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Green Screen Production Delivery Services. Creating a High Converting Video Spokesperson for Your Landing Page. Online Video advertising company. Innovate Media Group : Attorney Services - PHONE: 9493527223 ADDRESS: 3199 A-3 Airport Loop Drive, Costa Mesa, California, United States of America 92626 ~ TITLE: Online video ads. Green Screen Production Delivery Services. John cecil (innovate_media)

John Cecil, Innovate Media, Irvine, California(CA), President- Jigsaw. John Cecil, CEO of Innovate Media Explains the 12 Data Points of Tracking a Video Spokesperson. <div class="info"><span class="msg-icon"></span><p> To take full advantage of Flickr, you should use a JavaScript-enabled browser and <a href=" the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player</a>.

John Cecil, CEO of Innovate Media Explains the 12 Data Points of Tracking a Video Spokesperson

</p></div> keyboard shortcuts: ← previous photo → next photo L view in light box F favorite < scroll film strip left > scroll film strip right ? John Cecil: President and Co-Founder, Innovate Media - appears on DishyMix. John Cecil, is co-founder and President of Innovate Media Group.

John Cecil: President and Co-Founder, Innovate Media - appears on DishyMix

A media sales and marketing expert, John has over 15 years of media experience that includes strategy, sales, marketing, business development, advertising, branding, PR and affiliate marketing across every medium in the industry. His career has put him right in the middle of emerging media/technologies with his involvement in cable television in the early ‘90’s and his time in the beginning years of the Yahoo! Organization which gave him extensive knowledge of the online advertising and promotion business. Flickr Co-Founder Caterina Fake Joins New Startup, Hunch. What You Want: Flickr Creator Spins Addictive New Web Service. Caterina Fake.

What You Want: Flickr Creator Spins Addictive New Web Service

Photo: Jill Greenberg Once a week, the staff at Hunch stops work a little early. They leave their computers and convene around sofas in the back of the office in New York’s Flatiron district. They crack some beers and crank up the music. And then they pull out the board games. Caterina Fake, Hunch’s chief product officer, instigated the weekly game night shortly after she arrived at the Internet startup in June 2008. Caterina Fake: Participatory Media and Why I Love it (and Must Defend It) I love participatory media, collective knowledge systems, user-generated content and the like, and spent much of my life and career participating in them and making them.

Caterina Fake: Participatory Media and Why I Love it (and Must Defend It)

As I say in this post from 2005, the internet is built on a culture of generosity -- the first web page I built was when I noticed there was no page on Nabokov and realized I could just make one. Amazing! And it dawned on me that every other page on the web -- this was 1994 -- had come about for the same reason. Then the dotcom thing happened. Caterina Fake. Early life and education[edit] Fake was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,[4] to an American father, and a Filipina mother who is a naturalized citizen.[5][6] Fake graduated from Choate Rosemary Hall and attended Smith College.

Caterina Fake

In 1991 she graduated from Vassar College with a B.A. degree in English.[4][7] Career[edit] In the 1990s, Fake was Art Director at, and heavily involved in the development of online community, social software and personal publishing.[8] In 1997, she took a job managing the community forums of Netscape.[6] Caterina Fake. Caterina Fake in Mountain Home, AR. Opt Out Caterina E.

Caterina Fake in Mountain Home, AR

Fake Female, 45 years old San Francisco, CA, US. Heavy Bits. Daniel raffel. Daniel Raffel (Startups) at Duck Duck Go. A Live Interactive Blogging Platform. CBS Testing Social Viewing Room: Watch Stuff With Strangers And Talk During The Show. CBS Labs, which has been testing new HD streaming products, has also rolled out a labs version of a new product called Social Viewing Room.

CBS Testing Social Viewing Room: Watch Stuff With Strangers And Talk During The Show

The idea is that you show up to the site, pick a show that’s on right now, and watch it with your friends or whoever is there. You can comment, LOL or take quizzes for points. The link is live, but I’m not able to see any actual shows going on right now. Given how awesome on demand TV is, I don’t see this kind of thing being very popular. - g Snap - A Live Interactive Blogging Platform.

G-Snap! G-Snap!


Has developed a live interactive blogging platform that gives content publishers a better way to engage and connect with their audience. Richg's Profile on G-Snap! World Cup fever has. Goodhustle Studios. Skybox – Games, Reviews, iPhone Apps and Games – 148Apps – iPhone App and Game Reviews and News. Our Review By Chris Hall on January 22nd, 2010 Rating: Share This: Much like the Japanese game show Human Tetris, Skybox pits you, a Tetris piece, against a wall with a Tetris cutout.

