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Install Windows XP on Mac in 5 steps - Digital Inspiration. Apple Boot Camp lets you install Windows XP on a Macintosh Computer using the original Microsoft Windows XP installation CD with the product key.

Install Windows XP on Mac in 5 steps - Digital Inspiration

After installation, you can start up you Macintosh using either Windows XP or Mac OS X. Here are the steps required to install Windows XP on a Mac: Step 1: Download Mac OS X v10.4.6 (or later) and latest firmware update from Apple Download website. Step 2: Run the Boot Camp Assistant to create a Macintosh Drivers CD or DVD. Step 3: Create a new hard-disk partition [minimum size, 5GB] to make room for Windows XP. Step 4: Insert your Windows XP CD and start the XP installation. Step 5. This is an optional step. At startup, hold down the option key (alt) to choose between Mac OS X and Windows. More Resources on Apple Website: Apple Boot Camp Homepage | Download Boot Camp [Direct Link] Windows and Bootcamp. Update to my situation.

Windows and Bootcamp

I got Xp to work on my 20" Imac finnaly. I Started doing a alot of reasearch on DOS so i could manuually repair or replace the corrupt file. But i soon found that for some reason the "copy" command in DOS wouldent work. So i tried one last time just because, to install XP. I went into OSX, destroyed the partition through Bootcamp, and recreated it. Also, i had tried to put Vista on before i tried XP, so all i can guess is that during the vista install, something got put in the 200mb partion that XP really didnt like, and destrying it and adding it to the NTFS partion allowed XP to install. WinXP and OSX dual boot in MacBook Pro - - Technology. Posted on March 18th, 2006 in Apple, HowTo, Reviews, Technology, Windows Finally I’ve succeeded in installing Windows XP in MacBook Pro.

WinXP and OSX dual boot in MacBook Pro - - Technology

Now it can dual boot between Windows XP and MacOS X. There’re few issues with windows xp but being able to boot smoothly between these 2 OSes are really amazing. I’ve followed this HOWTO where more and more information is being added every few hours. I think most of the minor problems will be solved soon. Installation. EFI and SMC firmware updates for Intel-based Macs. Languages This article lists firmware updates that were released for Intel-based Macs.

EFI and SMC firmware updates for Intel-based Macs

They update the firmware that originally shipped from the factory. If your computer isn't on this list, then you don't need an update to the factory firmware. Some firmware updates for Intel-based Macs may not be displayed automatically using Software Update. If they don't appear in Software Update, they must be manually downloaded from the Apple Downloads site. Check your firmware version Check your computer's EFI Boot ROM or SMC firmware version. From the Apple () menu, choose About This Mac. Available firmware updates Use this table to find available firmware updates for your Intel-based Mac.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2014 One Moment Please. Mac OS X 10.5 or later, Boot Camp: Windows XP displays "Dis. Languages Symptoms If you attempt to install Microsoft Windows XP without first formatting a partition using the Windows installer, this message may appear in Windows XP:

Mac OS X 10.5 or later, Boot Camp: Windows XP displays "Dis

Boot Camp Disk Error Press any key to restart - Page 2 - MacNN F. I have XP pro SP2, full, retail, straight out of a factory sealed box.

Boot Camp Disk Error Press any key to restart - Page 2 - MacNN F

Installing it on an empty 250 gig drive with a fresh from scratch install of leopard on a separate 500 gig drive. Software and firmware all fully updated. XP installs fine on the full 250 gig drive using NTFS But on a partition I do NOT get the screen asking how I want to format the partition. Instead, the XP setup program quickly checks the drive then copies the installation files. Press any key to boot from CD.....

I tried 28, 31, 32, 48, and 100 gig partitions all with the same result. I ran the XP disk though a professional cleaner/polisher. I burned a duplicate disk and tried with that. Tried a different XP pro SP2 full retail disk. Tried a partition on my main, 500 gig drive, same result. Tried re-formating the partition as mac OS before install. Did a 7 pass zero write on the HD before partitioning.