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The Truth Behind Traditional Chinese Kung Fu | China Uncensored. The Science of Interstellar (9780393351378): Kip Thorne, Christopher Nolan: Books. 'Most Interesting Man' Now a Landmine Hunter. The Science of 'Interstellar': Look Beyond the Wormhole. Christopher Nolan's sci-fi blockbuster, "Interstellar," is winning kudos for its true-to-Einstein depiction of a black hole as well as its off-the-planet exploration agenda. The movie tells the story of a failing Earth — and a last-gasp space mission that sends astronauts through an extradimensional portal known as a wormhole in hopes of finding a habitable haven for humanity amid alien stars.

The film boasts Nolan, the mastermind behind "The Dark Knight Rises" and "Inception," as director and co-writer. It also boasts Caltech theoretical physicist Kip Thorne, who came up with an earlier wormhole concept for Carl Sagan's "Contact," as executive producer and science adviser. Thorne has written a movie-themed book, "The Science of 'Interstellar,'" which is due for release just as the film is coming out. "Neither wormholes nor black holes have been depicted in any Hollywood movie in the way that they actually would appear," Thorne says in a behind-the-scenes featurette.

6 New Workspaces That Are Killing the Corporate Campus. Some things never change, but Pepys’ peripatetic routine underscores just how recent, and how artificial, the modern office is. The notion that a single organization would monopolize a space, often for a single function, is a distinctly 20th century one. The demands of the vertically integrated corporation required tight coordination in both space and time, what Duffy calls “synchrony” and “co-location.” The solution was the skyscraper, and later the suburban campus. But as workflows and processes moved first into software and then into the cloud, the questions of how, where, and with whom we should work are being asked anew. This is the subject of the HBR feature “Workspaces that Move People” of which I was a co-author. In it, we show how those 20th-century concepts of office space are giving way to entirely new ideas of where, and how, we should work. Here’s a taxonomy of the new kinds of workspaces emerging to displace the tyranny of the corporate campus and how they’re being used:

Coupons are King. Blogging Fundamentals for Business: An Online Business-Building Workshop. In this comprehensive online course, Michael Stelzner (founder of Social Media Examiner) will show you: If you want to make blogging work for your business, this hands-on course is just what you've been looking for. Click here to purchase. Dear Fellow Marketer; Have you ever looked at successful blogs and thought, "I wish I had that? " If so, you and I are a lot alike. When I started Social Media Examiner, there were thousands of other social media blogs. But I didn't let that stop me. I grew Social Media Examiner into one of the largest business blogs in the world—and it rapidly grew our business into a multimillion-dollar company.

Social Media Examiner is one of the world's largest business blogs. All of our growth came from the blog. Business blogging allows you to become "the source" that people turn to, reference and frequent. That's what Blogging Fundamentals for Business is all about. The course will show you precisely what you need to know and do to achieve blogging success. P.S. P.P.S. Understanding online marketing from the Course Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter.

Okay, well, before we jump right in to setting up our accounts on Facebook and Twitter, I want to step back a bit and put the whole concept of social media marketing in context with other kinds of online marketing, especially for those of you who are not quite sure where it fits in the mix. It all started many years ago with the web site, that if your company, or you offer a service for sale, that you would put up a web site, essentially a 24x7 online brochure.

So if somebody knows your URL, the address of your web site, they could go there and they could learn all about your web site. They could sign up for more information or for newsletter or whatever, and that is something that we still do today. There is a web site. That's how you are marketing your company. So if I'm a prospective customer and I'm looking for a local place to buy say gourmet cupcakes, I would go to Google or Bing or Yahoo! Those are paid ads that are responding to the keywords that people are entering. Ilan Eshkeri. Ilan Eshkeri is an English film composer. Early life[edit] Eshkeri was born in London.[1] During his childhood, he learned to play the violin and guitar and later went on to play in a rock band. Eshkeri attended Leeds University where he studied music and English literature. During this time he also worked with fellow film composers Edward Shearmur, Michael Kamen and music producer Steve McLaughlin.

