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L'Afrique automobile démarre, mais la route sera longue. PSA Peugeot Citroën est le dernier constructeur en date à franchir le pas d'une implantation industrielle, avec l'annonce récente de la création d'une usine de 90 000 unités par an à l'échéance 2019 au Maroc, afin d'alimenter le marché intérieur mais aussi la zone Afrique - Moyen-Orient.

L'Afrique automobile démarre, mais la route sera longue

Moins de 1,7 million de véhicules neufs ont été vendus en Afrique l'année dernière, soit seulement 2 % du marché mondial. Le continent compte un parc moyen de 43 voitures pour 1000 habitants, contre 565 en Europe. Ce «taux de motorisation» a néanmoins augmenté de 27 % entre 2005 et 2013, soit six points de plus que la moyenne mondiale, selon l'Organisation internationale des constructeurs automobiles (OICA). Les taux de croissance économique attendus entre 4,5 % et 5 % en 2015 et 2016 sur l'ensemble de l'Afrique nourrissent aussi l'espoir de voir émerger une classe moyenne friande de biens de consommation. «Certains constructeurs ont raté le marché chinois. Pas de scénario à la chinoise M. VF Corp confirms interest in Africa sourcing. US apparel giant VF Corp has confirmed its interest in Africa as a sourcing destination as it continues to create a "balanced portfolio" of countries where it can manufacture its products.

VF Corp confirms interest in Africa sourcing

The owner of The North Face and Timberland brands has been manufacturing uniforms in Kenya for the past two years and last November said it was looking to move into Ethiopia, a country that has benefited from increasingly free access to western markets. Speaking on the firm's earnings call on Friday (24 July), chief executive Eric Wiseman told analysts that VF's supply chain strategy for the last 20 years has always been to have a "balanced portfolio" of countries it can manufacture its products in; not chasing the lowest cost but the best business model for the company. Global Supply Chain News: Western Apparel Companies Increasingly Look to Africa for Sourcing, but Many Challenges Remain for the Continent. - July 22, 2015 - Global Supply Chain News: Western Apparel Companies Increasingly Look to Africa for Sourcing, but Many Challenges Remain for the Continent.

Global Supply Chain News: Western Apparel Companies Increasingly Look to Africa for Sourcing, but Many Challenges Remain for the Continent

Africa Rising: Now Is the Time to Invest in the World’s Fastest-Growing Continent. La classe moyenne africaine attire la grande distribution. What More Asian Agribusiness Firms In Africa Means For US Farmers. Over the last decade more and more Asian agricultural companies, lead by China and India, have invested in African countries to help feed a growing number of the middle class back home.

What More Asian Agribusiness Firms In Africa Means For US Farmers

Not Paying Much Taxes: 10 African Countries With Low Tax-To-GDP Ratios. Antananarivo, Madagascar, 2014.

Not Paying Much Taxes: 10 African Countries With Low Tax-To-GDP Ratios

Photo: David Rogers/Getty Who likes paying taxes? No one. In 1789 when the U.S. democracy was in its infancy, Benjamin Franklin famously wrote, “Our new constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” We may connect death with taxes but the amount of taxes a government collects is directly related to the health of a country’s economic development. Studies identify the general level of a country’s economic development — its openness to trade and the relative importance of agriculture in domestic production — as key characteristics bearing on a developing country’s ability to collect taxes, and thus its tax share, AfricanEconomicOutlook reports.

Investors place bets on Africa - International. From milk churning in Zimbabwe to rose growing in Ethiopia, private equity investments in Africa have returned to pre-crisis levels and should keep rising as funds seek big returns in far-flung markets.

Investors place bets on Africa - International

Private equity deals in Africa totalled $8.1 billion (R103.1bn) last year, the second highest on record after the $8.3bn posted in 2007, according to the African Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (AVCA). An Africa You Might Not Have Heard Of. Guest Author13 Jul 2015 // 9:20PM GMT If we were to judge Africa by what we see on the news, we’d be forgiven for thinking that the region faces unsurmountable development challenges.

An Africa You Might Not Have Heard Of

While undoubtedly issues across the continent remain, it is important to point out the reality: Africa is booming. In fact, the pace of change has been so frenetic over the past decade that many of the region’s countries are growing at a rate that most western countries can only dream of. By almost every measure, the fortunes of companies, governments and ordinary Africans have greatly improved over the past decade. Africa's next generation of multinationals? 9 firms that show wave of new kids on the block. NIGERIA’s largest miller by market value, Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc, is eying the African market, and is targeting joint ventures and acquisitions in other African countries.

Africa's next generation of multinationals? 9 firms that show wave of new kids on the block

Réseaux sociaux en Afrique : pourquoi les médias francophones doivent s’adapter. En 2014, on compte plus de 700 sites de réseaux sociaux dans le monde.

