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I am working as an IT professional and holds a very good experience in the same field.

How to Modify your Display Language in Windows 10. How to mute your Apple Watch. - Sign in to My Office Account - Install Office Setup. – Sign in to My Office Account – Install Office Setup Microsoft Office suites are famous for giving ultimate advantages with a best ‘per user per month’ subscription services. Therefore, gives the provision of managing the Office account utterly to MS Office users. Office MyAccount helps users to manage their subscriptions from anywhere on any device. Create Microsoft My Account & Set up Office With a Microsoft account, users can gain the benefits offered by the company and avail the services that are provided. First of all, you need to go to the following link using any browsing software: allow the webpage to load, and go to the Create a free Microsoft account link.Click it. Note: After completing all the steps as mentioned above, move to Next.

Note: If you want to install the 64-bit version of Office on your system, then you can do it by changing your language. - Sign in to My Office Account to install Office Setup. To get a perfect experience of MS Office apps and services, users need to sign up and create a Microsoft account. By signing up for an MS my account, they can download their Office setup, redeem their subscriptions, and so much more. After all, everybody wants convenience, and MS account is a single space for management of all MS products and services. Whether you are a gamer and need to check your Xbox score, or you want to get an Office 365 subscription or sign into Skype to video chat with your peers, you will need a Microsoft account. What is Microsoft My Account? Now, almost everybody who owns gadgets and is digitally aware has at some point in their life used Microsoft’s products. From Windows to Xbox, Microsoft delivers an array of products.

As a matter of fact, its operating system Windows, and productivity suite Office have been leading the industry for years. How to Create a Microsoft Account? How to Personalize Microsoft Account Profile? - Download or Setup Norton My Account - Get Started. Norton Antivirus is an anti-malware software and a high-end security solution that provides an exclusive safety to your computer systems, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and other devices from the destructive online threats such as Trojan horses, viruses, frauds, phishing scams, adware, malware, ransomware, spyware and much more. Norton antivirus, on a regular basis scans your files, applications, and software and ensures the complete protection of devices.

If you want to get Norton Antivirus setup, go to The Norton antivirus sends a direct alert on the spot whenever any malicious activity going on is detected on your device. It can also scans the attachments before allowing you to download them. Purchase Norton Antivirus online To purchase Norton setup, follow the guidelines mentioned below: If you are planning to purchase Norton Antivirus, visit Purchase Norton Antivirus Offline To purchase Norton setup offline, follow the guidelines mentioned below: Redeem McAfee Retail Card. How to Enable Subtitles on Netflix - How to Fix Error Code 0x80073DOA? - Sign in to My Office Account - Install Office Setup. - Sign in to My Office Account to install Office Setup. - Download or Setup Norton My Account - Get Started. Redeem McAfee Retail Card. How to Enlarge Microsoft Outlook Mailbox Size – Alessiamartine. How to Develop a Business Profile on your Instagram – Alessiamartine.

How to download and install Google Chrome - How to download and install Google Chrome Google Chrome is one of the most popular and fast web browsers in the world. These are the steps to download Google Chrome. Installing on Windows Visit Google Chrome website – By any browser you can download Google Chrome.Press “ Download Chrome”Decide whether you want Chrome as your default browser- If you set it as the default browser, it will open whenever a link for a website is clicked in another programme such as email.Press “Accept and Install” after reading the terms of service – After installing the Chrome depending on the browser settings, you may need to allow the program to run.Sign in to Google Chrome – After you are done with installing, you have to sign in to and sync bookmarks, preferences and browsing history with any Chrome browser you use.

Installing on Mac Download the installation file.Select the file by the name of ‘googlechrome.dmg’.In the window which opens, you’ll find Chrome.Drag Chrome to the Applications folder. Guide to Downloading and Installing VLC Media Player - VLC Media Player is one of the most used video multimedia player for Windows and Mac and here we are offering the process for downloading the VLC Media Player. For Windows First, visit in your web browser.When you enter the site, press on “Download VLC”.After the downloading the file, now it depends what browser you are using, Run, or Open may need to be selected.

