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Landmatters Permaculture Project - Home

Landmatters Permaculture Project - Home Hello from beautiful Devon. Here at the Landmatters Community our lives are filled with gardening, bringing up children, animal care, processing firewood, managing woodlands, pumping water, hosting volunteers and visitors, holding consensus meetings, maintaining and building structures, running courses and events, fixing things, maintaining solar and wind power, administering the needs of the Co-op, and gently managing the pastures and ancient hedgerows. Everything here takes much longer to accomplish than you might expect because we are totally off-grid and walk distances between facilities. However, that allows us to make a close connection with the plants and wildlife that share this land with us, and to enjoy the magnificent views of Dartmoor, as we go about our work and play. Contact us
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We plant trees. Not just any trees, but natural, native trees, trees that have been part of the English landscape for thousands of years. We grow them from locally collected seed in our own nurseries, nurtured by lots of local volunteers and then used to recreate woodland that has become a rare sight in the countryside. We are always looking for landowners, mainly on Dartmoor or in the South Hams, who are keen to provide parcels of land, both small and large, where they want to create a legacy for the future. This land is often marginal for farming or no longer profitable. Everyone can take part – we offer tree dedications for weddings, birthdays or perhaps as a gift in a will, from single trees to copses or whole woodlands! Moor Trees Moor Trees
This is the virtual porthole for The Hillyfield, a beautiful wooded valley in Devon. Find out about forthcoming events, activities, and opportunities at this heavenly woodland farm on Dartmoor. Check out the ‘GET INVOLVED’ page (using the top-bar) to find out what’s going on right now. ‘The Hillyfield’ A Woodland Farm on Dartmoor ‘The Hillyfield’ A Woodland Farm on Dartmoor