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How To Turn Off Amber Alerts On Android Phones. Amber Alert is a kind of emergency alert system developed in the U.S in 1996.

How To Turn Off Amber Alerts On Android Phones

It was developed to reduce child abduction by spreading an emergency message to the public to find abducted children. Let’s understand it with a daily life example. If a child is lost, you receive an alert on your smartphone. This alert is known as Amber alert. These alerts are also transmitted through different broadcasting and digital services to find the missing child. Therefore, many think to stop or turn it off. Turning off Amber alerts on Stock Android Go to the Settings. Turning off Amber alerts on Samsung phones If you are using Samsung Galaxy phones, including Galaxy S20 and Note 20, here are the required steps to turn off Amber alerts. Access the Messages app.Click on the three-dot icon located near the search button.Now go to the Settings.You have to choose Emergency alerts settings.Select the Emergency alerts option.Choose the Amber alerts and disable them.

Alternatively, you can opt for this method. How To Update Apple AirPods Or AirPods Pro – Site Title. Updating devices from time to time is advantageous in many ways.

How To Update Apple AirPods Or AirPods Pro – Site Title

An update fixes many problems and adds new features on the device. Today, you will learn how to take advantage of an update on Apple AirPods or AirPods Pro. You might have heard about the new spatial audio feature on the new pricey AirPods Max. But what if you already have the AirPods Pro? Don’t worry; you can use the new audio feature without needing to buy a new model. Further, the latest firmware update from Apple provides a feature called automatic switching for the second-generation AirPods and AirPods Pro. How to Use Touchscreen Apps with Keyboard on M1 MacBook. In this article, we have discussed the ways using which you can use touchscreen apps with a keyboard on your M1 MacBook.

How to Use Touchscreen Apps with Keyboard on M1 MacBook

The recently released MacBooks by Apple run on the latest in-house ARM architecture-based Apple M1 chips. This has bought more advanced features and improvements in terms of battery life and overall efficiency. The introduction of the M1 chip also means that macOS can now run iOS apps as well. But there are a vast number of apps that touch-optimized, and being so, it may be difficult for you to run those apps on your MacBook as Mac doesn’t support a touch screen feature. So, to play Among Us or any other similar game on your M1 MacBook, below we have listed the steps to do the same on how you can use the touchscreen apps with the help of a trackpad and keyboard on your M1 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

How to Use iCloud Passwords on Google Chrome on Windows – Site Title. In this article, we have discussed how to use iCloud passwords on Google Chrome on a Windows machine.

How to Use iCloud Passwords on Google Chrome on Windows – Site Title

While we appreciate the enhanced security provided by iCloud Keychain, its restriction to play within Apple’s ecosystem has disappointed from the very beginning. However, things are changing now as Apple has recentlyannounced an extension for Google Chrome that would allow individualsto access iCloud Keychain passwords even on a Windows 10 PC.

An individual who uses Mac and iPhone alongside his Windows PC can follow the steps mentioned below to enable and use iCloud Keychain passwords on the Windows version of Google Chrome. Enable and Use iCloud Passwords in Google Chrome on Windows So, what are the requirements to enable the iCloud Passwords extension in Google Chrome? Access a Saved Password in Google Chrome. How To Troubleshoot A Black Screen In Windows 10 – Site Title. Are you here to troubleshoot a black screen issue in Windows 10?

How To Troubleshoot A Black Screen In Windows 10 – Site Title

It may be the right place for you. In case of a black screen issue, your PC can be functioning with many inconveniences. The computer may be unable to take inputs. You can have the black screen issue any time during your PC life. How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages to Telegram. WhatsApp users have become concerned about their privacy from when WhatsAppintroduced a new privacy policy (revised).

