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UNESCO to host meeting on controversial 'memory of water' research. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is potentially wading into hot water next month when it hosts a meeting set up by Nobelist Luc Montagnier to discuss his controversial research on what has become known as "the memory of water.

UNESCO to host meeting on controversial 'memory of water' research

" The afternoon at the agency's Paris headquarters will feature talks about the virologist’s widely ridiculed idea that water can carry information via an electromagnetic imprint from DNA and other molecules. The meeting has so far raised little public opposition from researchers, but the announcement on UNESCO's website acknowledges its controversial nature, saying: The promoters of this conference are aware of the critical reactions aroused by this work in parts of the scientific community, so they wish to communicate their results with the utmost rigor.

Haïti map coverage in Openstreetmap following 2010 earthquake. The Oligarch to the dying press : “Nasdarovie!” Coincidence.

The Oligarch to the dying press : “Nasdarovie!”

At the same time as the Russian billionaire Alexandre Lebedev was finalizing the acquisition of the British paper The Independent, France-Soir was relaunched with great fanfare and money from another oligarch, Sergey Pugachyov. It is not a coincidence, it is an emerging pattern. A terrible one. In which huge amounts of money of questionable origin will take over dying media. These two papers are by no means comparable. Maker Faire Africa. Portal : Sommaire. Le blog de villesdafrique. Les données culturelles resteront-elles moins libres que les aut.