Otherwise, the software will automatically download, and then you have to click on install the download files.After the installation, you have to select a language that you’re comfortable with and then press Ok.Press Next to start the installation.Press Next on the licence agreement screen.Now you can choose certain components and plugins for VLC as per your wish on the “choose components” screen. Press next to complete the installation.Press Finish to complete your VLC installation. For Mac I hope this article helps you in downloading VLC. How to Change Alexa’s Name on Amazon Echo. Google Rolls Out Smart Reply Feature for Hangouts. How to Select and Apply Word Document Templates on Windows – Alessiamartine. How to Reset Night Light Settings on Windows 10? – Alessiamartine. How to Modify the host’s File on Windows 10? – Alessiamartine. Sometimes, you may need to edit the ‘hosts’ file to manually override the DNS settings for a specific domain or computer system.

Usually, the host’s files have been around it for a very long time in Windows, and it can also be arriving in a handy way in various scenarios. But whatever the reason behind it might be, but it is very simple to edit the host’s file on Windows 10 by using the Notepad. In this article, you will learn all the steps to modify the host’s files on Windows 10 to map the host names to particular IP addresses. However, the steps are always the same for Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and all the previous versions. The steps are discussing below. Steps to Edit the ‘host’s File by Using Notepad To easily edit the host’s file, you need to add two entries, including the IP address of the remote host or any other application to a friendly address which you want to use.

Joe Martin is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. Like this: How to Manually Disable Intel’s Spectre Mitigation? – Alessiamartine. How to Switch Default Search Engine in Edge on Windows 10? How to Switch Default Search Engine in Edge on Windows 10? If you want to change your default search engine in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 from Bing to Google or any other from your choice, then you can easily change it. Many users who always prefer Google over the Bing then they can do it easily just by changing the default settings and also set Google as a default set in Microsoft Edge.

Here, we will show you how you can set Google as default Search Engine. The steps are discussed below, but we suggest you follow these steps in a given series by this you can save your time and also prevent you from errors. Steps to Switch Default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Note: If you do not find your preferred search engine, then you need to do this: 1. 2. 3. Set Google as the Default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge If you want to use as your default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge, then you need to this: 1. 2. 3. How to Stop Suspicious Behaviors from Infecting your Windows 10 PC? – Alessiamartine. How to Tweak Power Button Settings in Windows 10 PC? - With the Default settings, the power button on your Windows 10 device is organized to locate that device into the sleep mode.

Also, the same power button can be used to force shut down the laptop when it is not responding by pressing and holding the power button until your laptop is on turned off mode. While if you are happy with the given action or default action of the power button, here you can use these instructions to make the most out with the help of the power button on your Windows 10 device. However, the power button of your Windows 10 device can be configured to Shut down, sleep, hibernate or sometimes do nothing. You want then you can also arrange the power button to turn off the laptop screen, though it is a very useful and powerful option for all the Windows 10 users. Steps to Tweak Power Button Settings in Windows 10 Before starting the process, we suggest you follow the instruction in the given steps, as it prevents you from any other errors and takes less time.

How to Turn On or Off Aero Shake in Windows 10? - Aero Shake feature is introduced by the Microsoft. It is one of the many features which is launched with the Windows 7 operating system and continues to be a part of the Windows 10. This Aero Shake will allow you to minimize all open windows other than the currently opened window quickly by shaking the currently open window or using the keyboard shortcut by pressing Windows logo + Home. In the previous version of the Windows operating system, Microsoft offers more dedicated option to turn On or Off the Aero Shake easily.

But the Windows 10 settings offer less dedicated options to manage the Aero Shake. Here we provide you simple guide to turn on or off easily. Steps to Turn On or Off Aero Shake in Windows 10 The steps of enabling or disabling the Aero Shake in Windows 10 computer are discussed below: Method-1: Turn On or Off Aero Shake via Settings Option Method-2: Turn On or Off Aero Shake via Group Policy. How to Fix Windows Error 0xC004F06C? If any users have Windows 10 Computer which is connected with an Enterprise, then the Windows 10 Activation has completely depended on the KMS server of their company. Sometimes, if you received an error code 0Xc004f06C direct from the Software Protection Service with the message as KMS determined that request timestamp is invalid, then surely you need to fix few simple things on your computer only to resolve this error.