Career[edit] Eshkeri's other notable works include The Young Victoria, which was nominated for this year's Ivor Novello Award for Best Original Score; Warner Bros' martial arts epic Ninja Assassin, Dino DeLaurentiis' Hannibal Rising, and producing the BAFTA-nominated score to Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll. In 2012, Eshkeri was commissioned by Keith H. Discography[edit] Film[edit] Television[edit] Video games[edit] The Sims 4 (2014)[7] Awards[edit] 2008 Malibu Film Festival Winner for Best Soundtrack: Strength & Honour 2010 BAFTA nomination for Best Music: Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll (music producer)

How the Economic Machine Works [Animation] by Ray Dalio. Facebook Q3 Earnings Call: 10 Things You Need To Know Right Now - Heyo Blog. The 2014 Gift Guide: What To Get Creatives (And Those Who Want To Be More Creative) Geese are fattening, old men are awaiting haypennies (whatever those are) in their hats, and Christmas (or whatever) is fast approaching.

And while you almost certainly have great ideas for the boring people in your life (what up, gift card!) , more creative friends/family members/co-workers require more consideration: their gifts have to be both genuinely useful and clever enough to make it clear that you know them well. To that end, we've assembled a can't-miss gift guide for the creative folks in your life, to ensure that they'll be inspired and equipped going into 2015. Your 'Interstellar' Reality Check. Bethany Mota YouTube Fans And Reviews. Theory of constraints. The theory of constraints (TOC) is a management paradigm that views any manageable system as being limited in achieving more of its goals by a very small number of constraints. There is always at least one constraint, and TOC uses a focusing process to identify the constraint and restructure the rest of the organization around it.

TOC adopts the common idiom "a chain is no stronger than its weakest link. " This means that processes, organizations, etc., are vulnerable because the weakest person or part can always damage or break them or at least adversely affect the outcome. History[edit] An earlier propagator of the concept was Wolfgang Mewes[2] in Germany with publications on power-oriented management theory (Machtorientierte Führungstheorie, 1963) and following with his Energo-Kybernetic System (EKS, 1971), later renamed Engpasskonzentrierte Strategie as a more advanced theory of bottlenecks. Key assumption[edit] The five focusing steps[edit] Constraints[edit] Breaking a constraint[edit] 10 | This Futuristic Office Doesn't Have Chairs And Desks. Forget standing desks. In the office of the future, you might lean instead—supported by giant rock-like sculptures that designers argue are a healthier, more active way to work than anything that's come before.

A prototype of the office design is now on display in Amsterdam. "We said, what if we could create a work environment which is not based on tables and chairs anymore? " says Ronald Rietveld, one of the founders of RAAAF, a Dutch design firm that worked on the project with artist Barbara Visser. "We wanted to create not just furniture, but new ways of working actively on the scale of the whole working environment. " The new office is meant to help combat all of the health problems—from heart disease to diabetes—that the typical desk job can contribute to or exacerbate.

The designers are working with researchers from the University of Groningen to test the room's advantages. Here's a glimpse of the design process: Powered by Infusionsoft. Live. 10 Gifts For The Hacker In Your Life. Chances are you know someone who likes to code, build things, hack things, or make, break, and fix things. Chances are also good that you have no idea what to get them for a gift. But don't worry: Co.Labs has you covered. Whether they're into hardware or software, stuff you wear or stuff you fly, still in elementary school or retired from IBM, we have just the thing for the hacker in your life.

Makey Makey Makey Makey is pretty much the Coolest Thing Ever. If you can connect an alligator clip to it, it can probably be an input. FLORA wearable electronics platform FLORA is an Adruino-compatible platform for make-your-own wearable electronics projects. Other examples of projects you can make with FLORA include: a skirt that sparkles when you move, a plush toy SNES emulator controller, a hat that reminds you to put on sunscreen when UV levels are high, a coat with LEDs that change color based on your location, or pretty much any other wearable project you can dream up. $19.95 and up. OpenPCR. Kano - Kano. Two Ways to Think About Career Fulfillment. A good job pays well. A great job fills you with a sense of purpose. A meaningful career is something most of us want, even if it can be hard to create. What makes a career meaningful? I’ve been thinking about that, and I’ve come to two very different possible answers.

