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21 Ways to get Featured in the Media. Your business: front and center in the newspaper, feature, on prime-time TV or out there where everyone can see you. It’s what dreams are made of. 29 Ways to Collect Email Addresses for Your Business. Looking for ways to grow your list of newsletter subscribers?

29 Ways to Collect Email Addresses for Your Business

There are a ton of ways to get people to sign up for your weekly or monthly email marketing campaigns. I’ve put together a list for you to read, so you have heaps of options for growing your list. Include a link to your newsletter sign up form in the main navigation bar of your website and/or blog. Increase Traffic - 25 Proven Strategies to Grow. Don't Let the Stats Fool You - Viral Promotion Works. 0 Flares Twitter 0 Facebook 0 StumbleUpon 0 Google+ 0 LinkedIn 0 inShare0 Buffer 0 Reddit 0 Pin It Share 0 Email -- Email to a friend 0 Flares × You’ve read on this blog that online marketing is a momentum game. While the lines are often linear when it comes to hard work and dedicated strategies, there is still a great return on viral promotion strategies.

Having a piece of content on your blog or site reach a ton of people doesn’t simply wreak havoc and then disappear, you’ll find that a percentage of that traffic is relevant and will stick around. Case in point, we had an Infographic on landing pages take off on StumbleUpon about a month ago – you can see the spike below. However, what many marketers don’t realize is that the impact of a viral promotion like this provides you with a significant step up in subsequent, relevant visits post-event. Note the overall increase in traffic that stayed. This is key!

How to Write Magnetic Headlines. Gartner: half of all web sales via social and mobile by 2015. Analysts at Gartner, say that companies will receive 50% of their web sales through social and mobile platforms by 2015.

Gartner: half of all web sales via social and mobile by 2015

The research company states that e-commerce firms will provide mobile-based and context-aware capabilities to deliver content and offers that can be accessed either from mobile browsers or smartphone applications. As more people opt for mobile devices instead of computers for most of their functions, the major points of interaction will be mobile apps and browsers. Mobile shopping solutions will play a central role in the web sales offerings that e-commerce vendors provide. Companies will have to adjust as per the needs of customers who are looking for simple ways of interacting with them, depending on their preferences. Cross-channel interaction: the mobile and multichannel consumer wants choice The more people use smartphones, the more they will expect companies to make their customer experiences compatible with their mobile devices. Paper CD case. Akquinet/jquery-toastmessage-plugin @ GitHub.

Jquery-toastmessage-plugin is a JQuery plugin which provides android-like notification messages.

akquinet/jquery-toastmessage-plugin @ GitHub

It's a quite nice way to report info or error to the user. jquery-toastmessage-plugin's main features are: Informations are introduced as toastmessages to the user in a seamless and natural way Toastmessages may or may not disrupt the user and they are still informative 4 different predefined types of toasts: notice, success, warning and error Fully customizable Easy to use API Demo See a nice demo of the toastmessage plugin right now. demo Documentation jquery-toastmessage-plugin documentation is available on the wiki. An automaticly generated project documentation is available as an maven site.

License jquery-toastmessage-plugin is licensed under the Apache License 2.0. Download You can download this project in either zip or tar formats. You can also clone the project with Git by running: Feng-GUI - Attention Analysis for Websites and Advertisements. WAVE - Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool. 29 Ways to Collect Email Addresses for Your Business. Statdash - metrics even your mother can love. Luckie's 30-Day Social Media Makeover. The Social Path About Luckie Luckie & Company is a marketing agency packed with Southern charm and a freakish love of new ideas.

Luckie's 30-Day Social Media Makeover

About us. The 5 Minute Guide To Getting A Job in Social Media. Four Benefits of “Gamification” for Nonprofits. Printable Sex Cheque Book. Alan Watts - A Conversation with Myself. EU Prods Social Sites on Minors. Facebook Passed Google, Yahoo, Microsoft In User Engagement. Worldwide Social Network Ad Spending. Social Media Monitoring - 10 Free Tools. Facebook Content Management Solutions. Consumers Engaged Via Social Media Are More Likely To Buy, Recommend. New consumer research shows over 50% of Facebook fans and Twitter followers say they are more likely to buy, recommend than before they were engaged.

Consumers Engaged Via Social Media Are More Likely To Buy, Recommend

Social Media Monitoring Tools: 26 Free Online Reputation Tools. NEW: Wildfire launches FREE iFrames app for Facebook page owners. Hi Guys! Just wanted to let you know that on March 30, we will update this iFrames app to be compatible with the 810 pixel format (for the transition of all brand pages to the Timeline format.) This will not change any designs that have been created for 520 pixels— those designs will get centered on the page with white space on either side. Starting in 2 days, however, you can update your designs to be 810 pixels wide and they will display with no scrolling! When Facebook officially makes the switch on March 10th from FBML to iFrames there’ll be a lot of great benefits for fan page owners, including greater flexibility in terms of design and functionality.


By and for the people of Byron Shire… « Deliriant Isti Romani (These Romans are mad!) Community Engine are working with the various communities of Byron Shire to pilot an all-new way to connect and share.

By and for the people of Byron Shire… « Deliriant Isti Romani (These Romans are mad!)

We’ll be calling it ‘Connect Byron’. It’s a hybrid between a membership management platform (for groups that have free or paid members / followers), and a social media network. A local performer sings for us at the weekly Mullum Farmer's markets. Image courtesy of: Venessa Paech We’ve met great people over the last few weeks and learnt a lot of things about the Byron Shire – we’re more convinced now than ever that it’s the right place to pilot, and that people in the community will see the benefits and participate in the online version of their local communities. What we’ve learnt very quickly is this: Every single person we’ve spoken to in the Byron Shire is delighted at the concept and has offered their support in some form.Each of these people has endorsed the notion that local people need to drive the platform in order for it to become the hub of ‘life in the village’.