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Ex Machina and sci-fi's obsession with sexy female robots. ‘Did you program her to flirt with me?”

Ex Machina and sci-fi's obsession with sexy female robots

Domhnall Gleeson’s character asks robot inventor Oscar Isaac in Ex Machina. To which the scientific answer would be: “Well, duh!” The “her” in question is Ava, a shapely, state-of-the-art android, half-transparent plastic, half-Alicia Vikander. Isaac wants Gleeson to give his latest invention the Turing test – to determine whether or not she is indistinguishable from a human. Thanks to Ava’s beguiling, seductive intelligence, the interviews take on a certain Basic Instinct aspect, her suggestive retorts rebounding around the glass walls of her cell.

Ex Machina is a smart, elegant thriller posing some juicy questions about artificial intelligence, consciousness and gender. Being literally objectified women, female robots have traditionally been vehicles for the worst male tendencies. It was all there right from the start, in what must be the great-grandma of female-robot movies: Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. “Our machines are projections of us. Transhumanist David Pearce will uns zu glücklicheren organischen Robotern machen. Ich treffe David Pearce inmitten des überdreht-engagierten Tech- und Start-up-Festival Tech Open Air in Berlin.

Transhumanist David Pearce will uns zu glücklicheren organischen Robotern machen

Vor Jungunternehmern mit ausgelatschten Chucks, teuren Uhren und einem unbändigen Glauben an eine technologisch verbesserte Zukunft hält er einen Vortrag über Transhumanismus. Den geneigten Festivalbesuchern erklärt David Pearce, wie wir die Menschheit mit der Hilfe von Biotechnologie, Drogen und der Umprogrammierung des Erbgutes unsterblich, glücklich und superintelligent machen werden. Allen über 40, die nicht mehr in den Genuss dieser Technik kommen könnten, riet er, sich einfrieren zu lassen. Glücklicherweise stehen meine persönlichen Chancen nach dieser Einschätzung auch ohne Einfrieren recht gut, und so habe ich mir von David seine Zukunftsvision zwischen Indianer-Tipis auf der Wiese vor dem Konferenzgebäude erklären lassen. Motherboard: Was sind die Prinzipien des Transhumanismus?

What’s next for humans? A useful reading list. Why change a running system? - › Antje Schrupp. Als ich damals über Twitter mitbekommen habe, dass Stephan Urbach sich einen Magneten in die Fingerkuppe hat einbauen lassen, dachte ich erst, das wäre ein Witz.

Why change a running system? - › Antje Schrupp

Wieso würde jemand so etwas freiwillig machen? Der einzige Versuch von Körpermodifikation in meinem Leben war ein gestochenes Ohrloch, das sich hinterher permanent entzündete. Dann kam ich zu der Überzeugung: Mein Körper ist völlig okay so, wie er ist, no need to improve. Hugh Herr: The new bionics that let us run, climb and dance.

I'd like to share a revelation that I've had during my time here...(Matrix plot hole explained) Roboc Limbs - Extension of the Brain. Hawking vs. Haraway - Transhuman Technology. Abstract: Stephan Hawking and Donna Haraway are two scientists who have outspoken ideas about what the merge of technology and humans actually means to us.

Hawking vs. Haraway - Transhuman Technology

Hawking, who has recently joined a Cambridge University think tank that deals with issues of possible take-overs of the human species by apparatus (computers) with sufficient artificial intelligence, is concerned about the evolution of our species. For him, the Darwinian phase of evolution has ended as the human species is nearly done from a natural selection perspective. New evolution comes from incorporating technology and, more important to him, genetic manipulation (brain manipulation) with the purpose of being more intelligent and smarter than our computers that become more and more intelligent, resulting in self-learning and for humans unmanageable apparatus.


I'm Dr. Michio Kaku: a physicist, co founder of string field theory and bestselling author. I can tell you about the future of your mind, AMA. Dr.

I'm Dr. Michio Kaku: a physicist, co founder of string field theory and bestselling author. I can tell you about the future of your mind, AMA

Kaku, I'm a 21 year old Asian-American and my hair is starting to turn silver... Do you think my hair will become as awesome as yours? The key is to choose your parents well. Hey Michio, what is the one thing that blows your mind more than anything else? The idea that excites me the most concerns the two greatest puzzles in science: the origin of the universe, and the origin of consciousness. If an alien spaceship lands in my backyard, what should my first message to them be? Chances are, the aliens will not want to land on our backyard, or even the White House lawn, with their flying saucers. If I can make it 50 more years, will we be able to slice up my brain and cram my consciousness into a machine? By midcentury, we may have Brain 2.0, a backup copy of the brain, the byproduct of the ambitious BRAIN project of Pres. Hello Dr. My question: What is your take on the theory that electrons can surpass large distances via tiny wormholes to support quantum entanglement?

Hello there Dr.


Can augmented reality enhance our sense of empathy?