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FuzzyTek Ep.1 // The Nixie Clock Project Part 1. I built a vending machine inside my school locker. The Top 10 Dev Boards of 2017. The Top 10 Dev Boards of 2017. MarI/O - Machine Learning for Video Games. BUILDING THE BIG 3D PRINTER PART 6: Z AXIS ASSEMBLY. A refrigerator that works by stretching rubber bands. How to electropolish aluminum. I made an Iron Man Clock out of an old vinyl record, LEDs and acrylic glass. How Its Made. How to use Q Learning in Video Games Easily. Wrist thrusters let you fly through the water effortlessly. Five Ways to Run a Program On Your Raspberry Pi At Startup. Sumo Robots Battle It Out! Mega Man 3 Interactive Canvas- Plays Music from the Game! Basics of the SPI Communication Protocol. When you connect a microcontroller to a sensor, display, or other module, do you ever think about how the two devices talk to each other?

Basics of the SPI Communication Protocol

What exactly are they saying? How are they able to understand each other? Communication between electronics is like communication between humans. Both sides need to speak the same language. In electronics, these languages are called communication protocols. [NE555]’s SMD Prototyping is a Work of Art. Over on twitter [NE555] has been posting beautiful SMD prototypes.

[NE555]’s SMD Prototyping is a Work of Art

Back in the 90s when surface mount components gained widespread adoption, the quick and cheap PCB prototyping services of today were unavailable. This led many to develop their own approaches. In Japan a particularly novel and beautiful approach was, and still is, somewhat popular. Open Design Oscilloscope Could be (Almost) Free. If you could only own one piece of test equipment, it should probably be an oscilloscope.

Open Design Oscilloscope Could be (Almost) Free

Then again, modern scopes often have multiple functions, so maybe that’s not a fair assertion. A case in point is the Scopefun open hardware project. The device is a capable 2-channel scope, a logic analyzer and also a waveform and pattern generator. SPI. This library allows you to communicate with SPI devices, with the Arduino as the master device.


A Brief Introduction to the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) is a synchronous serial data protocol used by microcontrollers for communicating with one or more peripheral devices quickly over short distances. It can also be used for communication between two microcontrollers. With an SPI connection there is always one master device (usually a microcontroller) which controls the peripheral devices. Digital Potentiometer MCP41100 and Arduino - 3. The arduino Code below : /* this program taken from arduino Example . modified by By Mohannad Rawashdeh This code used to control the digital potentiometer MCP41100 connected to arduino Board CS >>> D10 SCLK >> D13 DI >>> D11 PA0 TO VCC PBO TO GND PW0 TO led with resistor 100ohm . */ #include <SPI.h> byte address = 0x11; int CS= 10; int i=0; void setup() { pinMode (CS, OUTPUT); SPI.begin(); // adjust high and low resistance of potentiometer // adjust Highest Resistance . digitalPotWrite(0x00); delay(1000); // adjust wiper in the Mid point . digitalPotWrite(0x80); delay(1000);

Digital Potentiometer MCP41100 and Arduino - 3

The Art of Making a Nixie Tube. 5. Super E.D.F (American) - Midnight Intercept. Professor Emeritus Seymour Papert, pioneer of constructionist learning, dies at 88. Seymour Papert, whose ideas and inventions transformed how millions of children around the world create and learn, died Sunday at his home in East Blue Hill, Maine.

Professor Emeritus Seymour Papert, pioneer of constructionist learning, dies at 88

He was 88. Papert’s career traversed a trio of influential movements: child development, artificial intelligence, and educational technologies. Based on his insights into children’s thinking and learning, Papert recognized that computers could be used not just to deliver information and instruction, but also to empower children to experiment, explore, and express themselves.

The central tenet of his Constructionist theory of learning is that people build knowledge most effectively when they are actively engaged in constructing things in the world. As early as 1968, Papert introduced the idea that computer programming and debugging can provide children a way to think about their own thinking and learn about their own learning. Microsoft adds support for Arduino in a push to dominate IoT development. Microsoft has been, and continues to be, a major supporter of the Internet of Things (IoT) and all that entails.

Microsoft adds support for Arduino in a push to dominate IoT development

The company believes that the ability of enterprises to interconnect just about everything and then collect the big data those connected devices create is going to be the next big thing in information technology. To be a part of it, Microsoft needs to make Windows 10 as friendly to IoT development as it possibly can. To that end, Microsoft announced that as of September 7, 2016, the Windows 10 IoT Core platform will support Arduino, a favorite programming language of IoT developers all over the world.

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