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Try this look out and tag your selfie #PhanLook so I can see your picture! 5 tips every successful woman should know! Music by Neon Hitch "Gypsy Star" My makeup. Chaîne de livelavalive‬‏ CTFxC's Channel. Charlieissocoollike's Channel. Yet another one of those "welcome to my channel!

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" videos. Anyway, nice to meet you! If you're still uncertain about whether you like me or not, I'll encourage you to take a gander at the videos below - particularly the "popular" ones, as I guess that, statistically speaking, you're most likely to enjoy those! Ultimately, the only thing that really ties all of my videos together is that I'm the one who's making them. I can't promise consistency - in fact, I sort of try to avoid it - this is just the story of my life as best as I can capture it. Bubzbeauty's Channel. I've been seeing all these 'DRAW MY LIFE' videos around Youtube and I thought, this looks like friggin fun!

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So here is my take on it! My life story in drawings. Making this video brought back so many memories. Precious memories that I had forgotten. Smile, laugh, cringe and cry with me =) Barelypolitical's Channel‬‏ The story of one man's forbidden love for a foreigner, and the folks who didn't want to see it happen.

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But they had to because the first guy was totally persistent. Lyrics below.Subscribe to BarelyPolitical! Written by and Starring Todd WomackDirected by Todd Womack and Robert DahlemExteriors shot by Post Hollywood in CAInteriors shot by Norm Magnuson in NYCEdited by Doug LarsenSpecial FX by Tom Small and Doug LarsenFeaturing Andrea Feczko as Truck Girl and Bryan Olsen as Obsessed FanLead Vocals by Todd Womack, Backing vocals Doug LarsenMusic Produced by EMW Music Group, NYC The Key of Awesome playlist! BalloonShop's Channel‬‏ Chaîne de AmazingPhil‬‏ Upload Click here to subscribe!!

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