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Ethnic Music From America

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African Drumming. :: The use of African drums :: The instruments of the tribes in Gambia :: A drum called Djembe :: How to learn to play a drum called Djembe :: The use of African drums Drums are wonderful instrument, and they have beautiful sound.

African Drumming

In Gambia drums are very important in peoples daily life. We use drums in many different ways, we have drums, which are used for sending massages to the people in town or some time to send massage to the next village, and there are drums for ceremonies like weddings or naming ceremonies and there are also drums for healing people who are sick. Drums are instrument that when you hear them you feel something inside your body, because they have this supper natural power, which goes into the body and touches our soul and wake our spirit.

There are some people when they hear sound of a drums, they cannot stand still, their whole body starts to move and in a few seconds they begging to dance to the drum. Jalikunda African Drums take the Montserrat African Music Festival by storm. Music Genre: Salsa - Music of Puerto Rico. Introduction The most widely heard and influential form of music from Puerto Rico today is called salsa.

Music Genre: Salsa - Music of Puerto Rico

The term translates to English as "sauce" to denote music that spices and enlivens things. But not just any music. It is a complex musical genre that evolved from many roots into a uniquely Puerto Rican product. It could be said that "salsa" is primarily a commercial tag for contemporary Latin pop music that connotes a feeling that sums up the variety of redefined and reinterpreted styles at its roots.

It encompasses a broad range of musical genres, instrumental combinations and cultural influences, ranging from Cuban son montuno, Puerto Rican bomba and plena, Dominican merengue, Cuban Yoruba ritual music and Afro-American jazz and rhythm and blues. At some time during the end of the 60's, Afro-Caribbean music had developed into was being called salsa. Neither has there been agreement precisely on how the term was invented, or by who. Tex-mex music flaco Accordions Worldwide - the largest accordion internet site with weekly news from around the world about festivals, competitions seminars, artists, concerts, masterclasses, events, CD reviews, videos, celebrity interviews, information about accordion produ.

Believe it or not, it all began in the middle of the nineteenth century in Germany.

Accordions Worldwide - the largest accordion internet site with weekly news from around the world about festivals, competitions seminars, artists, concerts, masterclasses, events, CD reviews, videos, celebrity interviews, information about accordion produ

Yes, the diatonic accordion, the main instrument of Tex-Mex music, was created by Friedrich Buschman, whose fellow country-men emigrated to the state of Texas, around 1890, to work the fields, and the construction of railroad lines in Northern Mexico. During lunch breaks, the recent arrivals played waltzes and polkas, while Mexican-Americans, better know as Chicanos, listened to the fantastic resonance. Little by little, locals began making the small-buttoned instrument their own, and in time, the mazurkas became «corridos» of love and despite, and began to be danced and tapped, real close together, from the Valley of Texas, to Nuevo Laredo.

In 1935, Mr. Santiago Jiménez was the first to make recordings of polkas, northern «corridos», «rancheras», and «guapangos» in Spanish. As a child, Leonardo «Flaco» Jiménez used to go with his father to their «tocadas» (presentations). ♫ Native American Music - 'Spirit Of The Drums' ♥ American Indian Spiritual Relaxing Healing Music. Native American music and culture. Music plays an integral role in the daily life of Native Americans.

Native American music and culture

Instruments of the Indigenous Peoples of North America at the National Music Museum. BBC Bitesize - KS1 Physical Education - A salsa demonstration. How to play reggae - The Top 10 Reggae Instruments and Some. Here are the top 10 reggae instruments you will see in most reggae band and hear on most reggae recordings.

how to play reggae - The Top 10 Reggae Instruments and Some

Let me reiterate, these are just the top 10 reggae instruments and some, please note that any instrument can be used in reggae. Peter Tosh was known to have used up to twent y reggae instruments at a time to record. 1. The Guitar Where would reggae be without the tired but true sound of the reggae guitar? 2. The bass is the most important reggae instrument. 3. As a reggae instrument the piano is hardly used these days for obvious reasons. 4. These days when people speak of reggae instruments the organ does not readily springs to mind. 5. The clavinet like the upright piano and many other reggae instruments, is not used much these days but when it is used it adds interest and difference to the sound. 6. The reggae keyboard is the most flexible of all the reggae instruments and it has made many reggae instruments redundant in many bands. 7. 8. 9. Reggae Radio. Cajun Music: Alive and Well in Louisiana.

By Ann Savoy One of French Louisiana's most vital attractions is its music. Acadian music has undergone vast changes since arriving in Louisiana, to a large extent because those who play it today live so differently from earlier residents. Understanding Cajun music in all its variety is a large undertaking but an important one. Today, we in Louisiana are fortunate to have living representatives of many of its various styles and stages. A look at Cajun music and its development offers a glimpse into Louisiana's different cultures, its fascinating history, and the variety which exists within a traditional culture. Excerpt, J'ai Ete Au Bal: Cajun and Zydeco Music of Louisiana. Cajun Waltz.