Réseaux sociaux en Afrique : pourquoi les médias francophones doivent s’adapter

La vague 2.0 n’a épargné aucun continent, à l’image de l’Afrique qui a profité du développement des TIC pour plébisciter en masse le web social. Pour survire, les médias francophones doivent s’adapter à ces nouveaux comportements et à ces nouveaux médias. Des pistes de réflexion seront développées lors de la Conférence internationale sur l’avenir des médias francophones organisée par l’OIF, à Montréal du 8 au 10 octobre.

À quoi ressemble le web social africain ? Selon l’UIT (Union internationale des télécommunications) le monde comptera fin 2014 presque 3 milliards d’internautes, dont les deux tiers vivront dans des pays en développement. Dès que les Africains sont sur Internet, c’est majoritairement sur les réseaux sociaux qu’ils vont naviguer. Africa is more ready to make than it is to consume. Industrialization and the Journey Toward First World Africa  If Africa can get through the current period of global economic uncertainty and low oil prices whilst continuing to invest in business-critical infrastructure it could be sowing the seeds for a great economic boom that is outside of the oil sector.

Industrialization and the Journey Toward First World Africa 

UN: African Growth Driven by Services. Interview: Africa to become world's manufacturing hub through industrial cooperation with China: AfDB chief. JOHANNESBURG, June 15 (Xinhua) -- The chief of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Donald Kaberuka says time has come for Africa to become the world's manufacturing hub and this can be done through industrial cooperation with China as the Asian giant phrases out labor-intensive industries. "The global manufacturing cycle started from Europe then to America, before moving to South East Asia and China. It is now coming to Africa," Kaberuka told Xinhua Monday on the sidelines of the African Union (AU) summit held in Johannesburg, South Africa. African soft drink consumption expected to rise. Africa will consume 9.74 per cent more soft drinks per capita in 2020. (Image source: Frank Douwes/Flickr) The figures, from business research group Canadean Ltd, predict that the volume of soft drinks consumed in Africa will rise by 29.54 per cent by 2020.

The company’s Global Beverage Forecast Report estimated that the continent will consume 33,266mn litres of soft drinks in the year 2020, including 15,670mn litres of carbonates; up from the 25,680mn litres recorded in 2014, of which 11,618mn litres were carbonates. Africa Should Lure Bangladesh's Garment Industry. If Africa wants to get rich, a good place to start is probably the garment trade. Search for Ever Cheaper Garment Factories Leads to Africa. Transforming Africa: Will agriculture, oil and gas, services, or manufacturing deliver the dream?

CHINA’S stock market seem to be finally reversing a three-week crash, with share prices in Shanghai having lost a third of their value since June, and authorities frantically trying to shore up the market. Trading was halted on 50% of the Chinese market, and analysts said then that the moves were a sign of “desperation” that would merely postpone the inevitable. It waits to be seen whether the slight rebound will hold. The precipitous decline in the stock market was characterised as a dramatic, but not entirely unexpected correction that was bound to happen, as the stock market had become detached from the reality of China’s economy, and “appallingly overvalued”, according to Patrick Chovanec, managing director at Silvercrest Asset Management, on a Twitter post. The value of shares traded at Johannesburg Stock Exchange is nearly three times as big as the entire South African economy; only Hong Kong and Switzerland have larger stock markets relative to gross domestic product.

Explicit cookie consent. THE world’s oldest tools are the size of massive fists, sharpened at the edges and seemingly unblemished, having been preserved in ancient soil. Alliance to invest USD600b in Africa education sector - Zawya Projects. Photo Credit:Reuters/Katy Migiro - RTR4UL1P Investbridge Capital, SABIS and Centum will build schools across East Africa and Egypt.01 July 2015 Investbridge Capital (IBC), education network SABIS and East African investment firm Centum plan to launch a new company that will invest around USD 600 million on schools in East Africa and Egypt over the next three to five years, an IBC official said on Wednesday. "The alliance will build and operate more than 20 schools in Africa, at an estimated cost of between USD 20 million and USD 30 million each," IBC Executive President Mark De Sario told reporters. He said that the new company would be part of the SABIS network, which caters to nearly 65,000 students worldwide.

The first school would be built in Kenya and the plan is to rapidly expand the program into neighboring countries like Uganda and Tanzania, before establishing a presence in Egypt. Forget fancy growth figures, try our Africa 'True Business' Index: Nigeria comes out shining, Ethiopia trails. AFRICA is attracting investor interest as growth outstrips that of many developed countries, but the picture on the ground is a bit more complicated. On the one hand, African and international businesses are expanding on the continent, spurred by the opportunity for growth in a vastly underserved market. A recent consumer retail report by market researchers A.T. Visa’s #NotATourist campaign unleashes the imagination of travellers to Africa. TIC : Glob Research ouvre son bureau africain au Maroc.