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Om Dayal group of Institutions

We are a group of education institution who imparts the importance of education to students who are willing to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Tips to choose suitable engineering stream after 12th standard – Omdayal College. After giving the boards exam, many students from the science stream opt for engineering to pursue a career in Engineer, and we know that there are many branches in engineering section.

Tips to choose suitable engineering stream after 12th standard – Omdayal College

There is Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Aeronauts Engineering, Computer Engineering, Aircraft Engineering and many more. How does Architectural engineering help you to be more creative – Omdayal College. Since the age of Ancient Civilization to the present day, Architectural Engineering has made the world a better place not only in terms of creating better Skyscraper in terms of strength but also giving it an appealing look to the people living in the society.

How does Architectural engineering help you to be more creative – Omdayal College

From the Pyramids in Egypt to the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. All of these super structures have been made in a prominent design that would it eye-appealing. These superstructures are given a prominent appearance because of the creative efforts done by Architectures of the project. Their effort in being creative has made many other architectures to build prominent, good looking super structure across the world.

From the Leaning tower of Pisa located in Italy built in the Medieval Europe to the Opera House of Sydney, Australia built in the Modern Era. Why not technical when the world is all about technology – Omdayal College. College and Career Planning. Why not technical when the world is all about technology. Why engineering is a smart choice – Omdayal College. Best architecture colleges in west bengal Since the start of Human Civilization the work of creating and innovating new things have played a pivotal role in transforming our lives for a better one.

Why engineering is a smart choice – Omdayal College

Engineers have been one of the main reasons and as per their work we are now able to enjoy all the facilities from the devices they have created. Be it the automobile for transportation, cell phones and satellites for communications, superstructures and many more. BUILD ONLINE PRESENCE FROM SUPERTRON INFOTECH. Social Media With service demands increasing in India and the application of technology now being easy to use, it now makes it clear for young minds to start a new business, service oriented in online platform.


Supertron Infotech Pvt. Educational success through architecture – Omdayal College. Educational success through architecture Behind every super structure that we see everyday standing firm on the ground despite of high public utilityis because of the hard work toiled not only by Engineers and construction workers but also an Architect.

Educational success through architecture – Omdayal College

The concept of designing a superstructure starts with an Architect without which it would be difficult for us to live and work in it. Be it a skyscraper for residential/commercial purpose, a bridge made with steel girdles/cables over the river for public utility or research organisation structures such as satellites/space shuttles. Join the Alumni Group of Omdayal Group of Institutions - lessons & tutoring. QR Code Link to This Post Alumni plays a very important role in building the reputation of any institutions.

Join the Alumni Group of Omdayal Group of Institutions - lessons & tutoring

They are the direct source of marketing and increasing the brand value. At Omdayal Group of Institutions, we value our Alumni and maintain a long term relationship with them. We have Alumni Coordination Cell of OmDayal Group of Institutions aims to reconnect our former students to their alma mater, maintain a life-long connection and to have sustained excellence in education through interaction of the alumni, current students and faculties. Omdayal Group of Institutions is among those colleges that have already created their mark among the top Colleges in Kolkata.

Post id: 7043245567 posted: about 6 hours ago. How to Keep Staff Motivated Without Having To Manage Them – Tips from SIPL. Many organizations tell that they want to get closer to their staff to motivate them and keep them enthusiastic in their jobs, but they lack the social skills to determine how best to do it.

How to Keep Staff Motivated Without Having To Manage Them – Tips from SIPL

Some express the concern that they feel isolated from their teams, even though they might actually be working in the same office. So, what’s the best way to enthuse and motivate staff, without giving the impression you’re micromanaging them, or running the risk of ‘looking over their shoulder’? The old method of ‘managing by walking about’ has been tried by many, but there can be that awkward feeling that you’re interfering with your staff’s work, or the fear that they think you’re continually checking up on them. How can you carry this out without making it appear overbearing? Here are some tips: Build trust and understanding with your staff first. Managing by walking around is a great opportunity for you to keep up-to-date with people’s challenges, concerns, abilities, learning needs and strengths. Benediction Of Mobile Apps. Start your career as a Mechanical Engineer. Six Tips to Ace the Job Interview. Omdayal Group of Institutions helps connect its students to jobs.

