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Web protection. Our built-in reporting means you’ll know exactly what's happening with your users.

Web protection

Fix problems fast and shape your policies, keeping your users secure while boosting network performance. And, you get detailed reports as standard, stored locally with no separate tools required. At-a-glance flow graphs show usage trends with predefined and customizable reports, providing key web activity. Report anonymization hides user names, requiring the four-eyes-principle to unhide them. Chiffrement et Stéganographie. Le chiffrement consiste à protéger par cryptographie ses fichiers ou une partition de son disque dur, ou sa communication numérique (courriel, messagerie instantanée, téléphonie).

Chiffrement et Stéganographie

Citation de Philip Zimmermann, l'inventeur de PGP : "If privacy is outlawed, only outlaws will have privacy". En français: "Si l'intimité est déclarée hors-la-loi, seuls les hors-la-loi auront une intimité". Documentation/UsersReferenceManual/GettingStarted/01-Frequently-Asked-Questions. [GUIDE] How to Install firmware(1.5/2.1) on your Galaxy. Hey guys, All the guides I read were ethier a bit incomplete, a bit wrong or outdated. So I decided to create this new guide, this guide is the first in a series of guides I will be doing for various things that you can do with your i5700, so if you need any help with anything please do not hesitate to reply or send me a message and I will happily help you out. With that over and done with let's get started: Items required: _________________________________________________ A firmware you want to upgrade/downgrade to(I will explain where to get this below) _ A Galaxy Spica/Lite/Portal that is over half way charged _ A USB Cable for you phone _ All drivers & PC Suite must be both installed from your Samsung NPC Disc that came with your phone __________________________________________________ Okay, now you should have all you need and you should have download a firmware.

Step 1: OPTIONAL: You may or may not want to remove your SD Card and SIM card, I didn't but some guides say you should. Ubuntu Start in Launchpad. Features: * Zenity for a GUI * Adds extra repositories: Ubuntu restricted, extras, Medibuntu, Getdeb, Dropbox (only if you select to install Dropbox) * Installs from repositories: The GIMP, Pidgin, WINE, Choose between the best 3 docks for Linux (Docky, Cairo Dock and Avant Window Navigator), Install Google Earth, Bisigi Themes, Community themes (and extra community themes), Chromium browser, Gnome Do, Guake, VLC media player, Mplayer, SMplayer, Thunderbird, Dropbox, Codecs (multimedia, java, flash), additional archives support, DVD support and fonts, Ubuntu Tweak, Deluge Torrent, CompizConfig Settings Manager, Development tools (from build-essential to Subversion, GIT and so on). * Downloads and installs the following: Google Chrome browser (will download the build for 32 or 64 bit, depending on your Ubuntu version), official smiley themes for Pidgin (for all the protocols), the latest Flash Player for 64bit via Adobe's website, Skype (32 or 64bit, depending on your Ubuntu version).

Ubuntu Start in Launchpad

Verizon Wireless security contact? Full Disclosure mailing list archives Verizon Wireless security contact?

Verizon Wireless security contact?

From: auto666077 () hushmail com Date: Thu, 02 Sep 2010 10:11:55 -0400 I'm looking for a Verizon Wireless security contact to report somewhat minor security issues with their software. If you know one, I'd appreciate it if you could reply to me with their contact info. _______________________________________________ Full-Disclosure - We believe in it. Charter: Hosted and sponsored by Secunia - By Date By Thread Current thread:Verizon Wireless security contact? Boomy Icons: Web options Icon. Recently viewed icons Share this link Sponsored links Follow us web Search tag Good (5) Bad (0) Report abuse options Search tag Good (4) Bad (0) Report abuse Icon Rating.

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Rollyo: Roll Your Own Search Engine.


Skype L2. Wink - [Homepage] Here is a sample Flash tutorial created by Wink.

Wink - [Homepage]

Click the green arrow button to start viewing it. --------> This is a good example of how you can create tutorials in Wink, by capturing screenshots, mouse movements and specifying your own explanations with them. And all this in a standard Windows-based UI with drag-and-drop editing makes it very easy to create high quality tutorials/documentation. It is estimated that Macromedia Flash Player is installed in more than 90% of the PCs. Do you develop mobile apps or want to create tutorials about using mobile apps and websites? A new version of Wink is under development, to easily create tutorials about mobile apps and websites.If you would like to try it out when ready, please sign up here.