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Shang dynasty

Facebook Twitter Timeline of Ancient China. The Shang Dynasty. Ancient China The core of what later became the unified nation of China developed in the river valleys and deltas, mainly around the Huang He (Yellow) River.

The Shang Dynasty

Archaeological findings, especially of early bronze artifacts, show evidence of numerous ancient settlements scattered along the Huang He and along the Yangtze to the south. The northern settlements existed in a rather cold and arid climate; the southern climate was much more humid, better suited to farming rice and millet.

Two important geographical factors characterize the early Chinese settlements. Children's Stories - A Stream Becomes a River. Ho-Shing sat on a boulder gazing down on the valley below.

Children's Stories - A Stream Becomes a River

It looked like a sea of green. "What are you looking at? " Yong-Hu asked, interrupting his silent thoughts. "I am looking at the valley. Chinese Ceramics - Chinese Dynasties (Pacific Asia Museum) Ancient China - Staff Room. Ancient China - Staff Room. Shang Dynasty for KS1 and KS2 children. Shang Dynasty for KS1 and KS2 children. History Teaching Resources by PlanBee.