How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages to Telegram

The revised privacy policy involves sharing the user data such as phone number, transaction data, IP address, and more with Facebook and other Facebook-owned companies like Onavo, Facebook Technologies, etc. For this reason, many users want to move from WhatsApp to other messaging platforms like Telegram and Signal. Moreover, if you’re going to move to Telegram from WhatsApp and are looking for ways to transfer chats on the new platform, you can further read this post. How To Protect Your Emails From Being Tracked. Do you know what happens when you open an email?

How To Protect Your Emails From Being Tracked

When you open an email, the sender of that email gets information about the email, including when you have opened it, how many times you have opened it, the location from where you have opened it, and many other details. In other words, as a recipient, when you access an email, many details have been shared back to the sender as what happens in Apple iMessage and Facebook Messenger receipts. How To Remove Someone Else’s Apple ID On An iPhone – Site Title. If your iPhone has someone else’s Apple ID and you want to remove it, you are in the right place.

How To Remove Someone Else’s Apple ID On An iPhone – Site Title

Having an Apple ID of another person on your iPhone may be frustrating for you. You get someone else’s Apple ID on your device in almost two cases: When you buy a used phone with a previous Apple ID signed in or when you allow someone to sign in their Apple ID on your iPhone’s App Store and forget to sign out. The reason can be any of having another person’s Apple ID, but it can cause you problems. If you have purchased a second-hand phone with a previous Apple ID, you will not be able to download apps from the App Store, including the apps you have purchased using your Apple ID on the previous iPhone. On the other hand, when you capture photos on your device, the Apple ID’s owner can access them on their iCloud. How To Mute Channels, Groups, and Chats On Telegram. If you are bombarded by messages on Telegram received from groups or channels but don’t know how to get rid of them, stay with this post.

How To Mute Channels, Groups, and Chats On Telegram

This post includes the ways to mute channels, groups, and chats on Telegram. You can get rid of those notifications or messages by muting channels, groups, and chats. Unlike other messaging platforms, Telegram works through more customization compared to other platforms. It allows you to connect with others through joining groups and channels with up to 200,000 members. When you join with groups and channels, you also invite those messages or notifications that come from chats, channels, and groups. Let’s see the muting process on a range of devices like Android, iOS, desktop, and also on the web version. How to Sideload Android APKs on Fire TV Stick. In this article, we have discussed about the methods you can use to sideload Android APKs on your Fire TV Stick.

How to Sideload Android APKs on Fire TV Stick

When concerning the core system, you won't see any major difference between the Fire TV stick and the Android TV. Boththe systems are Android OS compatible, and they support the APK format to install packages and apps. However, both platforms have certain distinctions, and they, in fact, run intensely modified services so as to offer apps and other services. Therefore, sideloading an APK on your Fire TV Stick might not be as straightforward as you would think. Share Screen on Skype With These Steps – Site Title. In this article, we have discussed about how you can share your screen on Skype. Being one of the best internet calling apps that users can use for free, Skype offers an excellent video calling service.Being an avid user, you will undoubtedly attest to the greatness of Skype; however, there are several other advantageous features alongside video chatting.

One such feature is Skype’s screen sharing ability. The app lets users share their screen with just a click. Further, individuals can also invite their friends and family members to have a conversation. Screen Sharing on Skype Using a PC Chances might be that you are using a classic desktop if your system has OS other than Windows 10.Microsoft, however, offers a unified experience between both versions. How to Set Up Your New Amazon Echo or Echo Dot. In this article, we have discussed the ways with which you can set your new Amazon Echo or Echo Dot. Amazon’s connected speakers let users do a vast number of incredible things. These activities would no doubt become a great part of your daily routine after a certain period. So, here’s everything that you need to know in order to get started with Echo Plus, Echo Dot, or Amazon Echo.

Connecting your Echo with the Amazon Alexa app Currently, Alexa offers one of the best smart speaker experiences. How to Take Low-Light Portrait Photos on Your iPhone. After the launch of iPhone 7 Plus, anyone can take beautiful portrait photos even if they don’t have a DSLR. Apple brought portrait photos features just to make the photography easier and prettier for everyone who loves to take photos. Taking portrait photos on an iPhone is pretty easy.

