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Chinese-made aircraft to fly African routes in the future. China officially hands over the SGR to Kenya. CMG wants to make African port of Djibouti 'new Shekou' - Business. China Merchants Group, a Hong Kong-based conglomerate with extensive port business, is hoping to replicate the success of Shenzhen's Shekou Industrial Zone in development of its Djibouti port projects.

CMG wants to make African port of Djibouti 'new Shekou' - Business

Djibouti is a country located in the Horn of Africa. It is of strategic significance as a main channel for international maritime cargo. China To Boost Aviation Sector In Africa. China plans to train at least 500 aviation personnel from Africa annually as part of efforts to boost the continent’s fast-growing aviation sector.

China To Boost Aviation Sector In Africa

Discussions on revamping TAZARA to be held in Beijing – The Exchange. Carriers Ride China’s Wave of Africa Projects - Breakbulk Events & Media. By Eric Johnson Legendary Chinese navigator Zheng He sailed fleets of wooden ships across the Indian Ocean in the 15th century, blazing intercontinental sea trails for modern vessels now hauling breakbulk of all sorts between China and Africa.

Carriers Ride China’s Wave of Africa Projects - Breakbulk Events & Media

But today’s breakbulk-carrying liners and tramps, many serving Chinese engineering, procurement and construction companies, or EPCs, with projects in Africa and working closely with Chinese logistics partners, are traveling farther and accomplishing far more than Admiral Zheng ever imagined. Breakbulk is at the heart of a boom for China-Africa trade relations as well as major, Chinese-led infrastructure construction projects that are having an enormous impact on emerging economies from Angola to Zimbabwe.

No wonder breakbulk carriers, logistics firms and Chinese EPCs are more enthusiastic than ever about following Admiral Zheng’s trail. The variety of cargo is staggering. The China-built airport upgrades the transport of Lake Victoria city. China explores transport potential of Africa’s largest fresh water body. JINJA, Uganda - Tourists enjoying a boat ride on Lake Victoria.

China explores transport potential of Africa’s largest fresh water body

The Chinese are building a vessel that will dredge ship channels on the lake bed to open the water ways, a move that is expected to boost trade in the east African trading bloc of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya and Tanzania. ENTEBBE, Uganda (Xinhua) – On the shores of Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest fresh-water body, lies a ship, the largest of its kind seen on any inland water body in East Africa. Locals, old and young, stand by the fence to see the massive ship being built by Chinese to ply the lake shared by Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania and, by extension, Rwanda and Burundi. Chinese engineers working with local staff are putting final touches to the ship that is expected to move on the waters at the end of this month. CHINA HIGH SPEED RAIL FOR AFRICAN COUNTRIES. Africa World Airlines serving half of Ghana's aviation.

Tanzania-China Logistics Centre Proves Everlasting Historic Relations - The government through Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA) is reinforcing her Export Processing Zones (EPZs) and Special Economic Zones (SEZs).

Tanzania-China Logistics Centre Proves Everlasting Historic Relations -

To develop more such areas, a total of Tshs 53 billion will be used to pay compensations to Kurasini residents where Tanzania China Logistics Centre will be constructed. Our Reporter looks at the new development and its importance... EASIER said than done? No please---something is taking shape and promises are being fulfilled. I am referring to the long awaited Tanzania China Logistics Centre whose construction is at last about to start. To make sure that the project kicks off, the government has released a total of Tshs 53 billion that will be used to pay compensations to Kurasini residents where the project is expected to be built.

The project involves construction of a modern trade hub in 60.4 hectares in Kurasini; the area will cover Shimo la Udongo, Mivinjeni and Kiungani areas. Air China va relier Pékin à Johannesburg et Addis Abeba. Air China a annoncé, dans un communiqué publié le 10 août, l’ouverture prochaine de deux nouvelles liaisons Pékin-Johannesburg et Pékin Addis-Abeba.

