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How to double your reading speed (without losing comprehension) A 15-minute Guide to Blogging, Online Marketing, and Growth. By setting the right engines in place, you get the “second chance” — the “second touch” point through which you can reconnect with those visitors and remind them it was you who wrote that article.

Here are some of the key engines: 1.1. To email or not to email For a long time, I ignored the advice of one of my favorite marketing guys, Noah Kagan, and I decided to place an email subscription form on my website only after more than half of my traffic was gone. I was too late and was able to collect only 32K email addresses. After all those email campaigns, I have to confess that email is now by far the most effective marketing tool that works for me and for almost every one of my clients with no exception. That’s how I get the first 100 shares.

Set up an email subscription form before it’s too late. 1.2. Finding the right engine depends on your goals. What do you want your readers to do while they’re reading, or once they finish reading your story? Follow you on Instagram? 2. 3. A. 1. 2. 3. P.S. 10 secrets to make a social media manager's life easier. There’s this common misconception that managing social media on a professional level is as easy and breezy as uploading an image on Facebook with a simple caption to go with it. But, you and I both know that there’s so much more to it. Managing social media effectively is about posting the right content on the right platform, establishing your brand’s authority, thinking ahead, building relations, measuring and monitoring your performance, and the list goes on and on.6 Basically, social media management can be a full-time job but it can become even more of a challenge if managing your brand’s social media presence is only part of your daily tasks.

So where to begin? As dreadful as it may sound, a social media audit is something that you should do on a frequent basis. But where to begin? Take a look at a few basic steps for a super quick social media audit you can do on a frequent basis. Many of the social media managers I speak to face the same challenge: Content curation. 1. 2. 3. The Biggest Barriers To Innovation: People. One of our start-ups is It is a service that manages ticket sales for events. We built it to help us sell tickets for The Next Web Conference and it saved us so much time that we put it into a separate service that we could offer to others too. During one sales meeting we spoke with a larger company which explained how they handled tickets sales now: one person received orders via email, then forwarded those emails to the financial department where they typed the info into an excel sheet. From that excel sheet they copied the data to different invoice word files that they printed out and mailed to participants.

We listened to the story, amazed at how inefficient it all was, and were happy to be able to offer them our solution which eliminated the need to email, track or print anything and make the task easy enough to be handled by one person. Did they buy it? It turned out that the police officer in charge got his status partly from the amount of people he managed. Jobs - Independents United. Creating the Company of the Future — The Entrepreneurial Way.

For the first time in my working life, I don’t feel completely out on a limb. For the first ten working years, I pretty much hated the companies I worked for. Some were large institutions, where everyone complained about everything but never did anything about it and the so-called culture and values were often used as a stick to beat people into submission. People talked about “work/life balance” a lot, perniciously pervading the idea that work had to be the bad bit of your life that you balanced off with the good stuff outside of work. One was a start-up consultancy that I joined very early on. It was dynamic, exciting and interesting work. But it was also a place where office politics ruled, people regularly stabbed each other in the back and where I never received so much as a “thank you” from the founders for the 3 years I spent helping them grow a company which they eventually sold for over £500m.

It was all pretty depressing stuff. So, why do I even believe that it’s all broken? Entrepreneurship.