Whenever you see an error message like this: One of the Software Licensing Service has been reported that the computer could not be activated easily. Also, the Key Management Service (KMS) determined that the requested timestamp is usually invalid. This only means that Error 0Xc004F06C has occurred into your computer system. Since the Volume Activation Message will always say that “The system time on the client computer is too different from the time on the KMS host,” as the error is very straightforward.

The time syncing is always an important part. How to Get High-Resolution screenshots in Windows 10? How to use Facebook’s new “3D Photos” feature – Jessica PC Support. How to Sing-in to a Microsoft account with a Security Key. If you it bothers you to remember or reset your password when forgotten, you should then try using Windows Hello or a “Security Key” for signing into your Microsoft account instead. To Sing-in to a Microsoft account with a Security Key, you firstly need a device running Windows 10 Version 1809 or later, and secondly the Microsoft Edge browser.

Note: This functionality is not accessible yet on phones. What is a security key? A security key is a physical device that can be used in place of your username and password to sign in. While it’s used in addition to a PIN or fingerprint, even if somebody gets your security key, they will not be able to sign in without the fingerprint or a PIN that you create. Security keys are typically available to retail stores that sell computer accessories; you can purchase them from there.

Steps to Sing-in to a Microsoft account with a Security Key Steps to follow: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Hope this information will be helpful to you. How to Fix Focus Problems with a DSLR - If you have thought of switching from regular cameras to DSLR, then the basic aspect of DSLR is that it is quite difficult to get a sharp focus with the help of an advanced camera.

You may also certainly have some more options for setting a focus point with a superior camera. You must have the opportunity of focusing manually. Try these tips to see how to use DSLR features to get proper focus and focal point. 1- Maybe you are too close to the subject One of the most common reasons for DSLR camera’s autofocus is because of the basic idea that you are very close to the subject. 2- Avoid direct light that causes glare DSLR’s autofocus can fail or even misread the subject because of strong reflections. 3- Low light contributes to tough focusing conditions When you shoot in low light, you might have a problem with autofocus. 4- Contrasted patterns can even fool the autofocus systems 5- Try to use Spot Focus Hold down the shutter button and change the photo framing. 6- Switch to Manual Focus.

How to Copy and Paste On An iPhone and An iPad - You may find it convenient to do something regularly on a laptop or a computer. But when you are trying to do it on an iPad and iPhone, then it may seem annoying. Thankfully the copy and paste option is here to help us. It is helpful to know about the copy and paste function as sometimes you have to send an urgent email from your phone, or you have to do some quick web research from the browser. In the absence of the edit menu, finding copy and paste functions on the iOS device isn’t much obvious to some. How to Copy and Paste the Text On An iPhone Or iPad Let’s take an example, for instance- you are doing some research about coffee.

What to do if you want to strip away the formatting? If you want to copy and paste formatted text to plain text, iOS doesn’t come with that option natively. Using Select All Some apps like as Google Chrome and Apple Notes do not support Select All option. Copy and Paste Images You can copy and paste the images from an app to another app. How to Cast a Chrome Tab from a PC to TV. How to Fix Windows Error 1320 “The specified is path too long” How to Remove Skype Conversation on Mobile Phones – Jessica PC Support. How to Repair or Uninstall a Program in Windows 10. Windows 10 is an operating system which has satisfied several users with its performance. The new tools have been replaced with enhanced utilities and software.

Windows 10 is now giving a direct way to repair the damaged files. It means that you will not need to dig deep into the computer to modify the settings of the programs. Instead, you just have to click the Repair button, and there you go. You just repaired your damaged or corrupted application program. Since Windows 10 has added new things, it also made the process to uninstall a program easier. Here is how to repair and uninstall a program in Windows 10 How to Repair a Program in Windows 10 When the installed applications or programs do not perform well due to missing or corrupted files, the Windows 10 provides the opportunity to the user to repair the program manually. . · Repairing Through Control Panel 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. . · Repairing Through Settings App 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Uninstall the Program on Windows 10 1. 2. 3. 4. How to Sync Media and Other Content to New iPhone - Buying a new iPhone is amazing, but the question is here about syncing the media and other content to it.

