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Living in Korea as a foreign woman undermines your value as a person. I just got an e-mail from someone I went to elementary school with, who I probably haven't talked to or seen in over 15 years, who could easily just not care that I exist.

Living in Korea as a foreign woman undermines your value as a person

Instead, he reached out to me to tell me he wants to have me over to introduce me to young parents in our neighborhood, because I am coming back from Korea. I just swelled up. Suddenly, I realized I am a regular person. I am about to be one, anyway. I am not one yet. I can't fully explain the emotion involved in this post. I have spent years living as a second class citizen. I have had it drilled into me, from the first year when I definitely noticed that bus drivers and taxi drivers would not pick me up. When I was single, I wasn't as mad about it. Koreans act like foreigners are not equal to them. Doctors. Pediatricians are the same. I went to the dentist last week. Another thing that bothers me is the conversation stopper, "you don't understand Korean culture.

" Thinking about all this stuff hurts my head. When it comes to Porn in Korea, it’s just not a Woman’s World. This country has a strange system regarding porn because it is both illegal and legal.

When it comes to Porn in Korea, it’s just not a Woman’s World

In Korea, it is illegal to film, broadcast, or sell porn but it is perfectly legal to have porn in your possession providing you are over the age of 18. Interestingly, a google search of Korean porn actresses surfaced 5 professional Korean Porn actresses- Gaia, Lucy Lee, Tai Ling, Minka (the world’s most enhanced woman) and Nicole Oring. All these women are based in the USA. Adolescent Crimes in Korea Become More Elaborate, Brutal. According to the Korean National Police Agency, a total of 17,902 adolescents aged 19 years and less were apprehended for various crimes from 2011 to 2015.

Adolescent Crimes in Korea Become More Elaborate, Brutal

This year, from January to May, a total of 1,044 adolescents were arrested. Among the 1,044, 546 were charged with ‘violent crimes’, which include murder, robbery, rape, and arson. ILDA. This cute instagrammer is actually hiding one of Korea’s sexiest bodies. Controversies may cause idols to fall from grace, going from one of the most popular celebrities in the nation to becoming downright disliked.

This cute instagrammer is actually hiding one of Korea’s sexiest bodies

With the year approaching its end soon, netizens reminisced on several idols who started off the year on top of the industry but have waned in popularity due to scandals or controversies. The list, which includes a list of many big names and why they’ve become disliked, has become quite popular on Pann, drawing in comments from many netizens. In a thread titled “Idols who were likable and then became unlikable in 2015,” a netizen compiled such a list. Below is the list and a brief overview of the reason why this netizen believed the idol became disliked. Find out what Netizens had to say about this article below! 1. La rue, territoire d’une jeunesse coréenne en détresse - La Croix.

Dans des proportions alarmantes, les adolescents sud-coréens fuient la violence de leur foyer pour vivre dans la rue.

La rue, territoire d’une jeunesse coréenne en détresse - La Croix

Ils y deviennent des proies faciles pour les réseaux de prostitution et de banditisme. Une modèle XXL contre le culte de la minceur en Corée. Pourquoi la Corée du Sud est encore un émergent. The Slut-Shame Game: Fueling the Flames of South Korea’s Sex Industry  The Slut-Shame Game: Fueling the Flames of South Korea’s Sex Industry Written by Erianne On March 14, 2016 When it comes to talks of how sexuality is perceived in a particular place, it’s never a good thing to base one’s judgement solely on how the media depicts it.

The Slut-Shame Game: Fueling the Flames of South Korea’s Sex Industry 

That’s because if there’s anything that the media has misrepresented the most in the course of its development over the years, it is that of human sexuality. One good example of this would be how the South Korean entertainment industry — K-pop in particular — portrays sexuality. Un grain de sable: La philosophie inutile ? Dépassée par les sciences ? Sur les malentendus du positivisme naïf. J'avoue avoir du mal à comprendre la raison pour laquelle certains scientifiques (généralement des physiciens médiatiques) s'évertuent à déclarer la mort de la philosophie (voir ici et là).

