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ARTE sur Twitter : "Combien de dollars #Google, #Facebook et #Twitter génèrent sur vos données ? #DoNotTrack. Do Not Track. 5 Twitter tips & tricks to keep your followers engaged in 2013. It’s a new year!

5 Twitter tips & tricks to keep your followers engaged in 2013

Have you thought about your digital goals and resolutions? 2013 promised to be an even more social year than the past few years, with Twitter becoming more mainstream and integrated into people’s lives. Considering this fact, it’s a good thing to realize your presence on Twitter is ever changing and getting more important, both for brands and individuals. So here are 5 Twitter tips & tricks to strengthen your influence on Twitter and keep your followers engaged in 2013. 1. BUT, keep in mind to get (and keep) your story straight. 2. Keep it personal and real, your followers aren’t stupid. 3. The best way to strengthen your message(s) even more is with great (and relevant) visuals. 4. Twitter now has more than 200 million active monthly users. Twitter : Une application pour imiter les filtres photo d’Instagram. New York City's Hurricane Sandy images go viral on Instagram, Twitter.

Since many of us living along the path of Hurricane Sandy were ordered to stay put in our homes yesterday, plenty took to Instagram and Twitter to share updates of what they saw happening in their neighborhoods.

New York City's Hurricane Sandy images go viral on Instagram, Twitter

Instagram easily became one of the quickest ways to illustrate Sandy’s devastation, and here’s a rundown of what happened last night that quite literaly blew us away. nature’s wrathMon, Oct 29 2012 19:20:26Even before Hurricane Sandy made landfall in the tri-state area, residents reported flooding all over downtown New York and Brooklyn. Une étude exhaustive de Twitter. Le succès du réseau social Twitter n'est plus à prouver.

Une étude exhaustive de Twitter

Depuis quelques années maintenant, le site possède des millions d'utilisateurs. De nombreuses études ont déjà été menées pour dresser les profils des "twittos" mais aucune n'a jamais été aussi complète que celle de Beevolve. En effet, mis à part les chiffres que l’on connaît déjà, cette nouvelle étude nous offre des statistiques, parfois aussi utiles qu’elles peuvent être absurdes. Parmi les 36 millions de profils Twitter étudiés, il ressort que la majorité des utilisateurs sont des femmes, et principalement âgés entre 15 et 25 ans. Cela, on le savait déjà. Mais quelle est, par exemple, la couleur de fond d’écran préférée des utilisateurs ?

En sus d’être plus nombreuses, les femmes sont aussi plus actives. [slashgear] [étude de Beevolve (in english)] Photo by onzyme. A Visual History of Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC] The Social Media Infographics Series is supported by Vocus' Social Media Strategy Tool, a free, six-step online tool that lets you build a custom social media framework tailored to your organization’s goals.

A Visual History of Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Since its launch in the summer of 2006, Twitter has become the leader in microblogging, limiting even its most famous users to a concise 140 characters. This infographic details Twitter's most influential content creators, staggering adoption rates, and struggle to turn a profit. Curious about The Biebs' first tweet? Wondering which event caused the latest tweets-per-second record? Scroll on down for a bird's eye view (see what we did there?) Infographic design by Emily Caufield Series supported by Vocus This series is supported by Vocus' Social Media Strategy Tool, a free online tool which lets you build your own custom social media framework in six easy steps.

Why Tweet? “Why should I be on Twitter?

Why Tweet?

No one cares what I’m doing and I don’t care what they are doing.” This is the most common answer for people who aren’t currently using the social media platform when asked about it. That’s the easy answer, but let’s dig a little deeper into why people give that answer. Twitter Has 100 Million Active Users. Twitter has 100 million active users logging in at least once a month and 50 million active users every day, CEO Dick Costolo revealed Thursday.

Twitter Has 100 Million Active Users

The microblogging service has a total of 200 million registered users, but how many of those are actually regulars has been open to debate for some time. Costolo, in an informal chat with tech reporters he called his "state of the union," revealed that exactly half of them log in monthly — a number he says is up 82% since the beginning of the year. The CEO offered a whole raft of statistics to prove that Twitter is healthy and growing like a weed — especially on mobile platforms. Some 55 million users log on to Twitter from their phone or tablet every month. Twitter & Bing Show Their Love for Each Other..via Twitter. When Did You Join Twitter? How Twitter Helps Network Solutions Manage Its Reputation.

Les dernières statistiques de Twitter. Kl7w8ehj Shared by onzyme. Subjot: A Twitter alternative that lets you curate content - TNW Apps. Do we really need more social networks?

Subjot: A Twitter alternative that lets you curate content - TNW Apps

Looking at New York based Chris and Becky Carella’s latest venture, Subjot, the answer could well be ‘yes’. Twitpic founder Noah Everett just launched his own Twitter clone, Heello, which has been met with raised eyebrows and confusion. Heello feels far too much like a barebones version of Twitter, at least for the time being. Subjot, on the other hand, makes a decent effort in terms of setting itself apart. Subjot is not just another Twitter clone. How does it work? When sending an update, which is limited to 250 characters, you can accompany that update with a ‘subject’ of your choice. Twitterfeed Acquired by Bitly. Dashboard - Your Tweets.