Generally, most of the new Apple users complaints about losing the data from their non-iOS device while switching to the iPhone. To prevent such a huge loss, the guide will explain the methods to sync everything including contacts to the new iPhone, no matter the data is stored in an iOS device or a non-iOS device. By following the methods mentioned in the guide, you can sync Media and other Content to your new iPhone. How to sync Media and other content to new iPhone Sync Music and Movies to New iPhone To sync Music and Movies and other media files from computer to iPhone, iTunes will be beneficial.Plug the iPhone in your computer and open iTunes.Go to the left panel and select your device.Now choose music and movies which you want to sync.You can also create a playlist to prevent space consumption issues.

Sync Photos and Images to New iPhone Keeping the Old Messages on New iPhone. How to Troubleshoot Error 0xc000000e on Windows 10? - How to Remove Unwanted Contacts from iPhone. How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Photos. Facing Windows Activation Errors 0xC004F211 or 0xC004F213? Here’s how to fix them - Xumo Offers Free Video Service and On-Demand Content - 10 Things to Do Your When Your Mac Stuck Installing the Software - How to Use Apple’s iOS Shortcuts App. How to Use Spotlight on Mac. How to Delete 'Other' Files from iOS Devices. How to Download Progressive Web Apps in Chrome – Jessica PC Support. How to Set Parental Control on Kindle Fire Tablet - How to Set Parental Control on Kindle Fire Tablet - How to Restore iPod Touch to Factory Settings. How to Use Bluetooth in Windows 10 -

How to Clear and Clean Twitter Cache from iPhone or iPad. How to Connect Multi-Room Audio with HomePod Speakers. How to Disable iCloud from your Device - How to Solve Cortana Search Problems in Windows 10. How to Solve iOS 11 is Working Slowly. How to Install Software Updates on Mac. How to Find Who Saw Your Location on Snap Map – Jessica PC Support. Different Ways to Mirror the Computer Screen on TV - How to Download Movies From Netflix on your iPad.

Ways to go Undetected Online. Tips and Tricks for Managing a Successful Fan Page on Facebook. Best Spooky Halloween Apps you Must Download on iPhone – Jessica PC Support. Seven Useful Travel Apps You Can Use Offline - - Enter Product Key - Setup Office 2016 on PC or Mac. How to Fix ‘The Request Failed Due to a Fatal Device Hardware Error’? How to Troubleshoot HTTP Error 304 Not Modified Error? Is Facebook Running Discriminatory Job Ads? – Jessica PC Support.

How to Troubleshoot Windows 10 Update Error Code 0x80d02002? – Jessica PC Support. Four Privacy Settings You Should Tweak in Windows 10 - - Download or Setup Norton My Account - Get Started. - Sign in to My Office Account to install Office Setup. How to Create a Twitter Account on the Desktop? - Advantages of Installing Antivirus - Android Pie: How To Enable And Use Gesture Navigation?

How to Update Your Apps on iPhone - How to Share Custom Alexa Skills with Others? - - Office 365 Product Key, Office 365 Setup Installation. How To Control Your TV With An Amazon Alexa? Start Using The “Do Not Disturb” Feature in Android Oreo - How To Prevent iPhones From Overheating? – Jessica PC Support. Share Images and Videos in Photos for Mac – Jessica PC Support. Siri is not working in iPhone 6, 7, 8 and X -

Past and Present: Connect an Older Gaming Console to Your HDMI TV. How to Connect Bluetooth Mouse with Windows 10 Or 8.1 Using Bluetooth Support Service? – Jessica PC Support. Fortnite Galaxy Skin: Here’s How You Could Get it Too! – Sofia PC Support. - - Access Your Norton Account. How To Clear Google Maps Search and Location History On Android – Olivia Jones. How to Import Videos into your iTunes - Find Out How To Mute Annoying Google Ads - How to Stream Your PC Games on Android with Steam Link - How to Assign a Profile to an Xbox One Wireless Controller? – Olivia Jones. Use Chrome Remote Desktop To Access Another Computer –

Easy Steps to Clear Your Twitter History - - Download or Setup Norton My Account - Get Started. Olivia. Olivia. Google Wants To Offer Blockchain Technology to Cloud Platform. How to Group Xbox One Apps and Games? - Easy Methods to Trace an IP Address -