Skybox – Games, Reviews, iPhone Apps and Games – 148Apps – iPhone App and Game Reviews and News

Expect simple fun. Goodhustle Studios (wellhustled) Gordon Luk. The travel revolution is coming. Slingshot Labs founders start fresh with BeachMint and new $5M. Barely two months after leaving Slingshot Labs, News Corp’s incubator, the two men formerly running the show, Diego Berdakin and MySpace co-founder Josh Berman, have launched a shiny new venture: a social commerce site called BeachMint.

Slingshot Labs founders start fresh with BeachMint and new $5M

Despite bare-bones information on what the Santa Monica, Calif. company will actually be doing, it just managed to raise $5 million from New Enterprise Associates and Anthem Venture Partners. According to the two well-known co-founders, BeachMint’s mission is to build an end-to-end e-commerce experience across multiple verticals. Each category would have its own recommendation engine, social media tie-ins to allow for sharing and viral marketing, and channels for big-time influencers like celebrities to air their opinions.

Berman has said publicly that product recommendations will be generated authentically — leading us to believe that they may be linked to preferences of your “friends” online. Berman isn’t the only MySpace alum with funding news today. Former MySpace Exec Teams With Yahoo Rock Star For New Startup. MySpace’s former GM International Travis Katz left the company shortly after the big executive shakeout in the Spring of 2009. He spent a few months in Hawaii recharging, and then moved his family to Silicon Valley. Since January he’s been working on a new startup, he says, and he’s teamed up with Ori Zaltzman, the former Chief Architect of Yahoo Boss.

That’s enough of a team to make things really interesting. Particuarly Zaltzman’s deep infrastructure background. Katz isn’t saying what the new startup will do. “Fundraising? “No comment.” Etc. Ori Zaltzman. Ori Zaltzman (orizaltz) Ori Zaltzman. Ori Zaltzman - Google Profile. Gnip is the Social Media API. Gnip. GigaOM TV: Eric Marcoullier of Gnip.

Eric Marcoullier. In March 2008 Eric Marcoullier founded Gnip. Prior to Gnip, Eric Marcoullier founded MyBlogLog with Todd Sampson in January of 2005. The service went live in March 2005 and was acquired by Yahoo for an estimated $10 million in January 2007. He left Yahoo in July 2007. Eric previously co-founded games and entertainment content portal IGN, where he also served as the Product Guy through its pre-IPO spinoff in 1999. IGN was purchased by News Corp. in 2005 for $650 million.

Eric Marcoullier (bpm140) Eric Marcoullier. Eric Marcoullier. Eric Marcoullier. Yahoo Sketch-a-Search iPhone app demo. Thoughts of Ariel Seidman. Ariel Seidman Yahoo! Email Director Product Management Login 3 Day Free Trial Reset Password 3 Day Free Trial - No Credit Card Required Access over 3 Million Contacts Now! Ariel Seidman, Director Product Management, Yahoo! Inc: - ZoomInfo Business Information. Currently, the Gigwalk app is available only on the iPhone.

But plans call for making it available this fall on smartphones that use the Android operating system, said. The company earns revenue, which Seidman declined to state, from fees charged to businesses after the gigwalker completes a task. Ariel Seidman. Ariel was the CEO and Founder of Gigwalk - a mobile startup that turns the world's iPhones into an instant mobile workforce that connect businesses to the talented Gigwalk community workforce to do Gigs using the Gigwalk iPhone App. Ariel was Director Product Management for the Yahoo! Mobile Search & Discovery team leading all mobile search products across web and mobile apps. Previously Ariel spent 4 years in various product management and marketing roles at Siebel Systems (now Oracle). Rally Up. David Beach (beach) GayCities - Gay bars, hotels, restaurants with reviews, maps, photos - GayCities.

GayCities. Scott Gatz escapes Yahoo Brickhouse. Could the reason be that the company hasn't done anything interesting since... I can't think of anything. The only thing the company had going for it in the 90's was that it wasn't AOL and if gave former AOL inmates a cartoonish place to escape to. Scott Gatz’s Blog. Scott Gatz. Guitars, Reviews, Tabs, Gear on 3220 Publishing. David Mandelbrot (davidman) David Mandelbrot. Close Share: Flattenme. The iPad Vs. The Kindle: How Should Amazon Respond? - Editor's note: This a guest post written by Joff Redfern. Redfern is the co-founder of, a site for creating personalized storybooks.

Joff redfern (mejoff) Dipity. Ben Garrett dipity at Duck Duck Go. Zack Steinkamp (Startups) at Duck Duck Go. Zack Steinkamp. Derek Dukes (Startups) at Duck Duck Go. Derek dukes (ddukes) Ddukes. Derek Dukes.


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