Air China va relier Pékin à Johannesburg et Addis Abeba

La liaison Pékin-Johannesburg, qui sera lancée à partir du 29 octobre, marquera le retour de la compagnie publique chinoise sur le marché africain après plusieurs années d’absence. Sur cette ligne, les vols seront assurés les mardis, jeudis et dimanches. Le vol retour est programmé pour les lundis, mercredis et vendredis. La Chine à la conquête du ciel africain. [Africa Diligence] Sun Tzu a dit : « Ne répétez pas les mêmes tactiques victorieuses, mais adaptez-vous, chaque fois, aux circonstances particulières. » Dans leur conquête africaine, les Chinois ont effectivement choisi une tactique différente pour attaquer l’air après la terre et l’eau.

La Chine à la conquête du ciel africain

En attendant le feu… Air China décollera de Pretoria le 29 octobre 2015, en partageant ses codes avec South African Airways. Au départ, Air China avait décidé de lancer en juin un Pékin-Johannesburg suite à la suspension de cette ligne en mars 2015 par sa partenaire South African Airways pour cause de restructuration. C’est la réglementation draconienne d’obtention des visas avec données biométriques qui l’en avait dissuadée. Un coup de frein pour deux pays dont les échanges commerciaux ont culminé à près de 222 milliards de dollars en 2014. China Southern Airlines Launches Inaugural Direct Flights To Kenya. China Southern Airlines to fly to Nairobi thrice a week. The Chinese airline will ply the Guangzhou-Nairobi route three times a week, starting August.

China Southern Airlines to fly to Nairobi thrice a week

PHOTO | FILE China Southern Airlines is set to begin flying to Nairobi later this year, stepping up competition for Kenya Airways which launched flights to Guangzhou in 2013. The Chinese airline will ply the Guangzhou-Nairobi route three times a week, starting August. The carrier will operate Monday, Wednesday and Friday flights between the two cities using an Airbus A330-200 aircraft which can carry 300 passengers.

The airline is expected to officially announce details of the flight launch today. Kenya Airways launched daily, non-stop flights to Guangzhou in November 2013. Could 2015 Be The Year Chinese Airlines Settle In Africa? Thinkstock In recent years, Chinese airlines have grown in Australia, North America and Europe.

Could 2015 Be The Year Chinese Airlines Settle In Africa?

The only continent missing in their growth story is Africa. But it seem that could change this year with three Chinese airlines announcing plans to fly African routes. China Southern, which codeshares with regional carrier Kenya Airways, plans to open a service to Nairobi, Kenya, While Hainan Airlines, the fourth largest airline in China, is in the process of getting licensing to fly to Nairobi.

In addition, Air China is in advanced stages of launching a service to Johannesburg, South Africa and Addis Ababa , Ethiopia. China influence in Africa has grown over recent years driven mainly by the the Asian giant’s demand for the continent natural resources and commodities to fuel its growth into one of the world’s largest economy. China's airlines pivot towards Africa, after making inroads in Europe, North America and Australia.

There are three characteristics of China's airlines flying long-haul: first is the role of government pushing and often subsidising routes, even on outbound-heavy leisure flights, such as to Europe.

China's airlines pivot towards Africa, after making inroads in Europe, North America and Australia

There are some elements of a herd mentality: witness China Southern expanding in North America after Air China. Six African countries bonded by China's high-speed rail dream|Markets|Business| A high-speed rail in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, Jan. 8. (File photo/Xinhua) China has signed a deal to build a 480km railway link between Kenya's largest seaport of Mombasa and the capital Nairobi — the first stage of a line that will eventually link Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan, reports the Beijing News. The railway, built at a cost of US$3.8 billion, is the first to be built in Kenya in a century and will be designed with a transportation capacity of 25 million metric tons, based on China's rail standards. The cooperation between China, Kenya and other African countries represents the reciprocity between developing countries and mutual assistance between China and its friends, China's foreign minister Wang Yi said on Jan. 10 in Kenya on the first stop of an Africa tour.

China steps up drive to integrate Africa with Maritime Silk Road. China has accelerated its drive to draw Africa into the Maritime Silk Road — Beijing’s ambitious transcontinental initiative - following the visit to the continent by Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Among the several themes that were covered during Mr. Seychelles is the gateway to Africa for Chinese airlines.

