arctic Wolf. Title: Arctic wolves and their prey - Mech. How do wolves live together? Gray Wolf Facts - Defenders of Wildlife - Defenders of Wildlife. A history of American wolves, Part I - Hungry Horse News: Hungry Horse News. The Imperiled American Wolf. The Wolf That Changed America - Video: Full Episode. Wolves Getting Booted Back to the Brink. Protected no longer, more than 550 gray wolves killed this season by hunters and trappers. Bill would let farmers kill attacking wolves. Pro Wolf Apologetics. Wolf Multi-Media (Videos, Galleries, Etc.)

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Do Wolves Attack People? Feeding Dogs and Wolves. Other "wolf" pearltrees. Unsorted Wolf Related. Night-time wolf song. OWStarr : A wolf-lover's library... Shock! In Wyoming It’s Legal to Slaughter Wolf Pups in Their Dens. As we have been following the plight of the Wolves on Isle Royale, Michigan, we know that have been struggling for years with inbreeding and may now be un.

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