Although they might seem incompatible, I think seeking the types of opportunities where they overlap is probably the best route to career fulfillment. The Economic Perspective Intuitively, we should feel like our career is meaningful if it is helping others in some way or fulfilling some creative vision. Economics roughly equates the idea of helping others with increasing utility. A fulfilling career, by this definition, is one that creates a lot of utility for other people. Then how do you create utility?

Charity is great, but it can sometimes be unsustainable. Luckily you can still create utility, even if you charge for your labor. My career as a writer produces a fair amount of consumer surplus. Knowing Facts Still Matters (Even in an Age of Wikipedia) A popular meme is that knowing a lot of facts is unimportant for being able to think well. Albert Einstein stated this idea best when he said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Perhaps in a previous time, when instant access to answers on Google or Wikipedia wasn’t available, facts were important. But nowadays, the meme goes, it’s more important to know how to think about things, rather than know a lot of facts.

Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Factual knowledge isn’t just important, it probably underlies the very capacity for imagination that Einstein valued. Here’s cognitive scientist Daniel Willingham’s explanation: “Knowledge is more important [than imagination], because it’s a prerequisite for imagination, or at least the sort of imagination that leads to problem solving, decision-making and creativity. Knowledge is Exponential Growth Factual knowledge matters because it determines the speed you can acquire new knowledge on a topic. Experiments confirm this idea. The Rise Of Sadvertising: Why Brands Are Determined To Make You Cry.

There was a time in the not so distant past when funny ruled advertising. Whether absurd and awkward, sharp and wry, or broad and ball-busting, comedy in all its forms was the dominant language in marketing. Then something changed. Quietly at first, then in a more pronounced fashion. In the beginning, certain people (not us) would find themselves discreetly, incredulously, wiping a tear from their eye while watching an ad online. These individuals might blame things like new parenthood on the lapse in steely resolve. But then, things began to escalate. So what the hell is going on? If you look at the current state of media, there’s more value placed on "meaningful" content—inspirational stories that you just have to see, or will change your world, and don’t even ask what happens next because it will simply blow your mind or break your heart or take your breath away. The Upworthy effect can be added to another, larger cultural trend: the trend toward reality.

The results are mixed. How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio. Home | Mokriya. Ray Dalio Discussing the Economic Machine at the New York Times DealBook Conference. How Sam Carpenter’s Book “Work The System” Revolutionized My Thinking. Sam Carpenter’s book “Work The System” revolutionized my thinking. It was more accessible and applicable than other approaches and recently Sam asked ME a bunch of questions. This is a great intersection of Sam’s systems thinking with my obsession with “That special 1% that delivers 50% of the results.” Enjoy: Perry Marshall About the Author Entrepreneur Magazine says: "Perry Marshall is the #1 author and world's most-quoted consultant on Google Advertising. He has helped over 100,000 advertisers save literally billions of dollars in Adwords stupidity tax. " He is referenced across the Internet and by The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, the Chicago Tribune and Forbes Magazine.

Last 5 Posts by Perry Bookmark, Share, and Receive Updates... Bookmark this post, or send it to a friend by clicking the social bookmarking icons below. Day 24 - The Branding Summit. 5 Health Myths That Are Completely Wrong. To-do list. | To Do List | Pinterest. Done for You Systemization - Work the System. A Shortcut to Your Next Major Breakthrough. For months, maybe even years, you’ve had my book. As you know, it describes how I went from a prisoner of my business to the master of it. How I went from 80+ hour workweeks to working only 2 hours per week. How I went from near-bankruptcy and teetering on poverty, to living in the Top-1% of income earners in the USA.

The solution? SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT. Is my book sitting on your shelf gathering dust? How come? If you’d like to systemize your business, but you never seem to get around to it, please keep reading. Below I’ll explain how we will systemize your business FOR YOU. In the beginning, writing Procedures for your entire company is serious Heavy Lifting! Let’s face it. And so, it’s a good possibility it’s not going to happen at all! When we consult with business owners, this #1 concern comes up over and over again: “I know I need procedures to free up my time, but I don’t have time to create them.”

