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The Globalized Classroom: 18 Key Resources for 2015. All humans are citizens of the world, and teaching that fact to children in school can make them more sensitive to global issues and inspire them to look outside their own walls.

The Globalized Classroom: 18 Key Resources for 2015

A globalized classroom helps students to see the local significance of international events. How can you help your pupils adopt such a broad point of view? The following resources will inspire you to plan lessons that foster global awareness. Gain Inspiration From Your Fellow Educators. Historypin. Smithsonian's History Explorer Educator Review. What's It Like?

Smithsonian's History Explorer Educator Review

Smithsonian's History Explorer is a website developed by the National Museum of American History that offers online resources for teaching and learning American history. There's no log-in or way to save data, but you can browse all that the site has to offer and use the content you find in the classroom. The home page includes a Featured Artifact, Featured Resources, and a rotating board of highlighted material. Search-wise, you can filter content by grade, resource type, historical era, and cross-curricular connection. Resource types span from Artifacts (selected from the Museum's more than 3 million items) to Lessons/Activities to Interactives/Media, and the 10 eras include Beginnings to 1620 and 1968 to the Present.

Critical Evaluation. Digital Badging for the Classroom and Beyon.

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Elementary Resources. Online PD. American History. Subject Map - FREE Teaching and Learning Resources. Current Events. World History. Government. Tools of the Historian. Economics. Bookshelf. Geography. National Resources. Ohio Resources. Financial Literacy.