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When a family member screws up. 18 Excellent Gifts for Kids That Aren't Even Toys  All of us who have children have too many toys scattered throughout the house.

18 Excellent Gifts for Kids That Aren't Even Toys 

No matter how diligent we are about keeping them at bay, it seems to be a constant fight. It's especially hard when special days come and we want to give gifts to our children, or grandparents want to give gifts. Gifts are good things! Please Don't Help My Kids - Kate Bassford Baker's Blog - Alameda, CA Patch. I am not sitting here, 15 whole feet away from my kids, because I am too lazy to get up and help them climb the ladder.

Please Don't Help My Kids - Kate Bassford Baker's Blog - Alameda, CA Patch

I brought them here so they could learn to climb it themselves. Dear Other Parents At The Park: "A Daddy’s Letter to His Little Girl (About Her Future Husband)" This is so amazingly sweet. via While Their Kids Sleep, These parents Pull Of This Amazing Stunt... - Misc. What Little Girls Wish Daddies Knew  I'm spending the morning waiting for my car in the repair shop.

What Little Girls Wish Daddies Knew 

Four men in flannel (I missed the flannel memo) and I sit around smelling tires and inhaling exhaust fumes while an enchanting little fairy is in constant motion around her daddy. She climbs on him, giggles, turns around, and then she's back to twirling on the tile. She's bouncing and spinning around in her pink frilly skirt. 5 ways to Deter a pedophile  - Building Stronger Families -protecting children against sexual abuse. 7 Crippling Parenting Behaviors That Keep Children From Growing Into Leaders.

Killing Off Supermom. I'll be honest with you.

Killing Off Supermom

In my house, the beds are rarely made unless someone is coming to visit. Sometimes I yell. My closet is a disaster and I feel guilty that I work too much.

The first few years

No Sushi for You, Pregnant Lady - An economist says mothers-to-be should ignore conventional wisdom about pregnancy. Is she right? via Melissa Sher: 23 Things I Think New Parents Should Know. 1.

Melissa Sher: 23 Things I Think New Parents Should Know

The more time and effort put into decorating a nursery, the more likely that the baby will sleep in your room. 2. Save on Parenthood: Skip These Baby Gear Money Traps. Dear Parents With Young Children in Church. 30 Practical Tips About the Horrors of Raising a Baby That You Will Never Learn from Movies and TV. By Dustin Rowles | Think Pieces | May 25, 2012 | Comments (0 View Two weeks ago, ahead of May's release of What to Expect When You're Expecting, Courtney -- who is now in her third trimester -- provided this helpful and hilarious piece on what movies and television didn't tell us about pregnancy.

30 Practical Tips About the Horrors of Raising a Baby That You Will Never Learn from Movies and TV

I have no intention of turning Pajiba into a parenting blog, but with Courtney and TK both expecting newborns in the next six weeks, I thought I would offer them -- and other soon-to-be parents -- some words of wisdom from a Dad who really doesn't know what the hell he's doing half the time, but has still somehow managed to be a parent to one wonderful child for nearly five years without killing him. I also happen to be in the midst of raising newborn twins (also, still alive!) The Day I Stopped Saying ‘Hurry Up’ via

Family Night

Get Down Mr. President. Films for families: The top 50 movies to watch as a family. Fun Ideas for Movie Night. Teens. The First Time My Daughter Told Me She Hated Me, I Bought Her a Cake. The best cake I've ever purchased, hands down.

The First Time My Daughter Told Me She Hated Me, I Bought Her a Cake

Two summers ago, my daughter crossed a milestone: She told me she hated me for the first time. She was 15 years old -- nearly 16 -- and we were arguing about her boyfriend at the time. RETHINKING YOUTH MINISTRY: 10 Ways to Get Teens Talking. A friend from my seminary days recently contacted me to ask if I had any suggestions on ways to engage youth in discussion so that they don't get bored. A tall order, as the last thing most teens want out of youth group is to feel like they are at school. And nothing is worse for the discussion leader than to be met with a long unending silence each time you ask a question. Below I've listed the top ten ways I've used in the past to help teens get beyond the awkwardness of sharing their thoughts in front of a group of people and start talking. 1) The Continuum - A non-threatening way to get teens thinking without the fear of saying something "stupid" is to indicate an imaginary line down the middle of the room.

One end represents "agree," the other "disagree" and every gradation of opinion in between. Top 10 Reasons our Kids Leave Church « Marc5Solas. We all know them, the kids who were raised in church.

Top 10 Reasons our Kids Leave Church « Marc5Solas

They were stars of the youth group. They maybe even sang in the praise band or led worship. And then… they graduate from High School and they leave church. What happened? It seems to happen so often that I wanted to do some digging; To talk to these kids and get some honest answers. Gay, Catholic, and Doing Fine - for Catholic Youth. Editor’s Note: This blog by Steve Gershom, a Catholic, gay, young man, was originally published on the blog, Little Catholic Bubble.

Gay, Catholic, and Doing Fine - for Catholic Youth

If you want to read more about the what the Catholic Church teaches about homosexuality and gay marriage, check out this blog that debunks some common misconceptions. I have heard a lot about how mean the Church is, and how bigoted, because she opposes gay marriage.

The Relationship

50 Best Cheap Date Ideas - Handmade Wedding. Posted July 20, 2012 | 110 Comments The weekend is right around the corner and we thought it was a great opportunity to share this fun weekend-ready post. For some couples, once they get engaged the ‘dates’ go right out the window, traded in for constant wedding planning. We say… bring on the date nights! Take a (temporary) wedding planning break once in awhile to remember why you’re tying the knot in the first place. Be spontaneous. 10 Truths To Keep Your Relationship Healthy. I think it's easy to make things more complicated than they need to be. Here are some basic rules of the relationship road that will keep you headed in the right direction 1. Successful relationships take work. They don't happen in a vacuum.

They occur when the couples in them take the risk of sharing what it is that's going on in their hearts and heads. A Game That Will Improve Any Relationship. Getting To Know You One of the best ways to improve and deepen a relationship is mutual understanding.

A Game That Will Improve Any Relationship

What’s the best way to achieve this? Asking questions, really listening, and then sharing your stories too.

Parental moves

5 Things Parents Shouldn't Say to Their Kids. Say what? It's no secret that parents should pay attention to how they communicate with their children. Even tiger moms and parents following the French style of raising children could agree that what we say to our kids -- and how we say it -- matters. Tiger moms and French parents get the results they want largely because of what they say. But besides using words to get kids to do what they want, how moms and dads communicate with their kids directly impacts the parent-child relationship long term. And it's the simple statements parents make, usually in a moment of frustration with their young children, which can cause the most damage later on. Leaves via Facebook privacy and kids: Don’t post photos of your kids online. Photo by Hemera/Thinkstock I vividly remember the Facebook post. It was my friend’s 5-year-old daughter “Kate,” (a pseudonym) standing outside of her house in a bright yellow bikini, the street address clearly visible behind her on the front door.

A caption read “Leaving for our annual Labor Day weekend at the beach,” and beneath it were more than 50 likes and comments from friends—including many “friends” that Kate’s mom barely knew. The picture had been uploaded to a Facebook album, and there were 114 shots just of Kate: freshly cleaned and swaddled on the day of her birth … giving her Labradoodle a kiss … playing on a swing set. But there were also photos of her in a bathtub and an awkward moment posing in her mother’s lacy pink bra. 5 Parental Dick Moves You Hate (Until You're a Parent) Dad plays best prank ever on teenage son. The Poster Every Parent Should Show Their Kids. 2011 Lesson #2 : Don’t Carpe Diem. Disarming the Bully via