What a cruel, vicious cycle. Damned if you do. Intensive — 5 Stones Achievement Intensive. The Venn Diagram of Irrational Nonsense. The curiously revered world of irrational nonsense has seeped into almost every aspect of modern society and is both complex and multifarious. Therefore rather than attempt a comprehensive taxonomy, I have opted instead for a gross oversimplification and a rather pretty Venn Diagram. In my gross over simplification the vast majority of the multitude of evidenced-free beliefs at large in the world can be crudely classified into four basic sets or bollocks.

Namely, Religion, Quackery, Pseudoscience and the Paranormal. However as such nonsensical beliefs continue to evolve they become more and more fanciful and eventually creep across the bollock borders. Although all the items depicted on the diagram are completely bereft of any form of scientific credibility, those that successfully intersect the sets achieve new heights of implausibility and ridiculousness. Religious Bollocks ∩ Quackery Bollocks ∩ Pseudoscientific Bollocks ∩ Paranormal Bollocks = Scientology UPDATE 24th March 2013. 12 Amazing Things Scientists Discovered This Year About People Who Listen to Music.

Online Courses from the World's Experts. How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio. Done for You Systemization - Work the System. Work The System Academy. Success Crash Course | Profit Factory. Bridgewater - Research & Press. Fast food CEO: McDonald's has problems. We don't. Log in to SlideShare. Home. Crack Your Egg And Break Free! How to say 'No' - and Gain More Time for what's Important | EdJourneys. Shooting a GoPro Timelapse - #GoProWeek | Wistia Blog. Dear Kate Yoga Pants Without Underwear. Men vs Women: Do They Manage Money Differently. Crack Your Egg And Break Free! How the Economic Machine Works [Animation] by Ray Dalio. Creating Meaning with Kumu - Udemy. User account | Insight Maker.

Core77 / industrial design magazine + resource / home. Why Even the Smallest Pieces of Content Really Matter | Professional Content Creation. How the Economic Machine Works [Animation] by Ray Dalio. Passion - Inspirational video (ft. Will Smith, Randy Pausch) What Do Your Dreams Mean? Here’s How to Decode Them | How to Create the Income You Desire + A Life You Love. 175+ Top Habit Books (or How to Never Run Out of Books to Read) | Develop Good Habits. Registration. 101 Ways to get more coaching clients | Integral Praxis. Your Life Breakthrough Kit | A Bug Free Mind. 25 Websites That Will Make You Smarter. Your Life Breakthrough Kit | A Bug Free Mind.

Sciatica Pictures Slideshow: Sciatica Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments. 12 Creative Turkey Sandwich Recipes. Online Courses from the World's Experts. Online Business Academy. ‫יאיר שיינפלד מעביר סדנת Networking בלאומי‬‎ Imaginary Men (New Audio Program) [TSE 119] Creating Your Brands Persona On YouTube with Amy Schmittauer |The Suitcase Entrepreneur. Evelyn Glennie: How to truly listen. ECONOMY Infographics on Pinterest | 89 Pins. Optical Poems by Oskar Fischinger, the Avant-Garde Animator Hated by Hitler, Dissed by Disney. About Us. Horizons 2014: TOM SHRODER & NICHOLAS BLACKSTON “Acid Test: LSD, Ecstasy and the Power to Heal” The Millionaire’s Brain Review. Online Business Academy. Share The Webinar Funnel System - LeadPages. Origins Film Premiere. Order Considerations. Special. Codarica: Fun Coding Games to Teach Children as Young as 6 to Code.

CLICKBANK SECURE ORDER FORM. Manifest Your Soul’s Purpose. Thank you for Ordering. Thank you for Ordering. Thank you for Ordering. 6 Ways Women Can Be More Attractive. Turkish Coffee Recipe For More Caffeine. Shaolin Wugulun Kungfu - Lesson 1: Standing Exercises. Orientation : Blog Success @ A-List Blogging. 10 Intriguing Ways to Start Your Business Blog Content Introductions. Blogging 101: Zero to Hero | Courses. The Complete Guide to Building Your Personal Brand. Order Access: The Brain Stimulator. Dashboard | EMyth Online Education. 90 Day Challenge. Common Digestive Problems Myths: IBS, Gas, Diarrhea, Heartburn, and More. Brands Get Free Ticket To IGNITION. Brands Get Free Ticket To IGNITION.