Un grain de sable: La philosophie inutile ? Dépassée par les sciences ? Sur les malentendus du positivisme naïf.

Il y a comme des relents de guerre des sciences dans tout ça. Séoul: le premier magasin de sextoys dédié aux femmes. Corée du Sud. Ci-gît la liberté d’opinion. Il y aura d’un côté le faste et les célébrations, de l’autre, l’ombre des progressistes qui croupissent en prison.

Corée du Sud. Ci-gît la liberté d’opinion

Un mois après le lancement de l’année croisée France-Corée qui marque le 130e anniversaire de l’établissement des relations diplomatiques, le président Hollande se rend aujourd’hui en Corée du Sud. Selon l’Élysée, l’objectif de ce déplacement est de relancer le partenariat avec l’une des plus grandes économies numériques de la planète où la France réalise son quatrième excédent commercial global. Au cœur de la douzième puissance mondiale, qui reste un allié sans faille de Washington, le président français devrait évoquer la COP21 et la situation en Corée du Nord avec son homologue Park Geun-hye. Il y a, en revanche, fort à parier qu’il ne fera aucun cas du sort des militants politiques ou syndicaux qui subissent la répression du pouvoir.

Silent Marriage? 40 Percent of Married Couples Talk Less Than 30 min a Day. A recent study has revealed that four out of ten married couples in Korea talk less than 30 minutes a day with their spouses.

Silent Marriage? 40 Percent of Married Couples Talk Less Than 30 min a Day

Having a spouse that routinely comes home late and the use of smartphones were identified as the main causes of the phenomenon. (Image : Pixabay) SEOUL, Oct. 30 (Korea Bizwire) – A recent study has revealed that four out of ten married couples in Korea talk less than 30 minutes a day with their spouses. Éducation en Corée du Sud : l'obsession de la réussite. 'Before and After' - Public space transformations in Korea.

This is a guest post by Yuval Fogelson.

'Before and After' - Public space transformations in Korea

Korean Healthcare and MERS. NOTE: The following op-ed was submitted by Greg Timlin. Even after spending 12 years here in the Land of the Morning Calm, I still find that, on a daily basis, some aspect or another of this wonderful, interesting, sometimes confusing country emerges out of the general background noise of day-to-day living, to command extra consideration. On a given day, it might be the amazing cuisine. Or the intensely competitive education culture. Or the daily brushes with death, known locally as “driving.” I feel the more I experience my adopted home’s culture in its various manifestations, the richer and fuller life here can be. And with the fairly recent outbreak of the deadly MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) virus, one facet of Korean daily life emerged, for a few months anyways, above all others to dominate the news and water-cooler conversation: its lauded but somewhat unique healthcare system.

La Corée du Sud, ce pays où les hommes se disent défavorisés par rapport aux femmes. In South Korea, hiking has become almost a national identity. Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly reported that Odaesan, or Odae Mountain, is three hours west of Seoul. It is three hours east of that city. Les Coréennes, nouveaux modèles de beauté. Leçon d'homophobie au lycée.

Un étudiant coréen s'indigne d'un questionnaire sur l'homosexualité. Excessive Photoshopping in Korean Ads: A Korean Critique. (Source: Busan Focus, p. 15, July 12 2011) It’s strange I know, and it makes me sound facetious too. But I just can’t help it — every time I see excessive photoshopping, I think of Nazis. Specifically, I think of how pervasive antisemitism in the Wiemar Republic undergirded their rise.

Korean Sociological Image #92: Patriotic Marketing Through Sexual Objectification, Part 1. Join with me please, in bursting out laughing at the caption to this image on the Chosun Ilbo website… Models pose with the taegeukgi or national flag in front of the Lotte World Tower in Seoul on Thursday, ahead of the 70th anniversary of liberation from the Japanese colonial rule. …because of its eerie resemblance to a description of a “spontaneous demonstration” given in the TV adaptation of Animal Farm (1999): Ask a North Korean: do you love K-pop too? K-pop groups have grown much more popular in North Korea since 2012.