The possibility for Seychelles to attract a commercial Chinese airline is today feasible because of the high inflow of travelers from China. The airline industry in China is more than ever conscious that the need for direct links to Seychelles is today on the cards of Chinese tourism operators. Seychelles has now found its place as one of the favorite holiday destinations for the Chinese holidaymakers seeking a new destination. China Eastern Airline is one airline which the Seychelles delegation, who were on a working visit to China, met and with whom they discussed direct air access between the two countries. With a volume of over 86 million passengers and a 10% annual growth rate, China Eastern Airlines Co. Business - Chinese-backed group to set up flying school for East Africa. Nairobi; Kenya: A Chinese government-backed investment firm has announced plans to set up an aviation training centre in Nairobi.

Tanzania‐China $31bn Logistics Centre Finally Unveiled. VENTURES AFRICA – The government of Tanzania has provided some Tshs 53 billion ($31.8 million) to compensate residents of Kurasini as part of its role in facilitating the construction of the long awaited Tanzania‐China Logistics Centre. The project itself will include the construction of a modern trade hub in about 60.4 hectares in Kurasini, thus producing what is expected to be the largest of such centers in East & Central Africa.

The government of China represented by the Yiwu Pan‐African International Investment Corporation and the government of Tanzania represented by the Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA) will jointly run the center under a Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. Tanzanian Minister of Industries and Trade, Dr Abdallah Kigoda, revealed that the government had already released the money to the EPZA which is to supervise the compensation of the residents.

La Chine va ouvrir un institut de l'aviation civile au Cameroun. L’Université de l’aviation civile de Chine s’apprête à ouvrir un institut au Cameroun, a appris APA jeudi auprès de la cellule de communication du ministère des Transports. Cette décision fait suite à la visite au Cameroun du président de cette institution, Jing Yihong, qui était venu discuter avec les autorités locales de la finalisation du dossier y relatif. MOL, Evergreen and Coscon launching Asia-West Africa sling: ITJ. Artikel Nummer: 6087 The Asian carriers MOL, Evergreen Line and Cosco Container Lines are about to launch WA1, a weekly direct service from Asia to West Africa. The new express link will enhance each company’s service network to cover strategic markets in Africa and thereby meet increasingly diverse commercial requirements. The jointly operated twelve vessel service will commence from Shanghai on 2 June 2014.

Six of the ships will be operated by MOL, four by Evergreen Line and two by Coscon. The WA1 rotation and call days are: Shanghai (Mon/Mon) – Ningbo (Tue/Wed) – Hong Kong (Fri/Fri) – Nansha (Sat/Sat) – Singapore (Thu/Thu) – Lagos Apapa (Mon/Thu) – Tema (Fri/Mon) – Lome (Mon/Fri) – Abidjan (Sun/Wed) – Singapore (Mon/Mon) – Shanghai (Mon/Tue)

Chinese premier pledges 'no strings' support for pan-African rail network. La Chine veut relier les capitales africaines par des trains à grande vitesse. Le Premier ministre chinois Li Keqiang a annoncé, le 5 mai, des financements supplémentaires d’un montant de 12 milliards de dollars en faveur de l’Afrique, rapporte l’agence officielle chinoise Xinhua. M. Keqiang, qui effectue une tournée en Afrique jusqu’au 14 mai, a promis ces fonds supplémentaires lors d’un discours prononcé au siège de l’Union africaine situé dans la capitale éthiopienne Addis-Abeba, première étape de la tournée du dirigeant chinois en Afrique. Chinese company interested in privatisation of Cabo Verde’s flagship airline.

January 29th, 2014 News A Chinese company has shown interest in the privatisation of Cabo Verde’s flagship airline Transportes Aéreos de Cabo Verde (TACV), the archipelago’s minister for finance and Planning, Cristina Duarte said, cited by the Cape Verdean press. The minister, who did not name the Chinese company, said that the interest shown was due to TACV, as well as power and water company Electra – Empresa de Electricidade e Água, starting to post positive results after a long restructuring process. The minister noted that TACV is facing a more difficult financial situation than Electra, as 2012 was a “rather negative” year, which changed in 2013 when results “were far higher than those posted the previous year.” CCS_2_March_Daniel_Commentary_Africa.pdf.