How to Use Apple HomePod’s Intercom Feature – Site Title. Most of the users who are using Google Home and Amazon Echo smart speakers just love the broadcast message feature. By using smart speakers, users can deliver a message to all speakers in the home. Delivering a message in all speakers was only available in Google Home and Amazon Echo, but was missing in HomePod. Apple understood the feature and added it to iOS 14. Apple added this feature for both HomePod and HomePod Mini and they call it an intercom feature. Through the intercom feature, HomePod users can send a voice message to all those areas of the home where the speakers are placed. To use the intercom feature, users must check the software version of their iPad, iPhone, HomePod and HomePod Mini. How to Sync the Entire iCloud Data and Passwords to Windows. Syncing Apple devices data to any non-Apple device is not a type of activity users mostly do.

It is true that the Apple ecosystem works smoothly only with Apple devices, but this doesn’t mean that non-Apple users can’t use it for their own good. Apple users use a lot of apps and services that don’t belong to Apple such as Chrome. So if users can use third-party apps in Apple devices, they can also share their personal data like passwords, bookmarks and other iCloud data to non-Apple devices.

Best Processors for Laptops - Haribook. A processor also called the Central Processing Unit (CPU), is a set of electronic circuits that is responsible for the execution of a computer program. It allows a computer to receive the input and after processing it provides the appropriate output. The Best Pruners for Gardening - Haribook. Every person who loves gardening always wants their garden to blossom with flowers. Best Smart TVs You Can Buy in 2020 - Haribook. TV has always been an essential part of our daily lives, and it has evolved dramatically over the last few years.

Crunchyroll Releases Trailer for Webtoon Vampire Series – Noblesse - McAfee Activate. Written by Son Jae Ho, Noblesse is the story of noble vampire Rai (Etrama Di Raizel). Rai has been asleep for more than 820 years but when he wakes up, he finds himself in an abandoned building in South Korea. But he is having a hard time comprehending the world since humanity has made so much scientific progress.

He finds his servant, Frankenstein in a school, where he later enrols with his help. Best File Compression Software in 2020 – Setup Directory. We have such files in our system that eat up a lot of memory because of their large size. And since they are the important ones, we can’t even delete them. Then comes the savior, the file compression. Best Tips to Attract Customers With eCommerce Video Marketing – YPQuest. You might have come across several eCommerce advertisements daily if you are a regular social media user.

Outsmart The Email Marketing Variables That Are Not In Your Control – Fresh Activate. Litmus, which is an app for email testing, came out with the data from around 3 billion emails. It was not astonishing as netizens now are very moody about reading emails, and this, of course, cannot be controlled by the marketers. However, we can make changes and send such emails that are related so that consumers read them. Let’s see the findings of Litmus and learn how you can use them in your favor. 1. Emailing the clients. Conduct Virtual Meetings Promptly Through Skype Meet Now – YPActivate. You Can Now Use Your Apple Watch as a Digital Car Key – YP Local Biz. Recently Apple released the 10th update of WatchOS 6.

New And Updated Details About The Microsoft Xbox Series X – YPSetup. Modern games require modern gaming solutions. Significant features are necessary to create a real universe that can enhance the gamer’s experience. There are several resources available in the market that can be used to offer a better gaming experience. How to Change the Villager Outfits in Animal Crossing: New Horizons – YeluBook. 10 Best Tutorials to Learn Angular in 2020 - HariSpot. All New OnePlus Buds Will Offer Amazing 30-Hour Battery Life – Office Setup. How to Fix PC Lagging Issues? – Secure Blogs UK. The Watch Dogs Legion Release Date Gets Announced In The Ubisoft Forward Livestream – Secure Blogs UK. Putting A Tape Over Your MacBook Camera Isn’t As Ideal As You Think, Says Apple – Internet Blogs UK. Nintendo Of America Wanted to Make Bizarre Changes to Pikachu’s Design - Bloggers News.

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