But although bands often look glamorous, beautiful and frequently feature in big-budget music videos, North Koreans tend to pay more attention to the lyrics and the vocals, than to how the singers are dressed. North Korea is also a very patriarchal society, and the skimpy clothes worn bythe stars are often frowned upon by local audiences. In the DPRK, people who can afford to watch these kinds of videos are the ones with money. Korea Now ! Craft, design, mode et graphisme en Corée - du 19 septembre 2015 au 3 janvier 2016. Les épouses fortunées des dignitaires nord-coréens prendraient de la méthamphétamine pour perdre du poids. OOGEEWOOGEE / Korea’s First Plus-Size Model Responds to the “Korea’s Unrealistic Beauty Standard” Article. “Behind every glance is a judgment” –John Berger, Ways of Seeing Comments on one’s figure is often, quite subtly, a customary greeting between friends in Korea, even towards foreign men.

I recall, during my time in Busan, when an old ahjussi (elder man) at the Shinsegae sauna (shower area) sparked a conversation with me by commenting on my fully nude body–umm, certainly not the ideal place to receive any compliments (or shame) from another man. Korea tops ratio of underpaid workers in major economies. About 1 in 7 workers in South Korea is paid the legal minimum wage or less, the highest rate among OECD member countries, a recent study showed.

According to the annual employment outlook by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, nearly 15 percent of the Korean salaried workers were paid the minimum wage or less as of 2013, more than double the average rate of 5.5 percent among the surveyed 21 countries. The proportion for below-minimum wage workers in Korea was the highest in the OECD at 14.7 percent, followed by Latvia at 14.2 percent, Luxembourg at 12.3 percent and the Netherlands at 9 percent. Spain ranked the lowest on the list at 0.2 percent. Published in July, the OECD Employment Outlook for this year reviewed recent labor market trends and prospects in the club of advanced economies by gathering data on the minimum wage of its 19 member nations and two others -- Latvia and Colombia -- working to join the group. By Ock Hyun-ju ( China Deports North Korean Workers Forced Into Sex Trade.

What Is the Korean Dream?  The term "Chinese Dream" is receiving a lot of attention since the President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping embraced the slogan in November, 2012 soon after taking office. In an article for the Huffington Post, French sinologist David Gosset described the Chinese Dream as the intersection of a "Modern China" of skyscrapers and factories, a "Civilizational China" of Confucius and a "Global China" symbolizing China's broad impact on the political economies of all nations. In sum, the Chinese dream signifies a new cultural and economic confidence that Xi hopes will resonate around the world. Can't Live With My Korean Husband Due To My Poor Korean - South Korean Human Rights Monitor. Classiques du cinéma érotique japonais - Olivier Père. Contemporary Korean Women to Watch. 韓国の人糞酒「トンスル」 - KOREAN POO WINE. Hot Summer On Screen: Sizzling it up with More Provocative K-Pop - Busan Haps. Step aside Miley Cyrus, here comes K-Porn.

« Tuez-les ! » : le racisme anti-Coréens choque les Japonais. Fayetteville State University-Van Cantfort & Dar. En Corée, après l'école, c'est encore l'école - Le monde bouge. L’école en Corée. Le système scolaire en Corée. L'enfance sacrifiée des écoliers sud-coréens. L’école en Corée du Sud par Julien. Corée du Sud : l’esthétique passe par la chirurgie des mâchoires. Les Coréens en France. The official website of the Republic of Korea. Corée du Sud : L'interdiction de l'avortement jugée « constitutionnelle »

Corée du Sud : Park Geun-hye, la "dame de fer" de Séoul. Korean slim and slender legs secret. La longue longue histoire des deux Corées. Seoul Fashion Week - K-Pop to Double Eyelid Surgery. J’ai écouté de la K-Pop pendant 48 heures.