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Ash and aftermath of Mount St. Helens: Our readers remember. EDITOR’S NOTE: The eruption of Mount St.

Ash and aftermath of Mount St. Helens: Our readers remember

Helens was 35 years ago Monday, but judging from the response from readers who were asked to send us their recollections, the event remains freshly etched in their minds. More than three dozen sent us letters recalling that Sunday morning of May 18, 1980. Following is a small selection of the letters and photographs we received; all the letters and many of the photographs will be published Tuesday at Our thanks to those who took the time to record and send their experiences. On May 18, 1980, my family was on the way to a summer home in the Cascades. I called my mother, who lived in Selah, to see if she was all right. May 18, 1980, looked like the beginning of a beautiful spring day in the Wenas Valley. Suddenly, the sky turned black with red and green lightning and something was falling from the sky. The sparrows clustered by our rooftop near the porch light.


Theology. How to Become a Morning Person [Infographic] via Girl uses a stalkers stupidity to take him down via The Farmer's Daughter USA: School Science Project Gone Bad. The above video is making the rounds on social media in which a young girl named Elise describes her science project.

The Farmer's Daughter USA: School Science Project Gone Bad

Elise wants to sprout a sweet potato plant from a conventional sweet potato she purchased at her local grocery store, but it doesn’t work. Her grocer gives her the explanation that the sweet potato was probably treated with a sprout inhibitor chemical called Sprout Nip®. She tries again with an organic sweet potato, which sprouts much better. Elise finds some information about the mentioned inhibitor, and then concludes that this is a good reason to buy organic. The little girl is articulate and convincing, but in fact she is straight up wrong about the sweet potatoes. It’s a good example of how social media can be a misleading source of "information" about food and agriculture. I asked my blogging friend and scientist Steve Savage, who runs an extremely informative blog – Applied Mythology – to help me explain the flaws in Elise’s video. Print out the Doctor Who version of Cards Against Humanity right now.

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Print out the Doctor Who version of Cards Against Humanity right now

We are working to restore service. "Wanting to punch that teeny bopper Whovian that is butt hurt the new Doctor isn't in his twenties"My favorite so far. Also, Captain Jack is going to work well in any 2 card answer. Amirit!? Flagged. Disney Princesses Redesigned With Historically Accurate Outfits. Overnight, No-Cook Refrigerator Oatmeal.

Don't miss my follow-up post to this one with8 MORE REFRIGERATOR OATMEAL FLAVORSplus FAQs and more tipsCLICK HERE This easy, no-cook "summer porridge" has make-ahead convenience and is packed with nutrition to get your day off to a healthy start.

Overnight, No-Cook Refrigerator Oatmeal

Make it in individual mason jars for a perfect serving size and an easy grab-and-go breakfast straight from the fridge (it's eaten cold). Take it along to work or anywhere. Great to serve on a breakfast or brunch buffet. High in protein, calcium & fiber; low in fat & sugar. Apparently this kind of cold yogurt & oatmeal mixture has been around for awhile. I played around with some different flavor combos, and created single portion recipes that will fit in a half-pint mason jar. Ch-ch-ch-CHIA seeds. Sources: Dr. In addition to chia seeds, this refrigerator oatmeal has protein- & calcium-packed yogurt and fiber-rich oats. Step-by-step photos for makingRefrigerator Oatmeal.


How to Survive a Nuclear Attack: 21 Steps. 1Seek shelter immediately.

How to Survive a Nuclear Attack: 21 Steps

Aside from the geopolitical warning signs, your first warnings of an imminent nuclear attack will most likely be an alarm or warning signal; if not, it will be the blast itself. The bright light from a detonation of a nuclear weapon can be seen tens of miles away from ground zero. FUNNY! All things literature. Recipes. Thoughtful / inspirational. Pearltrees videos. Getting started. Health and medicine. Family tips. Arts and crafts and projects. Green ideas. Household tips. The Pixar Theory.

Every Pixar movie is connected.

The Pixar Theory

I explain how, and possibly why. Several months ago, I watched a fun-filled video on that introduced the idea (at least to me) that all of the Pixar movies actually exist within the same universe. Since then, I’ve obsessed over this concept, working to complete what I call “The Pixar Theory,” a working narrative that ties all of the Pixar movies into one cohesive timeline with a main theme. This theory covers every Pixar production since Toy Story. That includes: A Bug’s LifeToy Story 2Monsters Inc.Finding NemoThe IncrediblesCarsRatatouilleWall-EUpToy Story 3Cars 2BraveMonsters University The point of this theory is to have fun and exercise your imagination while simultaneously finding interesting connections between these fantastic movies.

[SIDE NOTE: All text in blue indicates updated edits since the original version] You can read the full theory below, or watch this summarized video that was made and narrated by Bloop Media.