Six Tips to Ace the Job Interview

Aside from the job fairs and networking opportunities present, we'll also be helping students learn essential skills during a series of workshops. Here's a few tips about interview preparation 1) Do the research A common mistake interviewees make is not knowing enough about the organization you're interviewing at. Before even writing an application to a company, be sure to visit their web site, and search for any news or press regarding their latest development. 2) Focus on achievements, not duties This is a tricky one. 3) Think about a genuine weakness you possess "What is your greatest weakness?

" 4) Always dress for the part Like it or not, during an interview you will be judged on your appearance, so you need to make sure you're well-dressed and groomed, and match the environment of the company. 5) How you answer is as important as what you say 6) Always follow up. OmDayal Group Of Institutions Engineering And Architecture In Park Street - Professional Degree, Master Degree College In Park Street Kolkata. If you are dreaming to be an ENGINEER and looking for the best college for engineering at Kolkata, then OmDayal Group of Institutions will be your best choice.

OmDayal Group Of Institutions Engineering And Architecture In Park Street - Professional Degree, Master Degree College In Park Street Kolkata

Under one roof you will gather all sorts of knowledge both Academics and Non Academics. You should always keep in mind that for better career growth, only academic knowledge will not help, your overall grooming is very important to get through in this competitive market and ODERS is the only place where every individual is groomed according to their need along with the academics. Complete your Higher Education with ODGI. Get B.Arch Admissions for Better Future at ODGI - classes. Importance of professional Education for Students. Professional education is a formalized approach to specialized training in a professional Institute through which participants acquire content knowledge and learn to apply techniques.

Importance of professional Education for Students

Although content is what the participant is expected to learn by attending professional school, such an education also helps the participant acquire the competencies needed for proper practice and behaviour. Some common goals of professional education include incorporating the knowledge and values basic to a professional discipline; understanding the central concepts, principles, and techniques applied in practice; attaining a level of competence necessary for responsible entry into professional practice; and accepting responsibility for the continued development of competence. Admission is Going on for Session 2019-20.

Guide to Finding the Best Architecture College for You. Finding the right architectural college is in most circumstances the first and most important initial step towards being an architect, and given that it will also be where you will be spending the majority of at least the next three years, it needs to be as close to the a perfect fit as possible. However what you firstly need to consider is, are you 100% committed to studying the subject? It does require a full level of commitment, and if you are unsure it might be worth taking the time to investigate a taster or open entry course to architecture first. Or alternatively ensure that the programme provides the opportunity to move onto other areas without losing your years. A good starting point is to create a broad list of the architecture school’s that initially find interesting (list them all), so you can start to compare them.

This can be based on researching websites, attending open days, and/or speaking to past and current students. Get Admission at one of the best B.Arch College in Kolkata - Educational Services & Institutes, Kolkata, WB. Get Admission at one the best Engineering College to fulfil your dream. Get Admission at ODERS & Fulfill Your Dream as an Engineer - Educational Services & Institutes, Kolkata, WB. Fulfill Your Dream as Architect at OmDayal Group of Institutions - Educational Services & Institutes, Kolkata, WB. Advantages of living hostel life during Engineering Degree. B.Tech and B. Arch Admission for 2020 at the best engineering college - Educational Services & Institutes, Kolkata, WB. Choose OmDayal Group of Institutions and take an intelligent career decision. Choose Btech for better future with Omdayal Group of Institutions. Classified for Annual Sports Day 2018 2019.

What makes engineering or architecture a professional career. Om Dayal Helps build your Destiny. All things begin with Architects.